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  1. whats it matter if the players love us or hate us all I want from them is to try there best and win games .
  2. I think you did that was an exciting team .
  3. the side of 89 was terrible at the start of the season it only scored 2 goals in the first 10 games ...yes it picked up when Sheridan ,nilsson & king arrived but we still got relegated that we scored just 35 goals in 38 games and conceded 51 suggests it didn't click very often ..........
  4. lopez was ok but I've never thought that he'd be the answer to improving our midfield this season .....I don't see how'd he fit into how we set up for a start , I don't think he could play the hutch role between the 2 centre backs ,playing an attacking role wasn't his forte , I cant remember him scoring many (if any).in fact the only thing I really recall of him was that he seemed to get subbed a lot .
  5. that's not how I remember it ....the crowds tumbled 7k in the 3 years he was there ,I can only go what I read in various books written over the years about the unrest he caused among the players but have no reason to doubt it when written by authors of the standing of Farnsworth , Brodie &Dickinson ......I think your right that his problem was he followed catterick who ruled with a rod of iron ,Buckingham would roll up in his sports car while the players where training find a quiet corner get his wedge out the boot and practice his chipping .they didn't it seems have any respect for him or he for them as was proved by a story told by keith ellis in one of the books that came out in the 90s .it was no surprise when the board got shot of him and I don't recall there being much protest by the fans ....there was a thread about him on facebook a few weeks back and he got slaughtered by a couple of Fulham fans for his time there after he left us saying he spent more time with his actor friends than he did at the club .......he may well have been a few years ahead of his time with his views on how the game should be played but Barcelona and Amsterdam where probably more suited to it than Sheffield.
  6. if we are going on goals scored perhaps we should play sasso up front coz he's scored more than both of them for us . ....what winnall he did at Barnsley means nothing it's what he does here that counts and so far he's been less than impressive .....
  7. I go to games and i'd go for Rhodes over winnall on what we've seen so far .......granted Rhodes hasn't done much so far but he's done more than winnall .the manager has to back himself that he's made the right decision in spending the money we have paid for Rhodes and sacking him off after just 6 games would be stupid in the extreme .what as winnall done that warrants him getting picked ahead of Rhodes ....if winnall is the man why wasn't it him instead of fletcher that came on at leeds ..
  8. he wasn't popular with anyone the players ,fans ,or the board who sacked him despite 3 seasons finishing 6th ....he'd be classed as a legend if he did it these days.
  9. I just don't see him changing i'd guess,he'll think we were unlucky to lose both games and how he's set us up as us 5 points clear so he'll probably think why change .while he'll want to win on Saturday a draw wouldn't be the end of the world as it keeps Norwich at arms length with burton to come I say i'm only guessing but if I had to put money on how he sets up i'd be putting it on the usual bore em to death style ,
  10. maybe but it doesn't alter the fact he wasn't popular ....
  11. I think he needs a big target man next to him to be at his best .....just not dave though
  12. don't think it matters to much which 11 turn out if we persist with the same style of play . if we are going to go for it i'd go westwood hunt hutch lees (loovens) reach Wallace and tell him to stay on the wing abdi bannan FF hooper (fletcher) Rhodes but I don't think for one second that carlos will change his current philosophy and will be happy to grind out 3 points as per .
  13. he wasn't popular .and I think his head coach Gordon clark ( think that's his name) was supposedly the brains of the outfit .
  14. if he makes the play off's i'd be happy for carlos to be here next season ......if he misses out then I think it would be best if he went .if I had to pick one to replace him who's available I wouldn't be averse to alan Pardew , bit of a flash git but knows whats needed to get out of this division also experienced enough in handling big time players .....rowatts decent but he as no track record of success in this league .the pressure of keeping brum afloat in the top half of the championship would be nothing compared to what he'd be expected to achieve here.
  15. having thought about it ....I don't like it havnt got any full backs ,you havnt got a ball winner in mid field ,and if we have palmer protecting the back 3 then I think we'd be in big trouble .....what makes you think it would work ?