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  1. What a stupid thread as for the next 4 games I reckon 8 or 9 points.
  2. That's exactly what we should do only spend any surplus on the 1st team. I said I'd have preferred DC to do this when he 1st came in as get the infrastructure right and the rest will follow.
  3. Well done that man. I've got a minimum of 28years to go before I have to grow up so thank you.
  4. Reading no idea as have a 15min walk to pub, If you walked 15min at Hillsborough you would have no problem getting away. Brighton is shocking all the cramming to get on Train. Colchester in middle of no were but easy on bus I agree but there's no rascal there be interesting if they got 25k. Unless you have to head to the town centre I'd always leave in the opposite directions even for the M1 as get away no problem.
  5. Yes 40
  6. Sunbathing before a nice meal.
  7. Thing is Brighton did well under Poyet who left for bigger things but Hypiaa was a shocking appointment that nearly undid all the good work put in for 2/3 seasons before that. Luckily like you say they then got Hughton who has got them back on track. We would take a huge gamble getting rid of Carlos as who knows if we'd get a Hypia or a Hughton.
  8. A few points on here about saying Brighton have gone from Relegation candidates to Promotion in 2 seasons is conveniently forgetting that for a few seasons before that Brighton were competing for play offs. Also somebody has listed players signed before CC even became manager or even when he did we all know at the start a committee signed the players. Can we just get facts right before slagging him please. Most disappointing thing about this season so far has been realising how many moany, Whiny self entitled fans we have who think success is a right for us and seem to have erased the last 15 years from there memory. WAWAW so let's support the club that's improved beyond all recognition in these last few years.
  9. Bugger that, When would I go on Holiday?
  10. Yep absolute bell ends who hopefully are supporters of our rivals on the wind up or will roger off and watch somebody else.
  11. I actually rate Jokanovic very highly but if we'd not beat Blackburn then Wolves at home imagine the bobbar he'd be getting.
  12. I reckon main stat they all use is league position and at the minute were 6th there 7th which is all that matters making the play offs.
  13. Come in Captain Slowly were are you not posting In this thread yet? All gone quiet, All gone quiet in your hotel room with dodgy WiFi
  14. If you can't beat Blackburn or Wolves at home then get lost Fulham fans don't want to watch that rubbish.
  15. Birmingham & Leeds were OK performances but no where near last night's effort.