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  1. Maybe we should play in red *sorry
  2. Encouraged by more greens in the top half
  3. I go on once a year for a laugh Been that way for the last 10 years easy It's a joke
  4. Flounce over - lets move on I'm also pretty certain I wouldn't have said that the other day!
  5. He said a pork pie. Must be planning to buy plural Otherwise he'd have said any pork pies
  6. Lets just show him how much we really need him by winning today quite comfortably
  7. You have to create a new account? Haven't they heard of data migration
  8. I gave up years ago looking at the online shop for things to buy. Interesting to note it hasn't really changed Final straw for me was getting the Christmas catalogue - marking out things I'd like to buy. Going to the online store And not being able to find a damn thing that was in the catalogue! Waste of time
  9. Happy to miss out on him tbh. We're a championship club and no way should we be splashing this sort of cash out.
  10. And there's some that won't say yessir for being born an raised in Yorkshire then moving here
  11. Ha - there's a few of us How do! There's at least one other on here.
  12. Didn't fell cheated by the result Didn't fell that gutted either I know we've had a great season & hopefully next season onwards & upwards
  13. I cam in here thinking odds had been slashed for him to be poached for a manager elsewhere