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  1. And therein may be part of the "problem" - if a problem even exists; Carlos has never been given as much time as this, to see out his strategies. This raises a question. Does he have the knowledge and experience of being able to resolve problems along the way, seeing as he has never had a chance to before?
  2. Like most, I like Carlos. When he was appointed he was almost the polar opposite of the kind of manager we've had over the previous 10 years or so and we all instantly warmed to him and his enthusiastic dialogue. We bought/loaned players that we could only dream of having a few years previously and last season was a joy. It was fresh, new and certainly well overdue. We played some wonderful football. This season is, as well all know, completely different in terms of quality. However, we are actually doing slightly better in terms of the number of points gained per game (not sure if that is still the case after the Brentford/L**ds games) so is Carlos out of his depth? With reagrds to performances, is it that we have to work harder than last season to earn the points and can't be as expressive? I talk with my Dad a lot about football. A question he has asked me on a few occasions, when discussing our manager (at the time) is "do you see him being your manager in the PL?". Stuart Gray? No. Megson? No. Carlos? Yes, I actually do. However, ultimately it is not our call but that of our Chairman. DC has given Carlos a huge war chest and there is no escaping the fact that he simply has to deliver. If not, we all know what will happen. For now though, we must support our team through the last 12 league games.
  3. Manchublin I think.
  4. And the catch of the week goes to @acquiescefc.
  5. Notts Forest though.
  6. Yeah well, I wasn't thinking about on here as, let's face it, it's a parallel universe most of the time!
  7. Don't get me wrong the football on show at the moment is far from being the best but we are winning and surely results come over performance?
  8. Most of the fans aren't even coping now and we are 6th, picking up 33 points out of the last 15 games, so God only knows what they will be like if we get to the PL and no doubt struggle. I think people need to wake up and smell the coffee to be honest and remember where we have come from, rather than moaning we aren't playing killer balls and scrapping for points rather than playing sh!t and winning most of our games.
  9. I agree with almost everything that you saying, but how many of the three points on offer did we get last night? That's right, all three so what exactly is the problem? Did we beat Wigan, Barsnley, Rotherham and Preston playing like a team who had just been introduced to the wonderful game of football that day? Yes we did. We went out, got the maximum points on offer, and won each of the games which is the best a team can do. I am not in the slightest bit interested in what the opposition managers are saying. "We should have won", "the better team", "we were unlucky". Sorry - poor excuses trying to placate the fact that we seem to gift possession to the opposition but they could do fück-all² about breaking us down. Blackburns goal last night was a total fluke, prior to that this year we have conceded 5 goals in the league. So again, what exactly is the problem? If we get promoted this season, would you be complaining about the football played last night? No you wouldn't, because you would then truly understand that this is a results based business. Yes it is meant to be entertaining and for about 13 matches (since Preston) it has been anything but the "beautiful game" but we have won 8 matches, drawn 3 and lost just 2, taking 27 points out of a maximum of 39, an average of just over 2 points per game, which on history is enough for automatic promotion (assuming this is achieved over the whole season and not just 13 games). So yet again I ask, what exactly is the problem? Have you invested your money in the players? Nope, so don't worry about how much money our Chairman has spunked out on players. If you don't like other managers comments, don't read them. I couldn't give a damn about what they say as I am only bothered about Wednesday and not about getting plaudits from other managers. Do I like watching poo? No and last night and for several other matches that is how we have performed, but without sounding like a stuck record what is the purpose of the game? To win: beautifully, ugly, or however you can. I want to see the football we played last year too but for some reason it isn't happening. What is still happening though is that we are getting plenty of results and have done this over a significant number of games, so this isn't some fluke on our part. My final question is a simple one. Which one of these two things do you want the most? Entertaining football or promotion? I'm not having a go at you personally more trying to make a point that while we all want to see us dominate more and play better, if we get promoted these games will be forgotten and very quickly.
  10. OMG! He is French isn't he?
  11. I mentioned after the Wigan game that I thought he had played well, despite no doubt being rusty. In my opinion, we are the creators of our own problems at times, and that was certainly the case against Brum but again I thought Sasso was solid and put in a good performance. Tonight, two good goals (great finish for the first, and that wasn't an easy volley to hit) and the only blot - as a defensive unit - is that we conceded a goal. Three games. Two clean sheet and two goals. You can't really ask much more from a central defender than that. Tome um arco, filho.
  12. It there any way you can take your message on to the Kop, to stop the moaning w@nkers on there? Jesus....I swear the vast majority have no clue what "points based business" actually means. I am pretty certain these moaners would be happy playing like Barca, and losing.
  13. I had read that twice to make sure that is what my eyes had seen. Thankfully my coffee cup is empty (never for long in my house) so it didn't get sprayed across my monitors, which would have meant more expense for @pauli, who by my estimation owes me for 17 new monitors already, due to his hillarious OMT. As per pauli, awesome thread and some great inside knowledge from Blackburn Council. I might have a reason for going back next season, as I won't be going for the football!
  14. Completey agree. I feel we have also lost a small part of our indentity now. I don't think either camp make a big song and dance about it now, as supporting the team is most important, but I would just prefer to support them wearing blue and white stripes.
  15. The only mathematical impossibility, and you found it rkid.