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  1. you've answered your own question ... you think he's a good manager and it seems chansiri agrees with you which you'd think is why he got a new contract .
  2. " yawnsville"football works hudders have proved that .us, reading and hudders the 3 most well drilled sides in the boring way of playing football at this level ... .hudders went up with a negative goal difference but I doubt there fans are too bothered about that's not pretty but it's worked for them and if two penalties had gone for us it would probably have worked for us and carlos would be revered but they didn't so he's a clown .....fine lines
  3. I cant answer that but we have loaned out two this season so the club arnt averse to sending out young players .......
  4. bit part player at Valladolid in the Spanish 2nd division this season .....only 24 starts and been subbed 7 times .,14 times on the bench and only brought on 5 times .....have seen a lot of that division and it's certainly not as strong as the championship so maybe his best days are behind him .
  5. .we do loan out young players wildsmith ,dawson , clare ,penney have all been out on loan .... maybe no one wanted stobbs .
  6. they may not be miles in front of westwood but they are established 1st choices at there clubs so its hard to see him going there and starting as number one ......if he couldn't replace mannone at sunderland or Randolph in the irish team then I think you are probably looking thru biased blue with pinstriped eyes .
  7. sure but that's mainly because clubs don't have the strength in depth we have cant put young players in just because they won there age group as a collective they have to be good enough individually and ours obviously arnt at present .penney seems the flavour of the month and yet he went to Bradford and couldn't get a run in there side which tells you he aint ready .............i'd question that carlos is too careful as well , he was happy to play young lads in wildsmith and dawson in the most crucial position of all .
  8. every player as a price .....
  9. i'm sure he's capable of playing in the prem but would he replace butland at stoke ,foster at west brom ,Randolph at west ham ,heaton at burnley ,I don't think so ........while I prefer him to stockdale and al habsi one got voted keeper of the year in the championship and the other is as legendary status at his club so it's hard to see him going there and being number one from the off ...............anyway it's all immaterial coz he's contracted to us and i'd be amazed if chansiri sold him .
  10. probably but those would be the 4 clubs where I thinks it's a possibility .....
  11. bike ride then watch the cricket ,football season finished for me on the 17th
  12. think that's a bit of wishful thinking that he'd command a place in over half the teams in the prem .......bornmuff, palace , Watford possibly everton i'm struggling after that .
  13. robin hood was the greatest archer of his day but with without any arrows he was just another bloke in a green suit........
  14. he must have summat coz so many seem to want him signed ....I personally think he just north of useless and could see him going the same way as the some other" big beast" of centre backs we've had who have been less than popular with the faithful .
  15. it's easy to say that but reality is a different thing ....think we all thought abdi , Rhodes and macca would be shoo in's for a regular spot but none for whatever reason could nail down a place in the starting 11 .there's no doubt that all 3 are good players at this level and if we were to sign 3 more of similar quality i'm sure we'd all be fairly happy but you still have to fit them into a system where you can get the best out of them something we didn't do with the 3 I mentioned .