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  1. Next Season is absolutely massive in more ways than one. If Carlos was upset at some of the critisicm he received this season then that is going to be a relative cakewalk compared to the critisicm he'll receive from some sections of the fanbase should we not be challenging for automatic promotion. If we fail to go up next season then Carlos will inevitably leave, this squad will start to break up, we'll have to start again to an extent and in a sense this period of our history will essentially have counted for nothing? Chuck in the fact the club are 150 years old as well and next season as I already said is absolutely massive.
  2. He's obviously got pedigree hence his four promotions to the premier league. He was steady enough for the most part when he played this season but he got bullied at times. I'm not sure where he fits in as Carlos will always pick Hutchinson when available but I think it's pretty obvious we need someone who can play this role who has more physicality and staying power but I haven't got a clue who's available who fits the bill?
  3. I think deep down it's the right call if we really want to challenge for promotion next season given making a change could've put us back at least a year. Carlos knows the club, the players and the league so he's got an head start on some of his championship rivals to a degree. He just needs to be more flexible from time to time and realise he's got other players who have pedigree and can do a job as well as his Bannan's, Lee's and Hutchinson's.
  4. I hope one of the first things he does is realise Adam Reach is sh!!!ttttteeeeee!
  5. Ipswich away followed by Hull at home. Last home game of the season Bristol City
  6. I can't understand for the life of me as to why we ever wanted Mark Cooper as Head Coach. It'd have been a chuffing car crash of an appointment.
  7. We're not a million miles away as the last two seasons show. I just think if we have a total clearout with the manager, players and tactics then there's more chance of regression than progression. Now's the time IMO to keep our nerve and have confidence and belief that we're still on the right track?
  8. Agree. Huddersfield pass the ball well but it masks their roughhouse tactics. Hefele, Hogg and Mooy kicked us to bits in the play-offs. Don't think they'll get away with it again next season?
  9. How am I completely changing the tactics. It's a slight variation on 4-4-2 and the tactics I'm proposing are a bit between the two styles we've seen over the last two seasons but then again there are two many clever pedantic posters on here to see that
  10. Category 1. Carlos Category 2. Same Goalkeeper, Same Backline apart from a new partner for Lees. Midfield Diamond with new defensive midfielder, Lee and Bannan the two in the centre with Forristier behind Hooper and Rhodes up front. Category 3. More expansive style at Home, a little more conservative Away.
  11. We need a better right-back than Palmer to push Hunt. I think we'll stay as we are at left-back. Personally I think Pudil will be better next season after a proper rest which he didn't get last summer. Add a beast of a centre-half to our existing group, possibly Hanley? Bring in a more physically imposing midfielder and try to move Jones, McGugan and Melo on. If Carlos stays, I think he'll give Matias another chance. If he stays fit he could yet provide the wide spark we're missing? We do need another winger preferably one with pace. I can't see Wallace playing as much next season even though he's the best winger we have. I'd love to see Reach moved on but there's more chance of me finding gold at the end of a rainbow rather than Zippy, George and Bungle. Our best front two is Fletcher and Hooper but I think Fletch will move on along with Joao. Forrestieri could be sold otherwise he needs to be played more in midfield than up top. I expect Nuhiu to stay if Carlos does. In a nutshell a little bit of movement but not much is needed. What's needed more is a tweak of the tactics used and if we do I think with our experiences of the last two seasons and our 150th anniversary spurring us on, I think we can achieve something very special next season.
  12. DC won't sack him IMO.
  13. His names being mentioned with regards to a few jobs, Norwich being one. I can't see him going to another championship club. I think he could stay in England if he's offered a premier league job, Watford, Southampton? According to HITC the Porto job may become available soon and I think this job would seriously tempt him? I think deep down he'll give it one more go with us TBH. The 150th anniversary season could be a special one for us and I get the impression from reading tweets from players that even now there is a determination to finally crack it next season and let's be honest with the way we've progressed over the last 5 years or so, why should we not have a crack at winning the championship title
  14. Looking at that sequence suggests we'll finish 1st in the championship next year?
  15. I've always felt he'd be here for three years but as this thread shows I think we can all agree that whether or not he will be is very much in the balance. I think on some levels we've progressed this season and on others we haven't and as a result there have been more question marks about whether or not Carlos is the right man to take us to the premier league. I'll admit, I'm not sure but this is because I think the switch this season to a more pragmatic style seemingly has altered his thinking and he seems to have lost that flexible approach he seemed to have in his debut season and he has become bogged down by a safety first mantra, it happened to Stuart Gray and a change then was needed to freshen things up and move the club on. And indeed the club did and have moved on to the point we are at today. The difference IMO to then and now is Carlos is DC's man and Gray wasn't and the decision was probably easier to make for the chairman. I'm not sure if Carlos at this point wants to stay. Two years constantly away from his family and two hard championship campaigns have taken it's toll and I don't know if he's got a third campaign in him. When all said and done managing here in this country is far different to what he's experienced on the continent. If he does stay he has to find a way to be more flexible in his approach, he has to release the shackles off the players a bit, he has to find a way to get more out of players like Jones and Abdi who know how to get promoted from this league. The squad is there, the first eleven needs to be upgraded a bit. I think next season which includes the 150th anniversary of the club has all the ingredients to be a season to remember for all of us with a Wednesday persuasion but before then perhaps one or two big decisions have to be made to increase our chances of making it so and this will include a decision about Carlos' future here at SWFC.