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  1. 2-3 haha
  2. 1-2 just scored
  3. Look at me everybody, please look at me.
  4. This thought also crossed my mind the other day. Might be worth failing this season so we can get a proper manager in. This squad is too good to be playing this poorly.
  5. This 100% A different manager like Monk, Hughton, would get so much more out of this squad.
  6. I disagree, tonight's game is more important. If we win it puts us 3 points above Leeds allowing for a slip up on Saturday.
  7. That'll obviously depend on the team and the circumstances. If you're flying high generally fans reactions will be positive. If you're struggling at the bottom like Rotherham, I can see this being the bang opposite.
  8. Everywhere you go you'll encounter morons that's life . Do you think it's any different at any other ground?
  9. I'm glad you managed to restrain yourself big boy. All hell could've broke loose.
  10. We all know it was over the line. Remove your blue and white tinted specs . We were very very lucky last night. It is a bit of a mystery why CC is struggling to get over very good squad playing well.
  11. Hes been poo most of the season. We do miss our little Lee.
  12. Romanian club Dinamo Bucharest.
  13. off to Dinamo