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  1. Wow! 28173 ...oh, are we not doing that anymore?
  2. Huddersfield you say? Anyway...Cheers Pauli for another stirling effort and a simply lovely Stevie song. Morning (just) all. Hope you're keeping well. This is going to be a very interesting run out for the lads. Lets see who CC thinks deserves a starting spot.
  3. Looking forward to it.
  4. DC really is a great owner.
  5. 50 pages! All for Tinks Puddings n gravy!! Lucky man Rich.
  6. I love you Whitechapel, and I want to have your babies. #justiceforWatfordOwl
  7. Yeah, and I would have been fine except it came out sideways.
  8. Quite probably right. But, there's no expectation of winning. Optimism is all we have.
  9. Cheers Pauli. It's in the bag with that OMDT. Special shout out to Minsk Owl and Lena. Hope you're feeling ok buddy.
  10. Welcome Morgan Fox and may your time at Wednesday be the most successful and the most enjoyable of your career.
  11. Cheers. That's a real blow for player and club.
  12. Get well soon KL. does anyone know if this is a repeat of his previous hip injury (that also had surgery)?
  13. Oh you... *roll credits*