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  1. I cannot believe we've got 3 pages in on a thread about the best ever Wednesday volleys and nobody has mentioned Danny "did well" Wilson's peach of a volley against Chelsea in the league cup semi at S6! Not only was it an absolute howitzer but we knew then we were Wembley bound!
  2. He did a "Mourinho" ..........i was on the South and saw it unfold.........all the coaches, subs etc were up celebrating big time........Carlos set off running down the wing pumping both fists in the air, got to the corner flag at the Kop and was giving it large for quite some time! I presume it was a mixture of utter joy and relief.........still, we go to be entertained and that alone was entertainment at its best!
  3. Drove past the ground about 2 hrs ago and there was someone up in the roofspace on the kop in a cherry picker, looked like they were doing something with the PA system. Hopefully installing a new one that you can actually hear!
  4. I've had a few stupid superstitons over the years, the onethat seems to have stuck with me is as soon as the ref blows his whistle to start the game I pull my socks up, left first then right. Then, throughout the game after either a goal or a goalscoring opportunity I do the same. I was in sock overdrive during the 1st half of the second leg v Brighton!