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  1. I wouldn't be surprised if a few of our better players are regretting signing new deals now they have seen the other side to our fan base. Well done morons you will get what you deserve then probably crawl back under that flipping rock and leave rest of us to get back to watching Potter, Jeffers, Ndumbu etc. Grow up and get a flipping grip before you ruin everything we built up since DC & CC came in.
  2. like last few years?
  3. hahahahahaha
  4. No you missed nothing we were the better team but missed our big chance where as they scored there's. However because we lost then its all doom and gloom like when we won 4 in a row without playing as well as today or 2nd half Tuesday everybody was over the moon, Oh no hang on a minute we were still doom and gloom because we have just become a flipping miserable moaning self entitled fan base for some reason.
  5. Very poor today for some reason but was very good on his debut so lets hope he can get back to that level asap
  6. I hope the bell ends abusing the players do what they normally do next time were at Elland Road and don't bother going. Its flipping embarrassing Supporters my arse were 6th in the league ffs and fans now are personally abusing players calling them C**nts/D**kheads etc well done lads hope you feel big and clever plus no doubt you would be that big a fanny that you wouldn't take up Westwood on his invite anyway. I reckon I actually enjoyed it more when we were bobbar and these nob heads for whatever reason weren't there at Colchester/Bournemouth etc midweek.
  7. Nobody suggesting Bruce this week
  8. Don't blame him with some of the embarrassing bell ends in our fan base who think its ok to abuse players via Twitter/Facebook etc.
  9. In fairness those people are either at a stage where there interest in Wednesday has become just that a slight interest or never really had it anyway and might pop up at lane if they get to Prem 1st. I missed a lot of the mid 90's due to lack of cash so massively sympathise with that and I used to hate listening to matches on Radio but when the cash was back and work allowed well other stuff doesn't take priority as there's at least 5 other days a week for that.
  10. Yes I get that as you live miles away so a home games not 2/3 hours its a full day plus like you say travel which adds up. Hopefully you end up renewing as even if you make half the games at least you have a chance of tickets for any big cup or play off away games next season.
  11. Tbh if you can afford 1 and are a Wednesday fan I can't think of any reason at the minute not to buy one.
  12. Has there been many bad posts?
  13. really? Surely you can miss 7/8 games plus you get priority and don't need to have best part of £40 spare on a Saturday.
  14. Also no singing section so fans are spread out all over the place unlike in the early 80's
  15. I don't think its the going well in fairness but the style of play and perceived lack of urgency on the pitch.