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  1. Hooper, Fletcher, Forestieri, Reach and Rhodes all weren't starting for their clubs when we signed them. Are they not good enough either?
  2. This please
  3. Ok
  4. How "whelmed" were you all when we signed Tom Lees? Let's just trust the manager, eh?
  5. 10 changes.
  6. I wouldn't want to come back if I was him. Slap in the face that he didn't start the playoff final.
  7. Di Canio
  8. Excellent news. It would be lunacy not to stick with a manager who finished 4th in the league.
  9. And we didn't sign the players we did need. Full backs and a centre back. Sasso isn't good enough. I'm not a fan of Hunt, think his movement off the ball is terrible. Pudil has too many off days. Palmer seems to have been around for ten years now and still can't get games regularly, would benefit from a move. Not seen much of Fox, but he's not exactly the top level full back we need if we're pushing for autos.
  10. Birmingham away was when I knew we weren't ready. Losing that was criminal.
  11. It's us. You know the shirt release will be three weeks into the new season.
  12. Expectation.
  13. Well we didn't go up. Can we sign him, or will the Premiership come knocking?
  14. Thing is, we're a top six championship club now. Serious promotion contenders and will be one of the favourites for automatic next season. It's not like when we had to sell Grant to pay the tax man. If player's heads are turned and they want to leave, we can afford to replace them with players of equal or superior ability. I'd really hate to see Lee go. It's been great watching him grow with us, and his improvement has been nicely in line with ours as a whole. Westwood again I'd hate to see go, but we could attract another great keeper. Even a reserve keeper from the Premiership would be fine, look at Huddersfield. Bannan I'm not overly fussed about. He's had more bad games than good this season. When he's good he's still really good, but he's just not been at the level he was at least season unfortunately. FF... I'd give you a different answer after every game this season. I love him, but he's soft going to the ground every two minutes and he's a mardy arse who would usually rather flap his arms at the ref than chase a defender down. Hutch, again, love him but you've got to play him knowing you're going to miss him for 10-12 games a season through injury and suspension.