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  1. We don't need 2 centre halves
  2. Have you got a Delorean?
  3. Bloody ridiculous having numbers all o'er shop
  4. Blowing people up around the UK needs condemning, regardless of any reasons
  5. Never heard of that? Is that another workshy injury for the feckless?
  6. Have you noticed when you quote a post that you don't get to read all of the following posts? Just read it and you're still giving out. My opinion stands
  7. I ain't going either, find friendlies a bit pointless. But £15 aint dear IMO
  8. Don't worry, here's Abdi
  9. Brought some new signings too. We have ways around FFP
  10. Tight get
  11. Which David Jones ?
  12. Not seen it anywhere in the rules about shirt release times affecting league position
  13. Yes it is. God does not exist. And even if he did why save someone who's sat on her arse and done nothing all her life just because she was born into a particular family? I'm a proud Englishman but that song is embarrassing and dull
  14. It's a friendly, they are for fitness ! Hold back on your sniping until we've kicked off the season at least
  15. Personally think the thread title is a bit nobbish