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  1. I must admit, I've just spotted that too. Surely Dem Blavdes aren't going to be making an appearance on this chart
  2. worries. I was wondering why you had -1 that post. I don't tend to get many negs because a small section of OT take pity on me, and lets just say the others who give me +1s benefit in a fiscal way. It keeps me safe in my deteached reality were I beleive people actually like me. This is according to my Psychologist of course, who will remain locked and bound in my cellar until such times as she starts concentrating more on my issues and stops labelling me a narcissist.
  3. You're welcome mate. At least it was gratefully received by you. For some reason @Pulcinella decided to neg me
  4. Seems so. First half more dominant, second half they came in to it more. Not seen the game, just watched a betting feed of the action area etc.
  5. Tempo Total Portimonense 0 - 1 O Enorme
  6. Tramps have it bad enough already without being compared to Wilder.
  7. 24C at the moment, so it's not bad.
  8. Yeah the top is but I wondering about the black shorts combo?
  9. Maybe new away kit? Not sure tbh.
  10. Reach's goal is a screeeeeamer..... Sheffield Wednesday‏Verified account @swfc 4m4 minutes ago What a goal this was earlier in the night from Reach! #swfcLIVE
  11. ...Shagged that Danni Baer like....
  12. Statisticos de meio tempo de kicki-ballio
  13. I'm not sure. Your other half put it on. What time you coming round btw?