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  1. Wouldn't want him anywhere near this club.
  2. Just say that 3rd place need to have one point less... or is it one less point..?
  3. O'Neill shouldn't be saying that whilst he is managing the national side.
  4. I'm convinced players will move on this summer as per my post in the transfer budget thread. Wouldn't be surprised if we raise at least £10-15m through selling Bannan and possibly Forestieri and maybe another player. Just a gut feeling and I've nothing to base this on.
  5. I find it difficult to argue with a lot of what you post. I just don't think Joao has the ability or desire/determination for a full season in the Championship. Over the course of a full season, I think Joao is ahead of only Big Dave in terms of what they can offer. I want Joao to succeed because I've seen flashes of his ability. I just think he's been given enough chances now, and he's simply not taken them. On the subject of Rhodes, I think this coming season, with a full pre-season with us under his belt, will let us see him on top form.
  6. If we had the Kop without pillars and could get it full every game I reckon Hillsborough would become much more difficult for the opposition to come to. I'd also be more likely to sit on the Kop
  7. You make a very valid point about needing players and system to compliment each other. However, Rhodes has proven goalscoring records at several clubs each with different players, tactics, styles and managers. Joao does not have that same record. In fact, based on each of their last thirty appearances for us (if Rhodes even has that) Rhodes has more goals in this system he apparently doesn't fit into. Not to mention we score more goals as a team when Rhodes plays. If we play Rhodes regularly next season, and we play with two fast wingers, I am convinced that Rhodes will score for fun. In fact I'll even put a friendly wager on it. If Rhodes starts twenty games for us next season, he will score 15 plus goals.
  8. We're not in a position where we should, or have to, take gambles on players. Joao hasn't worked out. We move on. If we try him again, then someone else loses out. Does anyone seriously believe that Joao should start ahead of Hooper, Fletcher, Forestieri, Rhodes or Winnall? If so, please back up your argument with evidence.
  9. 4-4-2 with two fast wingers who can cross and we'll get promoted.
  10. Isn't he supposed to be on £80,000 a week? Sure I read that somewhere recently. If so, could you see us paying that or something similar?
  11. He is no where near good enough for a top Championship club. Not even close.
  12. I reckon we will have more than that. Personally expect about £20m. Think we will move players on that will free up wages and I also think we may see at least one significant sale which will go back into the kitty. Not to mention extra sponsorship and increased season ticket income.
  13. Don't know anything about him. Keep hearing mixed opinions but we heard the same about Lees before he signed. Might just have to trust the club's judgment on this one.
  14. No because we'd end up with his Dad on the sidelines waving some paper saying "shoot more"...
  15. How do you know this is what is happening?