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  1. Dear Mr Chansiri and Family

    Rather OTT. I don't condone abuse of any nature to anyone full stop but it is very early to be blowing kisses like that. Remember, this guy is a business man who's earning a nice helathy wage at our expense. Get us to the promise land and then we can think about being thankful.

    Can't understand those moaning really. For genuine users, it gives them a chance to go from never seeing a game to watching more than most actuallt based in sheffield. For those using a VPN it is a signigicantly cheap alternative to going to Hillsborough or like me a chance to get the games you cant get too for whatever reason. Stop moaning and enjoy never missing a match.
  3. johan djourou

    A large part of that is the fulls backs - utter garbage. Not one decent ball in from any of them. Attacking full backs forms a large part if our game yet they provide Jack for the strikers. I genuinely feel sorry for the guys up top, even paid there wages they don't deserve to be treated like this lol.
  4. iFollow

    Fair point. I guess I will give it a shot with the VPN. Nearer the start of the though.
  5. iFollow

    I would have thought that as soon as they see the billing address to be located in the UK they would reject it or cancel the sub etc. I was going to wait till nearer the day in case the above happen and but the payment being no refundable or something.
  6. iFollow

    I wasn't clear so i go again. I cannot see how you will be able sign up successfully using a UK debit card, even though you may be accessing iFollow from outside the UK, weather virtual or physical. I understood you were suggesting that we use a VPN and then pay on a UK card. This i do not think will work.
  7. iFollow

    Not by my reading. he said sign up here but then switch on your VPN and your away. Was just thinking that it would be a bit more trickier than that.
  8. iFollow

    I don't think it is as straight forward as that since the cost of the video service is considerably more? I would assume that you are unable to subscribe to the service unless you do so from the overseas location and pay at this time etc?
  9. No such thing as a non selling club. Every club will sell at the right price, you just have to produce or find players that are good enough and wanted by other clubs first. Something we haven't done for quite some time. Also, some of the players linked with moves away are possibly considered surplus to requirement and therefor why would we not sell them?
  10. no where near the first team. As good as it is for home grown players making the cut it is more important we achieve our goal of reaching the prem and we stand a better chance of this with the likes of Hooper and Rhodes.
  11. Hirst scores again

    aren't we better taking our chances on Hooper and Rhodes over a young kid that scores for England's B side.
  12. New swfc website coming soon ..

    Maybe because 90% of fans cant get away tickets, regardless!
  13. Joao

    Main step I believe should translate to top level or something like that.
  14. Stream Confirmed 7th May

    Isn't the artivle about new legislation that was passed a few weeks back now making watching streams illegal? I know historically it hasn't been though. Anyhow there any enough decent free VPN services out there which will protect you against this, I think!
  15. Joao

    This - just had a look myself. Was about to say the same.