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  1. They wouldn't get in the team. Wrong mentality.
  2. I like his hair
  3. If you need a player to fulfil a role, and you can afford it, the fee is a bit irrelevant.
  4. That's such a smart header by Hooper for the first
  5. The thing I don't understand about the people slagging him off earlier in the season is that the season wasn't over. A player of his quality and experience was always going to make a contribution. What ah asett he will be in the playoffs...
  6. There's very few old fashioned wingers left. Reach makes perfect sense for this team.
  7. It's pathetic that we are even discussing this after today's result.
  8. Are you reyt hard?
  9. 4th

    I got laid off a month ago mate, so barring a miracle, not happening
  10. What is wrong with people??
  11. 4th

    Is that our highest position this season? If so, then is it our highest position for 17 years?
  12. Biggest win of the season. Leeds won't catch us.