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  1. wouldn't argue to much against that though brighton would get my vote over wolves
  2. a long throw is a good option to have wonder why it's took them best part of 2 seasons to find out pudil's got one .
  3. big jack, wilko,and fat ron are the standouts for me ,,,carlos is in the level below along with megson and sturrock .,,,,,,,,with the resources he's had i'd expect him to get us where we are and fair play to him he hasn't disappointed .
  4. how good is it that we have someone like winnall as 4th-5th choice striker ......tough on him that he cant get a game at present but he must have known that when he signed he was going to be up against some pretty stiff competition for a place .
  5. he's a good manager -coach no doubt about that and don't think there ever as been .....we all know the problem is how he as set up the side this season ,some are happy just to win games and some want to do it with some style . ......I can understand the stylists point of view if not agree with it .take yesterday we were on a roll after the 1st goal and the second looked inevitable which duly arrived , I would have liked for us to go for the 3rd goal to kill the game but knew that he'd bring on semedo to close the door on them worked so he was right and everyones happy but he was only 1 world class save away from getting slaughtered by the usual critics ....fine lines spring to mind .he's a cautious manager not so much in the park the bus way coz I do believe he goes out to win every game but once in front he seems happy to sit on it rather than go for the kill .
  6. not really bothered who we go with ,have confidence in them all .......
  7. that 62 one is probably my favourite and yet I hate this seasons .....
  8. was called the " change kit" back in the day and only worn in a colour clash but if they market it as the" away kit" then I suppose they have to wear it whatever ...
  9. if gayle played for Bristol and Abraham for toon I suspect tammy would be in the team opposites players ive seen this season are Bentley , al habsi, shelvey and for us I wouldn't swap westwood for any keeper in this division and if there's a better defensive midfielder than hutch then I havnt seen him
  10. we've always been royal blue but this seasons is certainly a darker shade of blue but don't think there's such a colour as royal navy blue ........
  11. Antonio bobby ferguson .....sticks out in my mind as the worst I remember
  12. " royal navy blue "?.........
  13. he probably got a raw deal but his last season wasn't good with unrest from certain players,the break up of an aging side replacing them with some questionable signings.....i'm not sure it was the minority who wanted him gone as I don't recall much fuss being made when they got rid .