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  1. Nice but SAG would stop it as all the exits are still straight on to Penistone. The Kop apart from posts doesn't really need much work as yet. We have much more pressing issues, can you do a design for the Lepp?
  2. Donkey Dave came on for Pudil, Rhodes came on for Fletcher. Winnall should've been the one coming on. If Nuhiu gets a squad place next season then we aint gonna be in the top 2.
  3. Prior to the final game, Rhodes had been on the pitch everytime we scored, there must be summat in that stat. He's a goalscorer and with a decent pre season under his belt we'll see that our money was well spent. FF not a striker for me, put him on the left. Nuhiu. Surely you have to score a goal to be considered a striker, Feb 2016 his last goal for us. Bye bye
  4. Has the potential, could be what we need. I'd play him on the right, FF on the left. Hooper & Rhodes up top. Some have already made their minds up and won't change, but could be a daft decision to let him go now he's fit
  5. Not a single one has me excited, more the opposite if I'm honest. Trust in Carlos
  6. I'd heard he'd given up the Dr role
  7. No myth at all. Teams have changed at Hillsborough, they used to come and play us now it's just stifling us ( admittedly we do some of that ourselves ) We were too easily beat last season, including the Final. Summat needed to change
  8. FFS! Are you 12? Get over it
  9. What's your opinion on Wildebeest?
  10. JTO is just a wind up. His last few posts have been to nominate Allardyce, Moyes and Pardew Nuff said about the troll
  11. Because he won't be Ronaldo's mate
  12. Utter bull. Newcastle were aiming for top spot. McCarthy openly said he was resting players before so they'd be fresh to beat us. Rowett was still after a playoff spot at the time. Colin, do you honestly think he'd go easy against us?
  13. Dave is a big joke. I agree with above, delete this pointless thread
  14. That's put a stop to our Ronaldo/ Real Madrid friendly