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  1. I hope this is true as We certainly need a new one......its clarity you need not just cranking it up really loud. I sit at the back of the North stand and it's awful sound quality back there. If its loud its distorted and when they turn it down its just seems to echo really badly. I hate to say it but I had the misfortune of going to Br@mhall Lane earlier in the season (mates 40th and a free pi55 up) and I noticed how good there's was, really clear when the bloke was on the Mic and music that sounded like it was supposed to......made me realise just how bad ours is!
  2. He was very good too. I believe he had to step down after dem blades got relegated from the PL with the last kick of the game............It was long before mobile phones and social media updates and he informed the home fans of our neighbours fate by screaming over the PA at full time........"they've gone dooooooowwwwnnnn"!!!!!!!!!! This was the same season he'd taunted the Leeds fans by singing "where's ya Batty gone" over the PA when we played them the week after they'd controversially sold him! Anybody got his number!!!
  3. I cannot believe we've got 3 pages in on a thread about the best ever Wednesday volleys and nobody has mentioned Danny "did well" Wilson's peach of a volley against Chelsea in the league cup semi at S6! Not only was it an absolute howitzer but we knew then we were Wembley bound!
  4. He did a "Mourinho" ..........i was on the South and saw it unfold.........all the coaches, subs etc were up celebrating big time........Carlos set off running down the wing pumping both fists in the air, got to the corner flag at the Kop and was giving it large for quite some time! I presume it was a mixture of utter joy and relief.........still, we go to be entertained and that alone was entertainment at its best!
  5. Drove past the ground about 2 hrs ago and there was someone up in the roofspace on the kop in a cherry picker, looked like they were doing something with the PA system. Hopefully installing a new one that you can actually hear!