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  1. Team spirit/chemistry

    Sure fire way to destroy team spirit is to sign lots of players without actually improving the squad. Another way is to rotate players in and out of the starting eleven depending on the alignment of the stars or what you read in tea leaves. I can't think of another reason why our team selection is so baffling at times.
  2. Abdi tonight

    Shouldn't be using our starting eleven to get players fit, even in a cup game. Get him him in the u23 squad until he's done a few consecutive 90 minutes in the position we want him to play in the first eleven. We we shouldn't be f*****g resting players less than one month into the season either FFS. Only reason they should be rested is when carrying an injury. Spend the first quarter of the season with our junk in our hands trying to work out how best to screw. Just play the best team until you have to change it. God damn it it frustrates me following this club sometimes.
  3. Some Fans refuse to admit there is a problem

    I heard something second hand (a friend spoke with a player, and the friend told me). I've no reason to doubt the friend or the player, and from what I was told there is some tension within the squad with a few unhappy people. Before anyone asks I am not going to name the player. Don't know if true or not, but from what we see on the pitch it doesn't surprise me.
  4. The delay in the international clearance

    That is not even in the same bloody planet as what we are talking about. I could explain in rough terms what the problem is but I'm still handing to an expert (the doctor) for a proper analysis. I'm actually speechless at how you can draw such a bizarre comparison.
  5. The delay in the international clearance

    There's a difference between asking your Portuguese team mate to translate a menu in a restaurant and asking them to translate an official business document.
  6. Bolton game....my take

    Another excellent analysis from @Lord Snooty
  7. The only things worse than hysterical reactions to losing, are the hysterical reactions to other opinions.
  8. Pigs out in force on here tonight

    Such binary thinking on this site at times with the whole pig/happy clapper stuff. As soon as that card is played the thread normally sinks.
  9. Sorry but carlos needs to go now!!!!

    One point I agree with is the constant squad rotation being counter productive.
  10. The missing ingredient?

    A good manager. Sorry, Carlos. You're just not doing well enough with the players you've got.
  11. The missing ingredient?

    A good manager. Sorry, Carlos. You're just not doing well enough with the players you've got.
  12. OMDT - BOLTON - V - WEDNESDAY - (League Cup)

    just had a chance to check the score. Embarrassing.
  13. Im here to whinge and im here to stay

    Will we make top six this season? Too early to say. My gut feeling is yes, whether that is with or without Carlos. I think this is the season where DC may pull the trigger if we don't look like competing. Reach is underrated. He works hard and shows flashes of quality. He's a steady player and one who I suspect is affected by confidence. Word for word how I would describe Jones as well. Hunt is a good and solid player and so is Pudil. I will concede the point that our full back positions are probably our weakest though. Every one of our four primary strikers could tear this division a new a**hole. Winnall, Rhodes, Hooper and Fletcher are all top players in this division and would walk into many starting 11's. We don't need an anchor in midfield. It's been clear as day since Hull that we need an athletic box-to-box midfielder. I agree we need a top centre back to partner Lees. Formation doesn't matter (to a degree). Philosophy and strategy does, in my opinion.
  14. How to get the best out of Rhodes

    I sometimes think the experts overcomplicate football. A player like Rhodes needs two things; to be selected and decent service. I don't think the formation matters for a goalscorer like Rhodes, and yes he is a goalscorer despite his record here. Personally, I'd go for a 4-3-3 with Hooper sitting deep behind Fletcher and Rhodes.
  15. Rhodes to L**ds??

    Not going to happen. Just journalists seeing that Leeds have money, need a striker and that Rhodes isn't playing.