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  1. A team sport is different to a normal job though due to camaraderie getting that extra small percent out of you as a team. That said im sure they will wish him the best and hopefully we will see him in a few years in a coaching role. Semedo hopefully goes back to Portugal plays another few years and comes back as a qualified coach to help us in to Europe :-)
  2. Why the roger would you mention huge expenditure when most people with half a brain realise the only way to progress from 13th to 4th place was due to expenditure? I just think massive over reaction at a club that's progressed on and off the pitch for is it the last 6 season consecutively so if we continue that next season then automatic promotion may well be ours. On the squad id personally look at 3/4 signings all with Pace.
  3. Err 2 positions higher and more points than last season. In anybodys book that's progress and I believe that's 6 consecutive seasons of progression so I'm more than happy with that. Still gutted we haven't turned up tonight though.
  4. Just replied yes please
  5. cheers pal, tried ringing today but always engaged, will drop them an email now.
  6. Highly unlikely but after 1 for kop tomorrow if anyone can help?
  7. Id rather leave him out totally as Lee, Bannan, Jones any 2 from them 3 should be good enough Wednesday
  8. They shouldn't no, But im sure they weren't supposed to talk to the 4th official either but some do.
  9. Don't use it but nice1 as suits some people who cant walk far and in fairness if others are happy to pay £7 towards good causes so they can be bone idle then why not charge that.
  10. Why not put the white powdery stuff down for a minute and think about what you just typed ffs.
  11. I'd suggest you haven't a clue about football tbh. All the back 5 played well today.
  12. Really a 0-0 away in 1st leg isn't acceptable? Christ on a bike I'm actually dreading this sight next season more than the actual prem itself.
  13. Is that you deontay?
  14. Westwood Hunt Lees Loovens Pudil Wallace Lee Bannan Reach Winnall Fletcher Wildsmith, Palmer, Fox, Hutch, Jones, Fessi, Rhodes Hooper apparently back in training but id save him for Wednesday night and hopefully he's back at 100%.