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  1. And I totally agree, we have. But let's face it, we don't need to be anywhere near our best to beat any of these 3 teams.
  2. Short answer: yes I would. Long answer: y e s I w o u l d. There is currently a higher possibility, based on the points gap, of us being over taken by a team below us than us breaking in to the top two. Add to that Newcastle's Wonga™ and Brighton's incredible season and form and I doubt in the end these two will be challenged for those top 2 places.
  3. They're still unbeaten though. Bless them.
  4. Nail on the head. I try and understand what motivates someone to be like that and I think it is because they are taking it so personally, like losing their girlfriend to someone else. I think that is how they feel and why they react like they do. It's their own fault though because they think the player is "theirs", not the club, but their very own personal player that should do no wrong.
  5. I agree, it is totally pathetic, but that's how some people roll.
  6. I met Patrick Stewart once. Actually, I didn't. I just saw him in a painting at Huddersfield Uni. True story that. I really don't know how you find all this info out @pauli. Every week my education grows thanks to your amazing OMDT. It's quite simply changed my life.
  7. "A" member. Singular. One person. Barnsley fans are doing this en-masse so yes I will talk about the over reactions from some regarding Winnall. When I say en-masse, I am referring to Barnsley's own set of forum numpties, and not Barnsley fans as a whole. If FF, for instance, left that in anything but amicable circumstances (amicable to the fans that is) our own vitriol-spouting keyboard warriors would be out in force, showing the world how dumb they are. But why get upset in the first place? It's not like we, the fans, own the player and can dictate what he does in his life, so why get your knickers in a twist when a player leaves? You are taking that one quote of mine in isolation from everything else I posted in this thread.
  8. Thanks mate, I appreciate that. I can be level-headed but I still have my moments at times. To be honest though, I would say I was in the majority as not every fan is represented on here and it's always easy to rant and rave anonymously online, so we can sometimes get the feeling our fan base (and other teams fans too) is full of moaners. I think most would be annoyed, but not to the level we have seen from some Tarn fans, who want him to break his legs and catch AIDS.
  9. At this very moment, I am just outside Acadia, surrounded by fog, synths and strange tree-dwelling creatures with luminous tentacles on their head. I call it Elsecar.
  10. We would moan like flip, fans of all clubs would, but I'm saying what's the point? Players come and go; it's part of the game these days, so personally I would shrug my shoulders and move on from it, like the guy who made the caption above has I would imagine.
  11. This is the kind of attitude that I like to see. Make fun of the situation because let's face it, there is bod-all us fans can do about a player leaving. I'm fairly certain it will happen to us again at some point so roll with it, make fun of it and simply move on. Life can be stressful enough without quiming over players who have been a transient commodity since transfers began.
  12. Old git! And don't come back with some sarky quip rkid. Have some respect your elders!
  13. I bought mine from here. PM @OWLSTALK for details.
  14. As always, awesome. Aliens, Industrial revolutions. Tanks, it's got it all.
  15. I'll tell you how most of us have survived - and by the way, I totally agree with your post - by not having to deal with social media garbage, keyboard warriors and people who just moan for the hell of it, in the first 5 years or so (2000 - 2005). That grounded most of us. Nowadays, it's #playgeorgehirst, a YouTube video moaning about something positive or the usual suspects on here, wanting to have their voices heard - again! Everyone is entitled to their opinion - that's what makes OT a great site - but there are so many moaning tw@ts on here that after a loss, I avoid logging in for two days to let the lunatics take over the asylum. There are so many people who just follow the pack, without giving a seconds thought to a counter argument and whether or not there is a better angle. So many linear thinkers who just don't think broader than the information put in front of them. But they are entitled to a voice. And I am entitled to ignore them. And I do.