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  1. Everyone is entitled to their views and to act accordingly, but I hope you don't regret paying PotD prices if your forecast of a dip is misplaced.
  2. Bottled it? Id say it's rather the opposite. He showed with Stuart Gray that he won't dilly dally in getting rid. And with Carlos it would have been just as easy, and would please a lot of "fans". He's made the tough choice. He's got bottle aplenty.
  3. Full stop missing though. On both!
  4. Mark Reynolds against Dagenham and Redbridge.
  5. Why would our "board" tell him he's free to go? He hasn't got a contract. If Carlos wants to go he just says bye to DC. DC has no control at all, other than through his charm.
  6. I like Sasso. He's been a decent back up. He does have a few errors (so does Loovens) but his positives have been much greater this season than last. That said, if we give him a new contract, I'd be concerned that it's indicative of the club expecting to struggle to find, and recruit, a real quality centre back to partner Lees.
  7. Carlos was originally brought in the establish that initial philosophy. Mark Cooper would have been the Head Coach. But Cooper said no, and Carlos' role changed. I agree that he doesn't, in my opinion, have total/final say on transfers, despite him saying the opposite previously.
  8. We could try our own younger ambitious players occassionally.
  9. Thats a load of tosh! Chansiri has called a meeting of the fans forum to decide whether to keep Carlos or not. PM Flyingowl with your vote. The meeting will be held first week in July.
  10. He only moved in January. That was the transfer. Getting a house and family (if there is any) relocated would be some time after that. How can he say he's not settling after just a couple of months?
  11. People saying they're happier (or less unset) to go out in the semi than at Wembley; what if Reading's new owners fail the premier league's fit and proper owners test, and are denied a place?
  12. It also showed, although few realised at the time, how important Hooper is. When he went off injured, the game changed.
  13. I thought you were implying CAmpionshipeXIT. Your labelling needs to be clearer. So it's a no from me.
  14. All good points, but just to illustrate my point about the FF effect... You'll remember during the international break in November that Carlos made a statement along the lines of "we've got Forestieri back". Clearly something happened or was said during that break. First game after, at Fulham, Forestieri had one of his best games of the season, and the team clicked too. Pre international break, 16 games, 24 points, 1.5 ppg. After international break, 30 games, 57 points, 1.9 ppg.
  15. Fair enough, but I think you greatly underestimate the duration of the negative impact that FF's distraction caused.