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  1. Legend!! Thanks
  2. Has anyone created a portrait one for the IPhone please? It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  3. Always thought Fulham would win this. Had a £3 bet on them which only returned a tenner, just wish they'd scored second half instead as had draw HT and Fulham win second half too. Newcaslte are bound to start slow. They've gone and bought a set of players who are yet to really play together and thus yet to gel. But I felt the key difference last night wasn't that they hadn't gelled but they didn't look as up for it as Fulham. It showed the difference between players playing for the club or for the wage in my opinion.
  4. Has anyone done a wallpaper for the iPhone with the fixtures please?
  5. We were chatting to a Bobby after (squadron leader in charge of the grass areas near the green man) who said we were the best losing fans he'd seen at Wembley. No trouble at all really, he thought it was surreal. He said they turned up at the green before the game and saw they'd already lost the battle against people drinking in public so let them, gave up on that as there was no trouble. Were just clamping down on flares as it's illegal to set them off within a certain distance of a highway.
  6. Stopping playing football. I would always rather play than watch.
  7. Just got back and watching it on Sky. It said on sky that The yellow was Kayal's 10th, doesn't that mean a 2 game ban?