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  1. Definitely should be some advantage given for finishing higher as in rugby league
  2. I think we have the players with one more CB to play all out attack certainly more so than Fulham wether matais fits into that or not I don't know
  3. Didn't DC say he wanted 25000 season tickets sold ? Are we near that figure or has something changed?
  4. While we show improvement I am more than happy for Carlos to stay and while the football wasn't as good the results where. I hope he strengthens the defence mainly a new centre back as this would give the midfield greater freedom going forward. My only concern is a slow start would put a lot of pressure on Carlos and I wouldn't want to start again mid season
  5. I'd give them lower , we've had same at the sty for years I'd also check every one of their tickets as they like to buy kids tickets for away games don't let them in without proper tickets
  6. Banann for me wanted it and it showed. For me we aren't ruthless after the goal they were gone and we should have killed them off but we all knew what was coming but we will be there or thereabouts next year
  7. Whatever your opinion on Carlos the players whatever your mood after lasts night one thing is certain we have a fantastic owner and no matter what we should give him the support he gives us
  8. At the end of the day it's a judgement call if the coaches think he can be a premier league player then do all we can to keep him if not cash in
  9. I love Carlos I love ours players but DC is the most important man at the club. If we don't go up he will do all he can to make sure we do next year if we do he will do what is necessary to keep us in the premier league. He is the best thing that has ever happened to our club
  10. Our lass got mine and daughters but wouldn't let her get our own seats same thing happened to a mate at arsenal game. . Don't know wether to just go in my normal seat or not
  11. I have seen us twice promoted to the top flight I want it again not for me so much but for my kids I want them to see us against the best and hopefully give them a run for their money this is our year
  12. May only be me but hope Fulham win next week if we do need anything last game will make our lives easier obviously hope we win next week hoping to finish third
  13. Wether we stay or go it must be done right, what is the point in moving to a 300000 35000 stadium we already have one what is the point in leaving things as they are. Either do it up Newcastle style or build at least a up to date stadium of light stand still and you die
  14. Thing is the FA would want and have to pick at least eight venue cities As the birthplace of the game i honestly can't see Sheffield missing out and we will always get the nod over the pigs chansiri would make sure of that
  15. Said for ages should partner lees more mobile than loovens