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  1. There are genuinely people who think that McGugan could be a "mainstay" if we just had a different manager. I know the other night was heartbreaking, but please, let's not get silly.
  2. What if brighton last year thought "we lost to 6th placed Wednesday, rip it up and start again"? They wouldn't have gone up this year. We have a core that can do it, few additions and we will be there.
  3. Do you not realise that when all of these clubs talk about their own prospects, we are one of the first teams to watch they will all mention.
  4. Us and Hull in either order. Heard it here first.
  5. Maybe he could persuade his long lost son Harry Kane to join too.
  6. That booking tonight was stupid. Brown with a heavy touch, away from goal on the halfway line and he lunges in. Didn't touch him and Brown took a dive but he gave him the chance to do it, just had to stay on his feet and chase him back.
  7. How is Mooy still on the pitch let alone not even booked?!
  8. Been awful since our goal, handed it to them. If we'd kept pressing we'd be thinking of wembley now, we'll lose this now.
  9. Let's be honest, we've been the better side but they're much tighter than they have been previously. Bit of stupidity gave them that chance which Brown should have taken but aside from two snapshots from him they haven't troubled us over the two legs so far. We had a few "nearly" moments first half, the Wallace injury has hamstrung us on changes a bit (pun intended) but with Rhodes on for Fletcher I feel we can win this.
  10. How has he not booked Wells for that?!
  11. If that had fallen to anyone but Hutch...
  12. Hutch will be sent off tonight. He will also be less effective now, waste of a card. Oh and we should now be losing if Brown could finish his dinner.
  13. Reach playing very well for someone who unexpectedly had to come on early.
  14. Up at 5 to get to the pub before work...this is what Wednesday do to you!
  15. Not time for him to get that excited just yet!