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  1. I used to live in Banbury, and met a couple of young Wednesday fans who lived a few miles outside Oxford. As it was early 80s and you didn't just choose Wednesday, i asked the same question. Wanting some live football, they went to a random Oxford game - away end. They loved the atmosphere and became Wednesday fans.
  2. I stand corrected. This is another example of a player being over paid on too long a contract. Either Boro pay him off, or Downing takes a big pay cut. As he's near the end of his playing days, I reckon he will take the money and train with the development squad for two years.
  3. If he's available on a free transfer, I assume that's because his contract is up. So as of next week, he'll be on zilch. He'll have to accept whatever anyone will pay: I doubt he will see anywhere near £55k a week again. I wouldn't have him at £55/wk, not what we need.
  4. Peter Shilton after his affair became public knowledge. Or as it his Mrs's? Pat Jennings. Didn't get abuse, as such, but got a few snowballs in his direction.
  5. Could be because his apology, at least initially, seemed half hearted and insincere. Could be because he disrupted a happy, post play-off, camp, derailing it before the season had got going. In my opinion, his strop cost us enough points at the start of last season that would have got us in, or very near, top two. If Carlos and the players have forgiven him (seems to be the case) so should we as fans, but FF owes us big time. I hope he stays and delivers what he is capable of and should have done last season. But it's easy to see why some struggle to move on.
  6. I like last season's pinstripe, Ipswich, whatever, shirt. I didn't buy it though: too expensive. I'm making my protest and would appreciate if others joined in. But note, any boycot is about pricing, not stripes.
  7. Some years ago, at the end of live games, sky showed the "match time" and the "in-play time" at full time. Most games had about 65 minutes in-play. I think independent time keeping, with the clock stopped whenever the game stop, is a good idea. But I'd stick to 45 minutes, that's what the rules currently say. Ref's should stop the clock whenever the ball goes out of play, but clearly they don't. This way, no one would be too fussed if an opposition player took two minutes to recover from a hard tackle or two seconds. Time wasting by the corner flag would still be possible, but no more so than now. But goalkeepers time wasting by picking the furthest side to take a goal kick from, or a player about to be substituted wandering to the far side of the pitch before ambling off, who cares? Time will be added on. Bring it on. The sooner the better. The only debating points are, 60 minute games or 90 minutes? And who pays for all the clocks as you go down the league structure?
  8. I had a collection going back to the 70s and got rid during a house move some time ago. I would recommend saving at least one per season (last match?) for a bit of reminiscing. I wish I had.
  9. Having read the link, I think most of the proposals are sensible and I agree with. Not it sure about players taking a free kick to themselves: when is a free kick taken or the player just positioning the ball? Nor goal kick being taken from the side the ball went out of play. Just gets us back where we were 10 years ago. Sort the time wasting and this change is irrelevant.
  10. To play regular first team football?
  11. I would image sales are few and far between at this stage, so rather than employ staff at the tills twiddling thumbs waiting for a customer, they put in a deadline so that staff can be moved to the sewing room to get some of those in-house shirts made.
  12. Derby County: perennial promotion chasing bottlers. Central to the Derby team over that period: Keogh, Ince, Hughes. Unfair to pick on individuals, but something is wrong with the mentality at Derby, and Rowett is sorting it out, yet some want all three at Wednesday.
  13. Another player bought by a desperate club hoping to shore up a poor first half of the season and give their fans some false optimism. Five months later, they realise they paid over the odds in a panic buy and want another club to give them their money back. WHU need to cut their losses or hope Huddersfield are as desperate & stupid as they were.
  14. Good idea. And they can play pre season games in masks and Blinker wigs.