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  1. Hutton would improve us. Rb has been our weakest position for a few years now. Then again I've always argued for Hutch to play there. Maybe a more orthodox RB but he would be better than all of them.
  2. It's a massive gamble to disregard ffp. I wonder which clubs are doing it? Obviously villa will be one. Maybe Wolves as well.
  3. I was beng ironic. The link said his weak point is tackling!
  4. Ha. Lees is shlt at tackling.
  5. Never known a centre half be a set peice specialist. But we need one, especially as he probably won't play abdi.
  6. That was a great partnership once against Brum , but then when he repeated it a few times, it just didn't click the same.
  7. Gotta say, we seem to waste a lot of money on players who don't get into the first team. Carlos is very reluctant to replace his favourites. Never seen a manager so set on particular players. Hope Hutton isn't just gonna be another one of them
  8. We aren't gonna pay that much for a back up. He will be first choice
  9. Its appalling the disrespect he gets n here. Sadly Palmer has always been harshly judged. I think it is because he first came into the team as a makeshift right back at a time when we were very poor. However he then went on to break the clean sheet record two seasons on a trot in a settled back four. People will always go back to their original prejudices though.
  10. It's obvious we needed more quality from our right fullback in the system we play. All too often the ball came to hunt or Palmer in an advanced position and we didn't capitalise. Hutton will improve us considerably.
  11. Hooper Rhodes
  12. Haha. I think that comparison is overstating it a bit but I agree he has more quality.
  13. Looks bit better than Hunt based on that clip. Makes better use of the ball in the final 3rd. Although I'm not sure why they included him missing an open net from 3 yards in that compilation. :)
  14. Tbh Lee is struggling. I think we might have to wait a while for him. Bit worrying.