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  1. No idea it's just clubs thrown around that he could develop and maybe get game time ! Chesterfield in my opinion is not one of those clubs at the moment due to what's happening behind the scenes .....
  2. I didn't say run off anywhere chesterfield is a car crash waiting to happen fans are boycotting the Proact if he goes anywhere it should be a stable club to get game time and develop.... plus a rolling stone gathers no moss and give me a bird in the bush anytime
  3. This ^^^ DA stills pulls the strings and AC is the puppet the club is in turmoil Scunthorpe or Lincoln for me
  4. Joao won't be leaving yet I'm sure he was signed as a 21 year old with raw talent still only 23 he as got one more season to get his head down and show what he can do ! people forget money is not a issue he was brought in as a potential player and I'm sure CC won't give up on him just yet ...
  5. Not a fan of sitting back and inviting teams onto you but it worked today and hopefully we finish them off on Wednesday ...
  6. Two poo footballers who didn't bulk up who played to strengths of what talent they had ! some of you need to get a grip if you think young GH needs to be built like Emile Heskey
  7. Told it as it was Rip Wolf
  8. Nigel worthington very clever player always managed to get past his man or win a throw in , great left foot and great work engine for the team
  9. Looks good does that Trev nice one ....
  10. Fletcher works hard don't be surprised to see Rhodes and hooper plus fletcher rotate in games ..
  11. Looks like Dr tony just started following Jacob Bedeau young lad at Bury nailed on next signing I reckon seeing what's happened over last week or so ......
  12. Worked out the formula this blokes using now it says we 9pts behind the massive ......
  13. So why haven't they done the deal yet 12m sorted right ? Villa still have to comply with FFP even with parachute payments and could be still playing in the championship next year clocks ticking .
  14. Villa would be mad using Grealish in the transfer for Rhodes don't add up ! they offered 6m on the table for Rhodes , Grealish was supposed to be a 20m super kid , why not pay the extra 4m? also villa fans would be up in arms with that deal I'm sure , looks to me Middlesbrough are sitting on this until the last day nobody's going to pay the 12m that's for sure ......