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  1. Was going to still have the day in London but turns out I can get a refund on my train tickets. Rather have the cash
  2. GK: Westwood RB: Hunt LB: Reach CB: Lee's CB: new player DM: Hutchinson DM: Lee AM: Hooper AML: Forestieri AMR: new player ST: Rhodes
  3. A centre back. A centre midfielder. Two wingers.
  4. Thinking in terms of he's come close twice and DC must have realised that a new manager is exciting and sticking with an existing manager could have backfired.
  5. Risky decision to keep him but now we should be able to crack on with preparing for the new season. One thing for certain is that Carlos needs to change his approach to games. We need to be more attacking and play to our strengths.
  6. Why don't we invest our transfer kitty in research into a time machine, go back and sign Ronaldo (classic) and win the league? Simple innit
  7. 1. Pearson doesn't want to manage us. 2. Jokanovic will view it as a sideways move I reckon but probably the most realistic one on the list. 3. Moyes will walk into a Premiership job despite his recent failings. 4. If Mancini is appointed SWFC manager then I guess I still have a chance with Natalie Portman. 5. Ranieri? Do I need to explain this one?
  8. We need to show more ambition from fans to players. Has to be top two next season.
  9. I never thought I'd see the day we'd turn our collective noses up at Moyes, but I'm inclined to agree we could do better. Manchester United has not done him any favours it seems.
  10. Not trying to be disrespectful to the player but I'd hope we were looking for someone a little better. I doubt he'd be an improvement on what we already have.
  11. Isn't it Braga that CC wants to manage or am I making this up?
  12. Thinking without sentiment I would only keep Wildsmith and Dawson. Shudder to think of the wages wasted on Lachman at al.
  13. The more I'm told how great the game is by the big TV companies, the less I enjoy the sport. I no longer watch live football that doesn't involve Wednesday. Overall football is not as much fun as it used to be. I get what the OP is saying but my main frustration this season is that we underperformed despite finishing 4th in the table.