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  1. So you'd leave him on? Or is that another bullet for you in your anti Carlos agenda?
  2. How ugly are you?
  3. Now is not the time for Carlos to go and folk need to chill out
  4. Is this the same Reach that was getting so much praise v Brum that fans were calling for Forestieri to be dropped ?
  5. So you've picked 2 games from last season to beat him with? I could raise you on the amount of quality games we had last season but I fear I'd be wasting my time against your agenda
  6. I thought he could've turned it around and would have if given the chance. Unfortunately the pitchfork mob as per got very loud
  7. We attempted to sign several CB, other clubs refused to sell or we were beaten on price e.g. Hanley, what would've happened if we'd bettered Toons bid and got him? In all fairness, I doubt you've seen Nsue regularly, one match mid Feb is not enough to form a valid opinion on buying a player Besides unless we'd got an outstanding CB he'd have been 3rd or 4th choice behind our captain Loovens, Lees and Hutch. In January we have signed a proven Championship goalscorer, arguably the best in the division. Does that answer your question on the type of players that have come in? We have brought in quality, some are still to show it for us but nobody can say that each player we've brought in is not quality
  8. I did with Irvine and Gray
  9. Never said it was, but if you think my opinion is then cheers
  10. Just because I'm behind Carlos doesn't make me a clapper. Folk calling for his head are just coming across as tantrum throwing spoilt brats
  11. Football is so easy. Why did Leicester win the title last season? Why hasn't Wenger won it for over 10yrs? Why haven't Liverpool won it since the 80s when they were the dominant force? How long have Brighton been trying to get out of the league? Could say the same for Derby and QPR who have spent a fair old bundle in their time. Some of our fans have such a high sense of importance that we should be running away with the league after our shock play-off appearances last season. There are no guarantees in football and they should hold back a little in their tantrums
  12. Should be easy to get play-off final tickets this year as some are so against Carlos they won't want to go
  13. He's like a young Bobby Charlton
  14. Idiotic posts like yours make mine boil
  15. Glory hunter I bought a 3 and I'll continue buying em until my last breath. Wednesday were in the 3rd when I first attended in the 70s, I'll be there whatever. I've seen no other possible candidate I'd want over Carlos. Admittedly the games aren't matching the excitement of last season but we will make the playoffs and I'm not worried one bit about our opposition over 2 legs.