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  1. Flipping fantastic result.
  2. Such sad news. I can only begin to imagine how devastating this must be. Thinking of his family and friends.
  3. Well well well. Great result that. 5 on the bounce. Excellent performances at the business end of the season. NEXT!
  4. Although I'd rather be in our position than Leeds it is funny to be in 4th at this stage of the season and it's still on a knife edge.
  5. I wondered the same. If KL needs to come off who takes his place? Might be some juggling required. I daren't hope that KL will be back to match fit straight away.
  6. mfw I open Pauli's OMDT Evening all. Hope you're keeping well. We will win...we have to win. That is all.
  7. Dink is the sound Shez's shot made en route to one of the most glorious goals in living memory. Tink is a regular poster on Owsltalk.
  8. No turnovers this week. Apples are off.
  9. Despite the football being less entertaining for a lot of this season (might be improving at the right time), the results are the best they've been for a loooooong time. @BigD did this exercise last season and there wasn't so much blue at the bottom of the table. There wasn't so much blue at the top either. What it says to me is that we are getting more consistent and harder to beat. We already have three more wins (with three matches to go) than last season's final total. This season (so far) is tougher than the last and we are still in the mix. Happy days.
  10. This is exactly my recollection after the last hip op. Don't need to pressure him if he's not instantly match sharp. If we could secure playoff safety then he could have a run out but it doesn't look likely that will happen this season.
  11. KL back you say?
  12. That is a cracking result and with everything else that went on around us it's even crackinger. Yessssssssss get right in there. NEXT! As for playoff picture I'd be very happy for Fulham and 'udds to face off with us playing Reading. Would that be an awkward match up for Mr. C though?