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  1. Forget about the investment for a minute and look at the two Top 6 finishes. We've been no where near the Top 6 of the Championship for 15 years prior to CC's arrival. We can all argue the To$$ over whether the style of play has been easy on the eye, whether the signing's have been good enough but we've been competitive at this level for the first time in donkey's years. Yes, he's made mistakes particularly in both play-off campaigns but he's got us to the championship play-offs not once but twice and no one else has done this for us at this level once, never mind twice. I think he deserves another season but he his under pressure more now here than he's ever been before. Can he handle it? I'm not sure but we're in a strong position going forward and a change now could set us back at least a season. I believe we'll be there are thereabouts again but how we go about our business over the course of next season will determine whether CC will be a long term fixture here or whether DC will feel he has to look to make his second head coach appointment.
  2. He has probably had the best two seasons of his career here under Carlos so I'm not sure it is as a foregone conclusion that he is going to leave as some may think? If he does go then as I've said before we're in a better position to cope with without him than we were 12 months ago. That said you're talking about a player who's been our Top Scorer for the last two season's, weighed in with several assists and arguably been our talisman so he will be a big loss. Personally I think if he does go I expect both Hooper and Rhodes to step up to the plate and cushion the blow considerably. I'll even go as far as saying if Hooper plays 35+ games we'll go up automatically
  3. I can see us signing Downing or Boyd TBH. I think we weren't expecting Wallace to be the key man he has been when he signed and I can see either of these lads having a similar impact.
  4. I'm well aware there is a rivalry between us and them, I'm just saying they are more bothered about it than we are. We're more bothered on the day of a derby naturally, they're more effected by it 365 days a year. The lack of rivalry in my original post was directed more towards Rotherham and Barnsley. If I do get pi$$ed off about one thing in particular about United it's more about what they claim they've achieved in the past, usually before everyone else but I think this is probably more driven by the club rather than the fans? Anyway regardless of what happens in the Sheffield derbies next season, for us it's all about finally ending our exile from the premier league IMO.
  5. I probably pay a bit more attention to United than others because I've got like most of us United supporting mates but come on we're not as bothered about them as they are about us. They beat us and the all area around Bramall Lane will be called Wilderville whereas we don't even name a stand after our derby heroes
  6. I'd quite happily lose both games if it meant us finishing in the Top 2. The rivalry's fierce from their side as for us I don't think we give that much of a to$$ about them. Our attitude to your Toytowns and Dingles is a litttle similar and this is what upsets them as they all try to build up a rivalry that just isn't there.
  7. I don't expect DC to make a change during the season whatever happens?
  8. If someone else mentions Huddersfield in a post
  9. Everyone's getting their knickers in a twist about Huddersfield. I personally think even though we missed an opportunity against them in the play-offs, our long term prospects are better even though we'll lose a few games and they never do
  10. I think apart from lacking a bit of pace and power, Stevie May was a decent player and suffered from us playing a style that didn't utilise his strengths. I expect him to flourish now he's fit under Simon Grayson at Preston because he does play systems to suit and get the best out of his players. McGeady is a classic case, couldn't get going when he was here, total revelation playing for Grayson. Ultimately if Carlos can't get a tune out of certain players he now has then it's inevitable that next season will be his last season at Hillsborough?
  11. 12 months ago we would've missed him big time. He would still be a miss but I think we're arguably in a better position to cope without him now?
  12. Mooy makes Ray Wilkins look like Zidane plus he'll get more than his fair share of reds next season as he and Huddersfield won't get away with their roughhouse tactics in the Prem.
  13. Brown's a decent player apart from he can't hit a cows ar$e with a banjo and Mooy's one of the most overrated players on the planet IMO.
  14. After the sh!!!tte we've all witnessed for the best part of 20 years I'm not that bothered what the kit looks like as long as we're showing signs of being competitive on the pitch again but that's just my opinion.