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  1. We dont have many home games in last 2 months. What was it last year 8 out of last 12 at home?
  2. Are Reading still on parachute payments?
  3. What is the name of the local airport?
  4. Used to cost an arm and a leg to go to Wimpys back in them days. If you were lucky you had a birthday party there
  5. Yep the problem is i cant remember password so used the option of name, season tkt number and postcode to log in. Will look into changing password later.
  6. Just tried to log in to ticket account and it only gives the option of email address and password and not the option of name, season tkt number and postcode which is the way I used to get in. Unless Im doing it wrong?
  7. Best purchase was the VHS tape of the game v pigs in ZDS cup...Sheridans goal
  8. Getting the coach tickets on a piece of card with the coach number being added by maker pen
  9. And he still got up and scored!
  10. Hopefully the winning run continues into the start of next season and a fully fit JR will no doubt produce the goods!
  11. Keegan signed Asprillia in Jan, we signed Rhodes in Jan Worked out well
  12. Just need to get the 'Shhhhh T' back now
  13. We also need the £38-40 per ticket to pay wages
  14. Barmy army chant not the same since standing got banned
  15. Burton at home