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  1. Pudil, Jones and Hooper were all class today. The rest close behind. Would have liked to see a bit more from Reach today. Great performance. Keep it up. Prem here we come.
  2. its difficult to take considering the money we have spent but let's be honest now.... he is absolute garbage. Eyes light up with his energy and pace but overall what does he bring to the table? Very little if anything.
  3. I agree that It is a terrible opinion but to say he oozes class is even worse mate. Capable of more I would say though currently he has been very mediocre.
  4. Rotation happens up top but not at the back. Not going to get much better and have them sat on the bench in case of injury.
  5. Agreed i would like to know what you opt for if Lee was fit right now?
  6. Call me a moron but I am starting to think others might get a little more out if the squad we currently have.
  7. I would pay what ever the cost not because I can (or can't) but because it is in my blood. That being said it is far too expensive and it is the above why it is unfair. Everything else bar football has an alternate option or a form of substitute and hence why they charge what they want - If it was Tesco you would just go to Asda instead.
  8. Joao was absolutely shocking. It isn't just a lack of form it its totally lack of ability. never making it at level. sorry lad. Next please.
  9. because we would all take a new ground in the place on championship football. okay then.
  10. To be honest mate i think you're a bigger tail!
  11. do you think we can send some decent players for a change?
  12. Personally i thought he was garbage.
  13. Strange. I thought it was one of his best games.
  14. Nearly wet my self at the end when they asked if it was a fair result or not and all he had was no because of the possession! thrower.
  15. Didn't think much of them tbh. they created very little and lumped the ball in to the middle of no where more often than not. They only reason they looked half decent at times was because we sat off them and gave them respect, which I don't think they deserved at all.