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  1. Promotion party started after the Reading defeat once we got our players back after the international break!
  2. Unless your Huddersfield!
  3. Long way off King and Worthington To be fair Pudil for player of the month, hes been outstanding!
  4. We sold Darko who then went for £15M on his next transfer!
  5. Fighting. For. Their. Lives
  6. WAWAW!
  7. Set pieces key next week!
  8. Yes they scored before fletcher hit the bar
  9. Leeds is the important stat
  10. Billy Blunt, the player they sold twice last time they were in championship!
  11. Great save by keeper
  12. Think JR has assisted every goal in last month or so?
  13. From kick off i just take it 10mins at a time, goals in the 84th min dont help with the nerves!
  14. Some sellers on twitter #swfc
  15. 91 cup final with ten minutes to go my dad dragged me to the toilets in the stadium as we couldnt watch anymore, longest last 20mins ever..... Cried his eyes out when Pearson lifted the cup!