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  1. Cheers, might just go in to Brighton then as was hoping parking at Lewes would make train easier.
  2. Planning on parking at Lewes for a quicker get away after game, Anybody done that before?
  3. If we can add Wisdom & Hourihane from Barnsley I'd be more than happy with that squad for the 2nd half of the season.
  4. What exactly did you want to buy as Coats, Polo Shirts, Tee Shirts, Hats, Scarfs, Gloves, Calendars etc are now all in so although could be better it's not too bad imo.
  5. If were wanting to physically compete in midfield then a 3 of Hutch, Jones, Lee would be they way to go not Abdi as he doesn't strike me as a physical player. We will be fine though get in play offs again under CC and then keep our fingers crossed we can win the lottery that is the play offs.
  6. Fingers crossed we can sell out this year but I doubt it.
  7. I remember when after you got past Bristol roads were non existent as used to take us ages to get to Newquay as a kid. I reckon by time I've dropped young un off in Manchester be between 2-3 when I'm in bed so best at least put a decent performance.
  8. Did you walk or were we that bad that you had to go out in Bristol after game
  9. Free kick was a bigger mistake than 1St imo as it's flipping Sunday League stuff where wall looks after 1 side so keeper looks after other side. 2nd well another shambles and we were 2-0 down in a game where neither side had created a chance.
  10. I no it must have been a bank holiday in Sheffield that day!!! Good turn out today but poor at minute for Brighton but it is what it is hopefully 3points to help us.
  11. In fairness 21000 is a decent turn out for this.
  12. Frazer Campbell or someone else with pace hopefully.
  13. Hope we can shift a few more, Jesus we could have sold 10k for last season in play offs down there. Were a strange bunch at times as seems like a class following to Boro for 2 reserve teams then approx 1k for a top of table clash at Brighton!!!
  14. Any idea how many tickets have sold for this?
  15. Welcome Morgan Fox and hopefully he's our new King or Worthington.