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  1. I'm watching the match. I hope it's a good game.
  2. They don't list their number for Mountain View, CA, but their New York office number is +1 212-565-0000. The real all seeing eye.
  3. I don't know if anyone thinks we are going up, but I guess a lot would believe we can. Big difference. You mentioned Derby, Birmingham and Forest. Derby are quickly becoming a top 10 team, not top 6 anymore. Without heavy investment, again, I doubt they will be challenging. Birmingham - they won't even be close, and nor will Forest. Maybe both top 10, but both too far off at the moment irrespective of what they do pre-season in the transfer market. Sunderland don't concern me, although I do expect Hull and Middlesbrough to make some sort of challenge. Fulahm - depends if they can keep their current players and add to that. Reading, play good football under Stam and have made some good loans, like Huddersfield. If Reading don't get promoted, then they could be up there, but I'm not sure about Huddersfield. They have a lot of loans and a very small budget. All of the above could be complete rubbish of course, only time will tell. What isn't rubbish is that we will be viewed, by players, as serious promotion contenders due to our previous two seasons, more so than the other clubs around us. I believe this will help us attract players over and above the majority of teams, assuming all things are equal. As @Tamworthowl said, CC is a theorist; he disects the game in a modern way which brought about the kind of football we saw in our first season. Last season, things were different, for a number of reasons (tactics, injuries, etc.) yet while the football wasn't as pretty, the results improved. And as we all know, it's a results based business. Another thing that makes me believe we have a much better chance, is that this is year/season 3 and whilst DC's challenge of promotion in 2 years was extremely ambitious and a welcome soundbite to hear, it was, for me, always going to prove to be an very tough ask. 15 seasons of austerity has seen to that. Now though, some of the fruits of DC's early months are probably paying off, the club is more structured and becoming more defined again. This goes all the way through the club, top to bottom and to retain CC as Head Coach means that next season everybody already knows what they should be doing. Continuity, and the right recruitment, is key. The first one has already been achieved.
  4. I was just typing the very same thing when I saw your post. Then I thought "I'll have a quick peek at the code". Nah, it's not either WordPress or Joomla because there are no calls to bootstrap.min.css and both of these platform use bootstrap. As does any developer who knows his salt. So what it looks like they have done, is to create as site that looks like any random sh!t WordPress site, leave out some major code, therefore making the site worse than an out of the box WordPress/Joomla site! That takes some doing lol. On the plus side, it's not as cluttered.
  5. White van. White vaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan.
  6. I am certain I haven't dreamed this up, but there was an old mini (I've just looked up the year and it was 1971), mint condition, that I used to see driving around Chapeltown in the late 80s. It was blue but it was the registration that stuck out. BOL 10 K. Does anyone from the Chapeltown area remember this at all, or is it just me
  7. What about Steve Evans? Could he do a job for us? Okay, I appreciate he is at Mansfield so its not a certainty he would join us but my mate works at Greggs and Steves' people came in and spoke to my mate people whlle buying sausage rolls and pie and pastries and they suggested that Steve might be in line for the job and its been on Eurosport 3 that he might be signing and I was wondering what everybody thought could he do a job for us and do you think he will sign I am not sure he will but my mate reckons he will and works at Greggs.
  8. I've got a white van. Well, it's not mine, but I've seen some around. I can get one. I will get one. Need white van. Must get white vaaaaaaaan.
  9. We often hear, being called on OT, "photo, or it didn't happen". Well @Lord Snooty has gone and proved it did. Well done old Chap. Have a Pimms. So now we all know, can we close down all threads about Pardew please? Cos it's get reeeeeeeeeet fu¢king boring.
  10. Oh wow. Another Pardew thread. I'm so intrigued to see how this thread differs to the others. It's sort of like those "spot the differences" things you did as a kid. He he...this is fun.
  11. And a few other places too. If you get that side of the river there is no telling what will happen. The Douro is wonderful too. And more even Port, hic, can be hash theres too.....hic! I didn't realise how much French influence Porto had. I went there to watch Muse but we spend 5 days in and around the area and I would go back in a heart beat. I even got told my Portuguese was "very good" there, although he refused to put it in writing and didn't give me a badge. Foda-se ele a puta springs to mind.
  12. Spot on. I know fans get over zealous and boisterous at times, and our fans have done the same (Cystal Palace being one of the worst occasions) but the regularity with which Millwall fans are doing it needs to be addressed beyond any punishment. It's the root casuse that needs to be looked at and tackled.
  13. It wasn't the best idea and I thought that after I had posted, but couldn't edit the post. You have a fair point to be honest and I hadn't even considered that element of away fans only. It would be asking for trouble. Ban away travel then for 10 games. Impose a fine, with a the potential of a further fine and points deduction should they do the same again.