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  1. I don't think anyone agrees with the ticket prices it's just some of us are desperate for us to get back in the big time and are willing to pay if any of us aren't I can fully understand that it isn't DC who it at fault it's the game and it's structure he is doing what he thinks is right to get us up i would like to pay pig like prices but you invairiably get pig like football
  2. Sky , BT and others are the problem but only if you're not in the premier league.when we looked like going up everyone got giddy at the prospect of big bucks and all that goes with it as it is we are still in the championship trying seriously to get out for the first time since we left it the most obvious way of doing that is by spending big and the only way to do that and stay within the rules is by charging high for tickets and merchandise. For me the best thing would be to ditch FFP and find a way to stop clubs not paying debts that doesn't involve punishing fans as I see it DC is the first man in years to give us hope of a return to the good times and while I would hope for a more reasonable pricing structure if we are promoted and I would want us back in stripes sooner rather than later I'm more than happy to support DC as he tries to get us back to where we belong
  3. I firmly believe we will get at least one centre back in but we are making sure we get the right one, my feeling is we have to be more careful in regards to FFP not because we are in immediate danger of falling foul of it but we can't afford any mistakes
  4. While I wouldn't want our best players to leave and tom lees certainly falls into that category we have to accept that being a top championship side with top championship players has the downside that other clubs will covet them for what it's worth I don't think any of our players are irreplaceable if we get the right money for them the one exception is Westwood
  5. Good signing if confirmed but hope he is earmarked to play right side as I hope FF plays left side and reach fullback. Still one more wide player needed with two centre backs
  6. The things we see and experience on a regular basis have not improved only got more expensive. Of course the things we don't see may have improved greatly and may well have done as we seem to be keeping within FFP. i suppose the sole arbiter of whether he is doing his job is DC and to be honest none of us know what is long term aims are
  7. The point I'm making is not that the likes of jokanovic are bad managers but in a few years could be out of the game whereas the three I mentioned have been around years and have almost always done a good job
  8. Warnock McCarthy and Bruce the rest are flavour of the month picks and yes Carlos should be in there
  9. Can see him maybe goring but hope not, one he's a very good player and two he would take some replacing hopefully this is all innocent and he'll be back and on top form next season and playing left midfield
  10. Not only our best right back not only our best foreign player but the best player I have seen in a Wednesday shirt and arguably the best player in his position in the world in his pomp
  11. I never get why people consider Leeds to be bigger than us . We've won more than they have and last season they averaged a few hundred more than us when we had very similar seasons mainly down to them not having stupid restrictions placed on their capacity take away the revie years when they cheated their way to a few trophies and they'd be unheard of
  12. Does anyone have a clue how many STs we've sold talk of waiting lists and a cap on sales would suggest even more than last years 20 odd thousand but I expected less to be sold would love to get an idea on numbers
  13. Balancing the squad is as important this year as anything.their are positions were we are overmanned and others we are short, it's as important to move players we have to the best position as it is to buy more personally I'd have reach LB hutch as a CB and FF wide left then bring in another CB and a right winger with pace
  14. As long as DC is investing in the club I won't complain about prices he's putting far more in than he's getting back what I will complain about is FFP which means to keep within the rules and buy top players he has to change top dollar like all I would hope when the investment pays off and we are promoted prices will start to come down
  15. Definitely should be some advantage given for finishing higher as in rugby league