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  1. So, you wouldn't play any of our full backs ?!
  2. I like him, but think that we already have enough in position that he plays in. Good player, though. Offers little bit of everything: workrate, creativity and goal scoring threat.
  3. Because other players are not England youth internationals wanted by Premiership clubs who last season scored 40 goals ?!
  4. Why people keep saying this ?! If we had player called Piggy Blade, but who is involved with England squads, scored 40 goals last season, and is wanted by big Premiership clubs, fans would be very interested in him, and wanted to see him given some playing time.
  5. It would be unreal expecting all of them to be good enough to make a step up to the first team. Then again I'm sure that there are 2 or 3 that are talented enough, and after winning their league perhaps they start asking themselves what more they can do to get any chance of first team football. I fully understand that someone is paid to judge who is or will be good enough for SWFC, but if there are such players in our U-23's side, then we should invest in developing them. Spending good money to bring in and pay wages of 7 strikers goes long way to describe how little faith management have that someone like George Hirst will have any role to play in our first team for quite some time. I know we are fighting for promotion, but everyone in the league is fighting for something and there is huge pressure to "do well" for every club in our league, yet still most clubs are trusting their brightest prospects, and are nowhere near reluctant to play them as we are.
  6. Interesting as I see it as polar opposite...
  7. He is labelled as one of most talented English players right now. Increasing his pay, and making him part of our first team would be investing in him. He would be mad to want less then players of similiar reputation get elswhere. If he doesn't get him here he will somewhere else. It is not like he fell off the moon right now and can't see how many players we brought in since DC took over, and what we are paying them. He can see how many players we brought in that play in his position. He can see that none of development players are getting any playing time, and that CC doesn't want to give youth fair chance. Not bringing him to train with first team in pre-season must indicate to him that he is nowhere near matchday squad, and that CC doesn't rate him as genuine attacking option.
  8. Guess that if it goes down to tribunal next year, we would get more then that.
  9. Jimmy Smith was very highly rated at the time, and was tearing it in our league season before with QPR.
  10. And what when he comes back, he wont be slightly built ?!
  11. Interesting. He will be our 5'th central defender in U-23's squad if we sign him.
  12. Very true, and I really, relly hope you are right and there is nothing else to it.
  13. Perhaps it is worth pointing that 6 U-23 players were in the squad for first two pre-season games, and George Hirst wasn't.