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  1. Very biased against the left footers.
  2. The Massive today

    I don't think it's that simple. Before enough of the match had passed for us to say that the Preston performance was flat, the atmosphere was already poo. At Fulham the opposite: electric atmosphere from minute one even though we didn't know whether we were getting a repeat of Preston or second half Sunderland. You could sense the positivity with the applause for Carlos as he walked across the pitch befo e kick off. And as someone mentioned earlier, 0-4 at Fulham a couple of years ago, but better atmosphere than Saturday.
  3. Boyd and Hunt

    It's right that we could improve on Jack Hunt as right back. But we could improve in EVERY position. A possible exception being goal keeper. That said, I don't think people are getting too sensitive or protective about Hunt. They are just reacting to the OP which said that Hunt (and Boyd) "were really poor". My opinion and the consensus (amongst posters at least) seems to be that despite being up against quality opposition on their left, Hunt actually had a decent game: certainly far from being really poor. The error of needless posts that give unwarranted criticism of our players, any player, should be corrected.
  4. One point in four games equates to 11 in 44. We ended with 81 last season, so we're on target for 92. Top two here we come.
  5. Official whingers and moaners thread

    Can't admin just create a new section on the site? Like, Tickets, Away Travel, Wednesdayite, Politics, and now Moaning. Any posts that are pure moans could then be re-directed with a "wrong section" comment. More balanced characters and clappers can avoid the section leaving moaners to moan with like minded depressants.
  6. Isnt that what happened yesterday? They had loads of possession, in dangerous areas through the middle or via the speed merchants out wide, but they created little from open play. We had a very robust formation, if a bit deep at times, and they couldn't get past or round us. Eventually, most moves broke down with a misplaced or over hit pass. It was very nervy to watch, but it an excellently executed defensive display by the whole team. And Bannan put in some great tackles.
  7. Fulham had fergie time

    I think you are totally wrong. During the second half (before the 90th minute) there were four subs, as you say 2 minutes. Add a minute for the goal. And at the disallowed goal there was a Fulham injury which took at least another minute. So "a minimum of four minutes" was about right, or maybe a little generous in our favour. As soon as the four minutes went up, there was an injury on the half way line, our left. This was immediately followed by Fletcher being subbed. So one minute of added time played and the ball hadn't been kicked. I know, I was looking at my watch every 15 seconds or so. Add on 30 seconds for the Palmer substitution and you have at least five and a half minutes. We had about 6. I know how we like to have a dig at referees but it's not justified in this case.
  8. Match day rituals

    I thought our improvement was down to elephants, Buddhas, and the move away from stripes.
  9. Awful hamsters don't ever tone it down when running up that mans field.
  10. Harlee Dean

    Ive said several times that we should have paid a little over the odds to get a centre defender in early, before pre-season. But the consensus has been; play a waiting game and get the bargains at the end of the window when teams are desperate to sell. I disagree, I think we will get stung, or miss out completely, again. On the plus side, that might give a youngster a rare opportunity.
  11. Fulham tickets

    It was ok when I tried.
  12. First good cross

    Too often both Hunt and Reach received the ball and it was begging to be played down the line. But there was no one there, (occassionally Fletcher went wide). This forced the play back inside. Although we used possession well in these situations, we won't get the same time and space against QPR.
  13. Trouble in the crowd?

    It was just a small minority, and considering what we were watching we gave pretty good support, so it's ok, we're still great fans.
  14. Steering Committee

    Have you tried? Can you write a letter? Are you bored? Don't worry, season starts tomorrow and you'll be back at school before you know it.
  15. Steering Committee

    Either volunteer to represent Owlstalk when the OT rep can't go. Ditto for any other group. Or write to DC. It's mentioned in at least one of the meeting notes put on OT, OO and/or Twitter. The club don't produce formal minutes.