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  1. With any luck we will never have to find out
  2. Can't disagree with any of that hopefully that's how it plays out.
  3. Who knows maybe we were covering bases in case of the need for a winger if the Boyd deal fell through? I do think that maybe Carlos and Fernando have had a bit of a clear the air on what his best position is at the club. He didn't always look the happiest out on the left but in that interview Carlos suggests that FF is now happy to play out there or indeed anywhere as long as he's playing. Maybe FF has realised his game time would be limited if he insisted on playing up front with the players we've already got in that position?
  4. A fully fit and flying Fernando is better than anyone we could realistically afford so I can understand Carlos focusing on other areas. If the season starts and it looks like neither Reach, FF or Matias are up to it then we have until the end of August to bring another winger in ie. Snodgrass.
  5. Aden Flint.....what do I win?
  6. You do realise MK Dons didn't get promoted with the pigs right?
  7. He'd fit right in with some of our fans
  8. FF

    Theres always one isn't there, right pitch forks away lads.
  9. Agree, a quality centre back is much needed then it's a decision on where Hutch plays, if it's centre half then a central midfielder or vice versa. Our squad is huge and the quality is already there it's just the selection and tactics that need tweaking.
  10. It was said in jest my friend
  11. Yesssssssss guessing it wasn't a penalty
  12. No Hutchinson and loovens either
  13. It's about getting the right ones a quality centre back (ideally left sided), some pace down the flanks and an upgrade at right back if that's what Carlos wants (not Hutton!!!) is all that's needed in my opinion.