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  1. Is this your first pre-season?
  2. He's impressed me every time I've seen him.
  3. case dismissed m'lud
  4. Robert De Niro's waiting is a nice song.
  5. I hope he washed his hands.
  6. Pallister and Bruce were as bad. lots of center forwards got hammered, but I always thought hirsty suffered more because he loved that ball into feet, which he'd then turn on.
  7. I'm actually livid about this. Hes a senior pro, and should be up first or last. It reminds me of Paul Ince in 96. "The Guvnor" didn't fancy it and it was left to the likes of Southgate. Pathetic. Fùck him off.
  8. That's the spirit.
  9. They wouldn't have played like that if it had been 0-0 Nor should we.
  10. Couldn't you do your research on Thursday? These threads are a nightmare
  11. Based on the very little that I've seen, the fletch/hoops partnership is the best we have.
  12. The commentator at one point described the atmosphere as "electric" It made me sad. Had he never been to a proper football match before?