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  1. JR scores goals, we struggle. Resaon enough for me if the price is right
  2. The first two are Ozzie and Barney's numbers
  3. Maybe it's more the case that we haven't stumped up the cash or even bid for him?
  4. I thought he said kick my hat
  5. Could be Leeds or Oldham The rose has also got the bits missing in between the petals
  6. Not the strike force of that day though
  7. Use a marker pen
  8. Do we have the full story? He's no angel
  9. Clunk click
  10. Fair play to the pigs though when we had the silence for the 2 lads we lost on the way back from Coventry. Not a voice was heard Shame about plod in the bloody helicopter hovering above. Twats
  11. Delete thread pronto, SAG might see this
  12. Not a good year to pick that. Wilson was way out of his depth from minute 1, we were on a downward spiral. As can be seen in that the top scorer was Beni on 8
  13. ? What's the percentage for?
  14. Leeds is a one team City and they're also helped by being surrounded by areas that are non-football (Wakefield/ Pontefract/ Wetherby type of places that are sort of suburbs of Leeds) There's also a lot of areas around em with what used to be 4th div clubs. 10/15,yrs ago Ull/ Udders/ Bradfud / York etc were just competing for survival and not likely to do owt. Leeds has a huge catchment area
  15. Look at our "fans" re Forestieri, some are still vvankers to him now