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  1. for that kind of money it should be a free bar/food deal from 12-6, least then youd get a bit of monies worth
  2. 20m or no deal, 20m because thats how much we'd need to spend to replace him with a keeper of equal ability
  3. got a link to the mental breakdown video?
  4. CC

    Just CC'd CC in this
  5. Hurry up!
  6. good keep him under the radar
  7. need defenders and full backs
  8. TrueFan Boast Post
  9. awww diddums
  10. Prob realised no point pushing it and maybe getting injured for no reward
  11. that header alone was worth the award
  12. Hooper all day
  13. Turner ......
  14. To be fair we said that last season, and at the start of this season on paper this was supposed to be the hardest championship in a long long time. We've not been great all season and we're still there. I think we might just do it this season, and have one of them weird seasons where you dont feel like theyve played well but achieved a lot.
  15. Wallace or Westwood