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  1. You just couldn't wait for us to lose tonight could you?
  2. You're such a miserable sod. Your life must be one cloudy day after another.
  3. Thought he ducked because Westwood gave him a shout. He's so classy, solid in defence and better bringing it out than many full backs and midfielders.
  4. Best thing about it is living in New Zealand and actually being able to watch these games on a Saturday morning. Kicks off these summer weekends in style when we win!
  5. Reach has been top class since coming on.
  6. McManaman struggling to get his top on.
  7. First up, where are the Reach haters now? (Apart from on the bench lol) Secondly, if we put balls like that in the box for these two then we'll score plenty.
  8. These tackles are getting worse. Ref needs to sort it out.
  9. Ref now giving them any free kick they ask for.
  10. Love how he ran to celebrate with his dad.
  11. When some bunch of idiots in the pub before start singing that they'd rather be a gentleman from the subcontinent than a blade. Happens at just about every away game.
  12. Really? Are we really discussing this waster again? Jones was poor, but at least he was getting about and doing some dirty work; albeit badly. McGugan would have watched them walk by him before smashing a cracker into the top corner for the consolation goal in a 3-1 defeat.
  13. Anyone picking up on him today must have an agenda. Worked hard in what was a tricky game for wide players and strikers and was a rare outlet. No one was good enough, but he was nowhere near the worst.
  14. Semedo on at this point is the final straw. I love the man, but Carlos has to go.
  15. Morsy lucky to still be on the pitch. Watch him equalise.