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  1. The reason Carlos is so desperate for him to come back is because he never found his plan B. Lee was plan A. In the mean time a transfer window came and went.
  2. No not telling
  3. Yeah that's one of the modules. How to stop the boo-ing when it happens. Think it involves a counter boo. Like booing at the boo-ers or summat. Can't se how that would work but they are the experts not me.
  4. How to be a True-fan. Ran by Grandad, Mick the Rawmarsh owl who calls into RS and a few other volunteers from Owlstalk. A lot of people don't know how to be proper fans. They just get brought along one day without having had any formal induction and that's where the problems start. They need educating. A formal qualification would allow them to do such things as post on social media, sit on their hands and cheer politely. That's where Grandad and Mick come in. Nine modules over 3 semesters. The qualification will give you the right to call into RS, buy a season ticket and volunteer your views on here. Enrolment begins the day we fail to qualify for the playoffs cos when that happens it'll be the moaners fault. If they had the True fan diploma we would've got to the final. UTO.
  5. I'm both. I complain when we are shyte and i am very vocal in my support of anything positive on the pitch. However the volume of my support far exceeds the volume of my complaining, which is usually just said to whoever I'm sat next to.
  6. The worst "I told you so-ers" are the one's who come on here and radio Sheffield constantly berating other fans for even so much as muttering under their breath.. They are the ones who will be on here if we do happen to make it, to claim the glory for themselves only. True-fans are truly insufferable.
  7. Spot on.
  8. What parodying you? No surprises you think that.
  9. Oh no I actually want us to lose so I can be proven right. Cos that's all that's important to me. Being right on Owlstalk. I don't want to go to a playoff final and watch us win it. Why the flip would I want that?
  10. No. Just saying it as I see it. The 'desperation for us to fail' is your projection.
  11. For us to get promoted the Premier league this season. We are actually very consistent in the way we play. Very predictable in our approach. The opposites know exactly what they need to do to stifle us and it works. Carvalhal is reluctant to do anything other than what he has been doing all season. Same formation. Same players depending on availability. He failed to recognise the obvious when Lee got injured. He needed to replace the engine room and didn't. With eight games to go I predict the same inconsistency with the odd surprise win that won't be enough to get us into the playoffs. It will take a miracle for us to get promoted under Carlos Carvalhal.
  12. Yes. Bannan should be dropped. One good game in ten is not good enough. McGugan also is a set peice specialist and scores goals.
  13. After Buckley's impressive performance on Friday do you think he should retain his place even if Wallace is back fit? Tough decision.
  14. Agreed. Can't say I've seen this strategy before and it does look bizarre. Not sure what advantage it provides. Surely our defenders are good enough on the ball to pass it out of defense themselves.
  15. I agree and disagree. The team you name as an alternative would just amount to the same system as it's always been.