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  1. Maybe Redknapp's only game managing at St Andrews, nailed on win for Brum IMO.
  2. I think whatever system we play the full backs have arguably the most important role as they are expected to provide a bit of everything. Hunt's had a good couple of months after being indifferent for the most part of the season. Reach and Fox have been indifferent too in all fairness but Pudil's hit last season's level of form since his return and this has made a massive difference to us.
  3. Leeds have had a good season and Monk in particular has shown that he does have the makings of a good manager. I expect them to beat Norwich on Saturday but whether it'll be enough to keep them in the play-off picture remains to be seen?
  4. A lot of us tend to have split opinions on the Reading game. Many are saying they were the best team to come to S6 this season and it was a frustrating night to a certain extent but if Al Habsi doesn't put in the performance that he does they get hammered just like Norwich did?
  5. Best Player: Hutchinson Most Improved Player: Sasso Best Home Performance: Newcastle Best Away Performance: Newcastle Best Away Team: Brighton Best Away Player: Al Habsi Best Addition to the Squad: Fletcher
  6. Has to be Hutchinson for me but Loovens and Wallace both have a chance.
  7. Leeds can't handle the expectation or pressure as the last month has shown where as we have and there's still a lot of doubt about us amongst our fan base. It must be a Sheffield thing
  8. Just one defeat since he came back from injury and that was in his first game back against Reading which we wouldn't have lost hadn't it had been for the performance of their time wasting Lev Yashin
  9. Jokanovic will get it as Fulham are like the syrup o figs, playing mouthwatering football that'll smash the cream of Europe, well according to the media?
  10. I think Huddersfield are in trouble. Wolves away is a tough game particularly after yesterday's result then they've got to contend with The Redknapp Show at Birmingham then it's Warnock at home. Could see them only picking up 1 point from that lot. The pressure's getting to them as I always thought it would.
  11. Doesn't matter who we play, the mindset is there to turn last seasons anguish into this season's delight
  12. What they don't realise is we're probably the team that'll most likely handle the pressure of the run-in and the play-offs. Today's game proved that.
  13. Player of the Month for me.
  14. They'll drop points against Brentford next week.
  15. Probably fainted after finally beating Derby?