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  1. Well said Carlos, we win together and lose together. I for one, clapped them off at full time yesterday. Bring on Norwich!
  2. Tell him its ok to pass into an empty net sometimes as well
  3. Ive renewed on the north for now but one day my friend I will return to the east bank (When its rises above 600bar on the north)
  4. Almen Abdi‏ @AlmenAbdi Let's put the Brentford result behind us & focus on our @swfc Yorkshire derby vs. Leeds tomorrow - make some noise at Hillsborough! COYO! Abdi isnt making it!
  5. Have you lot opened up that main stand or still close the top bit?
  6. Waiting outside the away end
  7. Just slope off for hour and half while game is on. No way would i be able to concentrate on anything else when wednesday play!
  8. If some players had followed, would they have been booked also?
  9. Sounds like a train station/route to me!
  10. Or Reach
  11. I still think gerrin it forward with a team full of 6foot 5s is the way to go
  13. Yes. We have a squad which is good to go for the next 5 years. Absolutely for sure we are going to add more player in the summer as well!
  14. Wondered what song it was, gets the adrenilin pumping