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  1. 0.1 mile to my nearest ground, Raymond McEnhill stadium.
  2. Right it's Wednesday now, of to bed be up in time for the match.
  3. Still in Canada so it's yesterday here still, shouldn't be posting in here yet, well be watching it live and ignoring work for a couple of hours.
  4. Well I've decided to start drinking early am in Canada at the minute just need to make it all night through to 5am.
  5. I'll be watching it in Alberta.
  6. I'll be watching it at 5am bloody work sending me to Canada this time of year, not sure if to be at the end of the night or start of an all day session.
  7. Doesn't work for me in Canada
  8. Away in Canada so stupid time difference hope to wake up to good news.
  9. Sounds stupid but the goal I can remember very vividly is him scoring for Southampton against us in red and white stripes, the last goal I saw him score live. Just looks so wrong they even had Palmer playing for them as well. I was had been drinking Strongbow Smooth for most of the afternoon and it was very blurry but can remember it clear as owt.
  10. First season with seats on Kop game v Man U got escorted out of ground by a copper as I was stood up and he thought I was a Man U fan, Got outside ground being held with my hands behind my back by said copper. Man U fan ran across Penistone rd and kicked me in chest while copper had hold of me, copper denied anything happened when I said let me go so I can batter him. Ended behind Cant in mobile cell unit after being lifted, took to cop station and released at 1055pm. All that day pissed me off.
  11. Semi final at Chelsea in 91 was a good day, always seems to be semi finals I remember the best Brighton is one that sticks in my mind.
  12. Still got that kit along with a few others, always seem to have kept the weird kits for some reason.
  13. Village, other half comes from Tywardreath got a house there.
  14. Born and bred in Sheffield, not lived there since 96, will be moving down to Cornwall in 2-3 years time. Anywhere decent to watch matches ?