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  1. Sorry, first time here and didn't quite realise the format. In any order, name the largest grounds (capacity) in National Football leagues (National League and North and South). I'm basing the answers on info from one source only. 1. Bower Fold (Stalybridge Celtic, cap. 6500).
  2. I didn't Lord Snooty's post for some reason. Okay, name the 12 largest grounds (capacity) in National Football leagues (National League and North and South). I have the answers.
  3. 12. How the Grinch Stole Christmas
  4. It's so hard to say. I think if they could have used the goal technology to review, I bet the whole of the ball hadn't crossed the whole of the line, but I was certainly close. Well done to Hooper for not giving it up.
  5. It seems what I am doing has already been decided: rescuing my bro from the Thames. I was going to go to the Tate Modern, National History Museum and then off to score some crack in Soho before taking in an opera. Looks like the Tate's out then!
  6. I will pick and choose which matches to watch first, but always Wednesday last. This Saturday, I started with (snigger) L**ds, then Reading and then still unbeaten Udders vs Fulham. Then Wednesday, then L**ds again (chortle), then Wednesday twice more. I'm going to watch Leeds again now I think, just for the laugh
  7. "That team over there....apparantly they are coming for us"
  8. Good God, there are some moaners on here. Last season C5 waxed lyrical about us, this season they aren't because we aren't the "new" thing anymore. Who bloody cares. Our players are getting all the recognition they need from us fans. They don't need to be told they are (currently) 4th in the league and playing well by a TV programme. All they need is CC telling them they are doing well or not. If you want to watch the goals, just go to Sky Sports online and watch them there. They are normally on by the time I get home from our home games and you can make your own commentary up if you like.
  9. Football comes second to this @Key, so all the very best mate. I hope the operation is a complete success and good luck with your recovery. See you at Wembley. UTO. UTNGH.
  10. It's just turned 7am and I have already learned something new today. Why don't they teach you this sh!t at school or on MOTD? Is @pauli Google's main database, and if so, how do you access him directly? Great post and as always made me laugh. Great start to the day, so thanks. Never an easy game in this league, but Derby will be more open with their play and there will be more space to exploit. UTO
  11. Hooper is more important than you obviously realise. His link up play is exceptional, and that might be three of four passes from a shot or goal so he doesn't get credited for an assist. Him and Kieran Lee have been greatly missed this season and I would guess we have lost probably 6-8 points due to their injuries. That's how important these two players are.
  12. I don't really go for the "they have nothing to play for" stance. At the end of the day, they are professional footballers and they should be going out to win. If they don't, they want bollocking. It's what they are paid to do. I think we will win regardless. Not only are we due one, we have a far better starting 11 and squad than they do. Teams like Derby don't concern me any more, more annoy me if we don't win because we should be beating these teams all day long. That said, this is the Championship. The most exiting and unpredictable league in the world. It wouldn't surprise me much if both Udders and Fulham lost on Saturday!
  13. There used to be a website, that was named after the sound of the ball being hit by Sheridan, Sealey's glove and the post. the last part was dink, I think (so it was, but I can't remember the rest. Does anyone else remember this?
  14. Uto

    I'll concede on that point and I am actually off to bed. Night all. Sleep well. UTO.