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  1. Only one I would have considered keeping was Sasso. But I think next season, Loovens will become the cover and a new first choice will step in.
  2. Ok. Can't say I'm thrilled but I'm not averse to him staying either. Continuity can sometimes be a good thing. He has to revise his approach though. it's become far too conservative.
  3. If I were Chansiri I would be asking Carlos why he refused to play the players Chansiri bought for him. Such a staggering waste of money. If we had bought players to actually strengthen the team we would be up now.
  4. Looks like he is staying then if they are in dialogue.
  5. Was just thinking this. He is like a younger version of Gary Megson. Not sure that is a bad thing if we wanna get promoted but I may regret saying that if he came and we became physical and direct.
  6. No this isn't news it's just to see what people think. He's a 4-4-2 man who knows how to get out of this division. More experienced thank Heckinbottom and his teams are more consistent than Pardew perhaps?
  7. I'm fine with this.
  8. Quite ironic that you have provided a perfect example of how a vocal few on here stifle option. 'arrogant nonsense' is directed at the poster and makes no attempt to address the statement. I'm not here to get into a personal argument. Its a distraction. The truth is that we have blown a golden chance and the possibility might not come again. Gordon Watson was right to be critical.
  9. What for interviewing someone with an opinion who isn't scared to voice it? We've blown a golden chance to get promoted two seasons on the trot. There needs to be an honest appraisal of why that happened. There are a few people on this forum, and maybe you are one, who continually want to stifle opinion. As if openly questioning things somehow makes you anti Wednesday or a bad fan. It's time to wake up. Carlos has refused to move on from last years team. Is that a manager problem or a recruitment problem? Because tens of millions of transfer money sits on the bench while Carlos continues to pick Stuart Gray's team.
  10. It's good to hear someone talk about wednesday without pulling his punches. I agree with much of what he says, although I still feel we had enough to go up even if we haven't recruited well. Our recruitment has been terrible and seems more guided by money grabbing agents than by a clear plan of what we actually needed.
  11. Interesting take on it. Never considered that personal wealth would be a factor. I don't think it would be tbh. Main factors for a manager imo are intelligence, charisma, wisdom, psychological flexibility and fearlessness
  12. The distant past is pretty meaningless and has no bearing on this
  13. What the Heckinbottom bit? I like his attitude and how he comes across. Also great football. My choice in November was Wagner but obviously that ship has sailed.
  14. He's gotta go. The whole transfer policy and the use of those players when they arrived was a farce. We just need a manager who can make simple obvious decisions, and be fearless, knowing he has the best players at his disposal. For me that manager would be Paul Heckinbottom.
  15. Well I was being kind but yeah. He'd still be in the squad though and club captain no doubt.