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  1. so carlos would have to change the tactics then ....why would he want to do that just to accommodate abdi when the results are so good at the moment ....I don't think changing how we play just so we can get him in the side is the way to go .maybe abdi could play the bannan role of playing really deep but whether he can play it better as to be debatable .the old saying of "if it aint broke don't fix it "springs to mind .
  2. how do you get him in the side without a radical change of tactics ?...
  3. not much between Wednesday and leeds but a massive gulf between the cities of Sheffield and leeds when it comes to the number of football supporters........
  4. we said that about abdi ......CH seems a good player for the way Barnsley play but that doesn't guarantee that he will be for us ...think it will need a change of tactics to get him playing like he does for tarn and carlos does seem to like how we set up at the moment .
  5. no chance .....
  6. steady player Wallace whos an asset to the squad that's why carlos keeps picking him ....he's seen off all his rivals for the right wing slot and have no doubt he'll see mcmanaman off as well ..
  7. that may be difficult unless we sign someone from Newport or Accrington .....
  8. trouble is that you need more than skill and ability to be a quality player .....everywhere he's been he falls out of favour with the management and fans .
  9. 2 good posters falling out about a snickers and coke ...only on owlstalk ....wawaw
  10. it should work but it never will ....i'm in the grandstand the least populated part of the ground (apart from the away end when we play rovrum)and getting a beer or food at half time is nigh on impossible and that's in the most modern part of the stadium .
  11. i'm crying with laughter here at the thought of sending a 20 quid note along 15 people I don't know to a bloke at the end of the row who going to give a very small bloke my money for a snickers and coke collect my change and send it back down the line to me ......i'd be lucky to get wrapper back
  12. so how does it work ? coz I just cant see how it can without total mayhem
  13. ive done this before mate the venders in the gangway and the bloke in seat 15 on row j wants a snickers and coke ...what happens next , does he make the 14 in the seats between his seat and the gangway get up as he walks to get his tucker and then makes them get back up as he walks back to his seat to scoff it ......he wouldn't be popular as neither would the bloke 2 seats to the left of him who thinks I fancy some of that and makes every bugger stand up again . .
  14. i'd like to know what system we play , I go every home game and havnt really got a clue due to how fluid it seems to be .....some games hunt and pudil push right up ,loovens and lees seem to split with hutch in the middle of them and bannan just in front of hutch ....Wallace comes inside ,forestieri roams across the park from about 30 yards out ,reach spends more time covering pudil ,fletch is the target man and the bloke who receives most passes is westwood .
  15. hows that work ? they walk up and down the gangways ?