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  1. Lee Briscoe...Gay as a lord!
  2. It's all about fitness. The players wouldn't be competing at the top end of the championship if they couldnt turn a performance in. So let's say we play Man Utd, Liverpool or Barcelona....do you realistically think they would treat us as competition, put a side out to beat us and risk injury? It's all about having 90 minutes of football despite the opposition amd slowly building up fitness. Chill Winston
  3. 90's kits were all billowy and blousy.
  4. I reckon we will see Boyd utilised in different positions.
  5. I can understand people saying Lee....but I don't want to see him and Bannan as a midfield pair in the middle. Hooper for me, links play and shoots on sight. Still reckon FF is equal to Hooper and we are yet to see the best of Winnall and Rhodes. Exciting times indeed!
  6. Maybe he would make good competition for Loovens?...
  7. Just can't see how he will get enough game time ahead of Wallace or Boyd...unless there are injuries. As for Joao, I reckon he needs to have season at a top end league one clubs to put him to the test and see if he has what it takes week in week out.
  8. Difficult indeed. Westwood and then Hunt Lees Loovens and either Pudil or Reach. If you pick Reach at the back then that means FF in front...if you pick Pudil then that means Reach in for FF which can't happen. Midfield is a difficult one. I want to see Abdi in for Bannan...but it's not Abdi's favoured slot and he would need Hutch to do his dirty work.....which would mean KL making way....Personally, I think that if we are trying to shoe horn players in then KL could be good competition for Hunt at his natural left back position...Plus, it sounds like Boyd could also be useful in the middle and might prove to be competition for Hutchinson which would free up the right wing for Carlos stalwart 'Wallace'. Up top it has to be Hooper and Rhodes. i still don't think we have addressed the right back and Central defensive frailties... again, i would like to see us play a different system (3-5-2)that dominates sides in the middle of the park and allows us to play our best players whilst protecting a back 3. .....but what the flip do I know
  9. Very light weight in the middle. Lee isn't a midfield general and pushes very deep which leaves Bannon as your holding midfielder....which isn't preferred. 4-4-2 just doesn't cut it for me and excludes Abdi and Hutchinson.
  10. 150 years to be precise..
  11. To accommodate Abdi? why sign a player for a reported 3m then don't play a system that suits?
  12. Never been addressed since the Hull final. I dislike Joey Barton but that's the sort of player we have missed (on the pitch). Lee and Bannon have the combined height of 6' 1'' and no physical presence. Hutchinson is a liability with the added crumbly leg syndrome. Great servants but I'm not convinced they will get us over the line.
  13. There has been a Mass of good ones but this surely has to be the Last Post.....
  14. Absolutely!
  15. Just Rosé