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  1. When @gurujuan is telling you to relax, you should probably seek help. I pretty much agree with all you said btw guru. And I pretty much agree with this too. It's not often I've agreed so much with you on footballing matters but think you're right here. Having said that I'm not expecting replacements/new players in all those areas. Like @canadianowl said I think Fox could come good and Hunt had a decent finish last season. All of that aside, there are no guarantees in life (apart from none of us is getting out alive). And on that happy thought I'll leave it for now. Let's see where we are on the first league game of the season.
  2. Awesome! I learned how to paste directly from twitter.
  3. Yes, yes. I think you're getting it now.
  4. Beverly Hills.
  5. Hiya mate. All good here.
  6. The same thought went through my head. The signing of Boyd (though the proof will be in the eating) already beats several transfer windows of the last decade and a half. I'm more interested in the quality than the quantity right now.
  7. ey up! Have I missed owt? ..apart from Geoffrey...
  8. @The Coorong Owl @trumbullowl @Neal M These OMDTs are seriously important for those that can't make the games wherever they may be. I know I live for them, even the pre-seasons. Perhaps iFollow will add to the experience but sharing the joy and the pain with fellow Owls is what it's all about.
  9. NEXT!
  10. You an orthodontist then?
  11. Footballs back-ish. huzzah!!
  12. summarise: some people don't like the idea of the new kit and some people don't mind it. Is that accurate? also, "he's behind you!!"
  13. No Mr T. That was just me. Stoopid Maskedowl. Other people are referencing the 100 year anniversary kit from the 60's. I think.
  14. ahhhh, no more than usual.
  15. Good point. That could be the case. I may have jumped the gun.