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  1. We need to trim the fat asap because the squad is far too big. Nuhiu and Joao for example are players we just need to get out the door before the start of the season, preferably sold, but loaned out at a minimum.
  2. Number 1 should be keeping Carlos on as manager!
  3. Theres plenty of good business being done ... look at Derby.
  4. I thought Carlos should have gone at the end of last season. It's not that he's done a bad job at all, I just don't think he has what it takes to get us over the line, and none of our transfer activities to date have done anything to fill me with any confidence that we are going to learn from our lessons and address our weak areas. I hope to god I'm wrong and I'll be right behind the lads from the first day of next season, but I have a feeling that he won't be in charge come Christmas and we'll be scrapping it out in and around 6th place.
  5. We'll see how well we fare if we don't sign cover at centre back then eh?
  6. So by your logic it doesn't matter who the opposition is? You should probably put yourself in the aforementioned category.
  7. 88 pages and still no kits. Only 2 weeks until the start of the season. Classic Wednesday!
  8. Is he your inside source at the club? The NIGHTCLUB!!! Yeah!
  9. The whole point of these pre season friendliest is to match up against opposition that are comparable to the opposition we'll be facing week in week out. They need to be comparable in terms of standard, and / or style of play. So far we've played Mansfield and two unknown Portuguese teams. My worry is we'll start off the season and be caught out against better quality opposition than what we've grown accustomed to playing over the summer.
  10. I really don't see why we'd need him
  11. Has the season started yet?
  12. Someone needs to tell him it's quality not quantity. The bloke churns out several articles a day. Sometimes I read them and feel less informed by the time I finish! Awful stuff.
  13. Not good enough, wouldn't be disappointed to see him go providing we get a fee for him.
  14. Just when I think Dom Howson's articles can't get any duller ...
  15. I'm more worried about the quality of defending in the Mansfield game. You think we'd have been working on set pieces after last season ....