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  1. Team for Bolton

    He hasn't got much leeway to make changes in centre-defence or centre-midfield unless he throws in the kids which I don't expect him to. I think he'll pick a far stronger side than most of us will expect.
  2. Lets not get ahead of ourselves

    You can never get carried away as a Wednesday Fan as there is always a Wednesday Fan that will tell you not to get carried away
  3. Winnall to Leeds

    I don't expect us to sell either Winnall or Rhodes in this Window. It may be different in January though?
  4. Fletcher

    Seems to really benefit from a goalscoring perspective by playing alongside Hooper. He's scored 6 goals in the last 7 or 8 games he's started alongside him. Not beyond the realms of possibility to expect him to score 15 or more this season, if they both stay fit and they get a run of games together?
  5. Carlos haters

    Fantastic result today which eases the pressure a little. I know it's a cliche but see where we are after 10 games or so. We seem to be a side that can stay in games and that the margin between success and failure will continue to be still very fine for us but we should be competitive again and that's obviously what we all want.
  6. Bannan and Jones

    I think we saw today the qualities that Jones has and Boyd has too. There's a reason these two lads have multiple promotions to the Premier League on their CV in the sense that they help their respective teams to results like todays, results that go a long way to getting you promoted.
  7. Bannan

    Player of the Month already.
  8. OMDT Fulham -V- Wednesday

    We don't score goals in the first half of games under Mr Negative do we?
  9. OMDT Fulham -V- Wednesday

    He was always going to go 4-4-2 after his comments earlier in the week with regards to him expecting Boyd to still play in a lot of games. Never ever going to give Fulham the chance to overrun us down the flanks by playing a diamond. That said Reach is a shocking winger and Winnall not even being on the bench is mystifying. I swear blind Carlos selects his team from a lucky bag or for some players an unlucky bag
  10. Jackson Irvine

    Not many as they haven't been playing much.
  11. Jackson Irvine

    Do you honestly think there's any point signing players at the moment because apart from the chosen few, they're either benched or frozen out completely?
  12. Jackson Irvine

    I'd like to bet he'd suddenly turn into a bag of w@nk as soon as he puts on a Wednesday Shirt?
  13. A fast start was expected, it hasn't happened, again. I respect Carlos and nobody can take away 6th and 4th place finishes from him. It's the first time we've been truly competitive at this level for 15 years. With improvement and increased investment both from the chairman and the fans in the form of ticket prices, the pressure is understandably on. If we fail to go up this season then I think it's inevitable that there will be a parting of the ways between Carlos and the club and several of our best players will probably leave, so this increases the pressure ten-fold IMO and I suspect everyone from the chairman down is feeling it?
  14. Frederico Vênancio Initiation

    I think Carlos should've got up on the chair and sang that song
  15. Who'll be gone by Aug 31st?

    McGugan out on loan and that's your lot IMO.