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  1. I was there - Norwich v Man City. We thought WTF is going on ..... then it all became clear with Delia slurring her 'Rs' Waits for double entendre jibes
  2. Not watching - can't - too stressful. Will be in my garage with no mobile or radio reception until the game is over. Plenty of nails to hammer into a plank of wood - for no other purpose than to offer a distraction Aaaargh! Fast forward to Wednesday night and a comfortable 3 goal lead .....
  3. This is what we'll sing Party Wednesday - Party Wednesday Make mine a large gin Actually I would prefer a few too many ales in the Barack Tavern, but its difficult to rhyme with
  4. Up, animals fed, straw straightened, wellingtons polished, mucked out, shower later (no need to be too clean when going South of the border to visit our 6-fingered cousins). Life in Suburbia of Norfolk is odd ! UTO - got my tickets - nearly home game for me
  5. Happy all round. Thank you to Owlstalk for making this possible
  6. Yes - some of my closest friends are 6 fingered and I have been with them to watch Norwich v Ipswich at Portman Rd. Not a pleasant experience - it'll be a much better experience this Saturday because the Ipswich fans are generally good natured. Get to Mannings pub in the Cornhill for a drink before (and after) the match, good beer and a warm welcome last time we played them
  7. The tickets have gone but I'm no snitch so wont say where (nod to earlier OP re snitching)
  8. - thanks. Let's get the job done on Saturday against Ipswich UTO
  9. Hi DewsburyOwl58 In view of the earlier warning concerning transgressing the rules on handling tickets, I feel I need to keep my head down and say no more. If we lived in the US I would be enacting the 5th amendment?
  10. Dear Officer Costello We're all one big family so I am glad you don't mind me helping someone in the WAWAW family out. If I have transgressed some rule then I apologise - I hope this situation doesn't bring society to its knees. I blame it on the internet
  11. RomfordOwl!! Are you at Ipswich this weekend? See the Personal Message at the top of the Owlstalk page if you want to talk via this Regsrds Rick
  12. They are - I will PM you to discuss. Glad to be of assistance UTO
  13. There must be history here, let it go
  14. Ouch! Just seen the break - and I am certain that it must hurt like hell
  15. I thought it was Penistone?