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  1. More Rangers fans like this guy would do nicely. Have a great time at the match.
  2. People seem to forget that Lees is nowhere near his best when the senior partner at the back; Loovens gets a ridiculous amount of bashing on here despite being a great leader and positionally one of the best in the league.
  3. Didn't Newcastle lose 6-0 to Orient in the pre-season before they smashed this league a new one a few years back? (Not the season just gone)
  4. When he announces his retirement there will still be people on here talking up his "potential".
  5. Oh and if anyone hasn't, just follow the Zombie Killer link up there; brilliant track.
  6. There would have been a day when you'd be the one quoted in that! Seems generally now we always have a largely mature conversation though. It's just a friendly at the end of the day, and they're just a club, but it's when we get sectarian tails like that guy infesting owlstalk because of it that it gets annoying.
  7. 50 Nuhiu 138 No
  8. Westwood is shown diving to stop a shot in one isn't he?
  9. Zombie Killer
  10. If only you knew how wrong you were.
  11. Yay sectarian songs. What about actual Paddies?
  12. It's not interesting at all. It mostly correlates exactly as you'd expect, with the outlier being that more promoted sides finish top half than you'd expect.
  13. Loovens is deceptively quick when he gets going. Also reads the game brilliantly; there's a reason Lees is even better with Loovens alongside him.
  14. They just got chalked off. Never seen anything like it. Just chalked off.