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  1. I agree with the sentiment though it's difficult to sign players as definite first team starters. Each team should be selected to suit opposition and form.
  2. Welcome and good luck. Will do us all good if he becomes a world beater.
  3. I think a lot of us are hoping that the hunt will still be on. Happy for Sasso to be offered another contract and I guess he will be in the same role as the season just finished. He's done the job when called on but, as many have said I'd like to see us bring in another starting contender. Or do we move Hutch back to the centre half pool and get in a new midfield beast?
  4. Hang on. I'm confused. Are we signing Jota or his girlfriend?
  5. lee

    I love Lee. Fantastic player but this above is very much correct. Let's at least try to treat each other with respect. Apart from the nobbers obviously.
  6. Sorry to hear this @j17tjp sometimes we all need some perspective. I hope your lad is feeling better soon.
  7. I think the key thing for me is that we have made play offs twice which says volumes. Compare it with what was said and then what was delivered for the previous 15+ years (even under MM who I will always be thankful to for saving the club from admin or worse). Nobody expects whoever is running a club to say we're rubbish and have no money (even if it's true) but, the difference here is that the club has clearly advanced in the correct direction and we are in a better position than we have been since relegation (possibly even better than) from the Prem. I'll not get too suicidal just yet. I feel hollow about not beating Huddersfield to make a very winnable final, and confused by our tactics and lack of energy in the last third of the Hillsborough match but, that's life. If we strengthen again this off season, we should be expecting to compete at the top again. However, there are no guarantees in life. I can't ask Chansiri for more than his best effort, and from where I'm sitting he's given us that. Top owner for the club. also Hi Jon Adam.
  8. ...lovely club...
  9. Indeed. He is a good owner.
  10. Ok. Looking on the bright side. We missed two penalties but none of our attempts were launched into low earth orbit.
  11. I just take the clinically insane as read when we support Wednesday. Saves time.
  12. Did somebody say homoerotic?...
  13. It's all good mate. The novelty will wear off eventually.
  14. I wouldn't be selling him right now either. I don't think he's an issue.
  15. You're not entirely happy are you Marc? I'm sensitive to these things and I can feel it in your aura.