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  1. What a joke. https://www.efl.com/news/2017/august/carabao-cup-round-three-draw-information/?utm_source=Direct
  2. Up front. Together. Sometimes bitter rivals can push each other to the next level. Let them take out their frustrations on Sunderland. Could be a disaster... could be brilliant.
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  5. North Stand Concourses

    Why on Earth would anyone buy that overpriced sub par crap they sell? You're much better off either getting something outside the ground or taking something from home. If anything you should be thanking the club for removing the temptation to spend your money on something that costs you three times as much as it would 300 metres away.
  6. Shef wedsneigh

    It'll start off badly, picking up for a period towards the end, but after getting everyone's hopes up will ultimately come to a disappointing and anticlimactic finish.
  7. Forestieri, Joao, Nuhiu

    King Monkey is always bang on from what I've seen over the years. He's never posted BS or anything simply on the wind up. I believe him. Pretty saddening news actually.
  8. your 1st game you went to

    Expecting at least 10,000 "Vs. Hull at Wembley 2016" posts.
  9. Fair play Carlos

    We wanted a reaction after Saturday, we got one. Fair play to Carlos and the lads tonight. They took the stick on Saturday, they deserve the praise tonight. Only Chesterfield, only the cup, whatever. We needed this and hopefully it'll jump start our season.
  10. You mad??

    Ah damn, yeah he'll probably just leave now that some randomer on Twitter told him to. Shame.
  11. No promotion

    I'm starting to think this might be worth a shot. We seem determined not to sign defenders, so we might as well start playing less of them.
  12. We lost

    Of course not, the sensible thing to do would have been to not give him another year in the first place. Now we're probably stuck for maybe ten games, and then hopefully it'll be addressed if things haven't improved.
  13. No promotion

    Hutton not looking so bad now eh? Even though 90% of people on here wrote him off on the basis of a rumour.
  14. We lost

    Look mate, we get what you're saying. There are dozens of threads with that opening post every time we lose. But a lot of us have been looking at it that way for over a year now, and there's a time to say enough is enough and to start expecting better. To start demanding better. None of our shortcomings have been addressed since May, and its unacceptable. Tens of thousands of our fans pay obscene prices to watch that tripe, they're entitled to a moan when it's as bad as that.
  15. Team v QPR (forget Chessie)

    Westwood Hunt Lees Loovens Reach Wallace Lee Abdi FF Winnall Rhodes