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  1. Infact I've been in the central ring at Wembley for cup finals twice and I could have drunkenly thrown myself over the ledge if I fancied it there, Shambles of a stadium nearly a billion spent and you can still throw yourself over the edge if you want to!!!!
  2. So at St James, Villa Park infact any decent size older stadium that could have happened. Why have a dig at the club for no reason???
  3. Of course its possible, Do you even attend games?
  4. Based on a massive overkill of officers for a game that cant be expected to need it maybe so but there's games happen up and down the country which doesn't have officers in the stadium so why would this be any different? If SWFC had to pay even 100 officers for the west stand but could sell 4k tickets at average £10 im sure we would be happy to do that so come on lets call this what it is a big shambles created by SYP and SAG.
  5. Personally id say roger the IRA because they used to blow innocent civilians up on the UK mainland nowt to do with Rangers/Celtic but the fact that they were/are a bunch of flaps.
  6. I've defended SAG/SYP on here before regarding restrictions in North & West Stands but in this scenario nobody can defend them as even with restrictions plus maybe end block of North near Kop being closed then they should have circa 7-7.5k in North then as sold out we should be opening top of West Stand again with restrictions say additional 3k after this due to the exemplary behaviour of there fans at Hillsborough a few years ago we can accommodate another 1.5k in Lower West so that's approx 11k Gers fans at Hillsborough. They cant be any valid reasons for this apart from SYP cant be arsed policing it or SAG treat us different to any other club in the UK. Absolute Shambles
  7. How many boxes do we have?
  8. Personally id re-sign Semedo as 6th choice midfielder which in emergency then with just 1 CB signing allows Hutch to be the 4th option there. That squad would be good enough to challenge at top of the league.
  9. Our style of play will be exactly same as last season that much was obvious Saturday. In fairness small improvements will get us top 2.
  10. bobbar scared Simpleton maybe were just happy provided it's blue & white.
  11. Wildsmith Palmer, O'Grady, Thorniley, Reach Wallace, Murphy, Abdi, Matias Joao, Nuhiu I would imagine then, Be good to see O'Grady in a shirt again also Murphy highly rated.
  12. Sure that end was split in 2 last time we played there opening day.
  13. Personally I don't think Fox will be good enough as seems to have games were he day dreams but hopefully im wrong and this pre-season sorts him out as we definitely need competition for Pudil at LB. Boyd is just competition for Wallace which can only make us stronger 2 quality players competing for 1 position.
  14. Must have done as 3games in a few days we cant just play Lees & Pudil at CB, Expect quite a few youngsters to feature in the middle game.
  15. Away fans shouldn't be in Lep full stop, Easiest stand to get an atmosphere going and we give it away fans.