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  1. thats how i see it , we lost sasso he's the one who needs replacing , it wont be easy though to attract someone as good who will spend most of the time watching from the stands .
  2. you'd hope we'd sign better players than we already have but if they are none available within our budget then it must be better to go with what we have ........a new centre back seems to be most popular choice but to sign someone better than the 3 we have is obviously a problem for the club .i'm not clued up on who's available but some of the names mentioned on here don't seem to me to be any better than what we have .....
  3. if fit then hutch as to play , i'd play him at centre back and have lee & bannan as the midfield 2 .....if hutch doesn't play centre back then it would be hutch & bannan.
  4. if these are behind closed doors training-practice matches then it's understandable if the club don't comment on them .....whats the point of keeping the public out if they are going to tell all and sundry what happened, what the team was ,who the trialists were (if any played)..........
  5. we have a board of directors ?
  6. I think of all our squad he is the least skillful , his ball control is shocking ,he isn't strong in the air ,he has no physical presence ,his scoring record is poor .....he has pace but that alone isn't enough to warrant a place in the squad .
  7. some seem to think that most skillful equates to best player ......
  8. waddle , tommy craig, mccalliog ,di canio......though if I was picking the best midfield 4 that ive seen palmer would be in for mccalliog .
  9. hutch only one close to him is westwood ........
  10. Wallace for me .....think I've only seen boyd twice so no real idea how good he is .
  11. westwood hunt lees hutch reach wallace lee bannan FF Rhodes hooper
  12. seems to be the best 100m runners are big powerful blokes usually non white so i'd go for .......atkinson , Antonio, JJ,helan .
  13. the club should make the Brentford game on the 12th sept the anniversary match ..... get some historical stuff on the big telly ,parade of old players before the start,special matchday programme pyrotechnics at the start or end of the game ...price it right and they'd sell out .
  14. i'm sure he was happy to sign the contract he has and if he keeps performing well he'll get another so it's up to him to deliver ....seems pretty fair to me .
  15. dont know how some fans would have coped back in the 60's when the club only signed 3 players in the 3 years vic Buckingham was in charge ,we had a good side back then and it wasn't easy to get better in which is pretty much the case at present .....while you always want better it's not cast in in stone that you have to buy 4 or 5 new players every window .