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  1. Believing those facts has seen us in the sh!t this millennium
  2. Has to be more than 5 surely
  3. Your spelling is primary school-esque. It says a lot Out of interest, where is your seat?
  4. Spot on. Scruffy looking lads with girls hair and scribbling all o'er their body preaching on fashion. Maybe they can post a self obsessed pic of themselves to show us oldies how to dress?
  5. My sky aint free. If you mean Kodi it aint that reliable and a pain in the arse to watch at times with all the stuttering. Out of interest what price would you set for a one off attendee?
  6. Note you picked out the most expensive seat. but you can get £5 off if you're a member and it's only £5 for a child in that area.
  7. Don't write sh!t click bait articles then. If you wrote a decent piece then folk would gloss over your poor spelling. When people take the time to read it and there's nothing there then time has been wasted. You reap what you sow. If you wanna be a journalist then write summat worth reading instead of the junk.
  8. No smoking sticker is wonky, close off until further inspection in 6 weeks
  9. You're stucking to yours I see
  10. Member prices are £37
  11. Your English teacher aint
  12. I seriously doubt that person would become regular if the only visit since Prem relegation was Cardiff play-off final
  13. Tips are not mandatory. Perhaps you didn't cut his hair how he really wanted it?
  14. Can only recall a couple of goals this season that I'd put the blame towards Westwood. The less games Nuhiu appears in the better, not good enough. The type of goal he scored this week for Kosovo has not been seen in a Wednesday shirt.
  15. Dead end, how apt