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  1. 100% agree. Used to love watching games on TV as a kid in the 70's and 80's but we are saturated with it. I will never buy any satellite package. Like turkey's voting for xmas - we are the mugs funding the booming prices and crazy wages.
  2. Feels like we are buying short term experienced players. I hope it works out and players like this help us get up. Not convinced personally. We will be paying players like this very, very good money and in 2 years time they have zero sell on value. Pigs tried it and amongst other things it cost them dearly. I'd rather try to buy best quality, pacy younger players with potential sell on value. We know we lack pace, Hutton at 32 will just been starting to lose a bit of pace too.
  3. We need more creativity and pace if we genuinely want to compete for top 2. We know Abdi has proven quality and creativity at this level - he needs a run in the side for me. Not sure where pace is coming from though.
  4. Silly prices being paid by all premier league clubs currently. You are making no sense.
  5. You are because you are ignoring the competition that Huddersfield face from other clubs that have similar cash resources to them when trying to sign players. Basically 10-12 lower premier league teams and relegated teams with parachute payments. Doesnt mean it's any easier for them at all. Its about planning, scouting and the right contacts.
  6. You are missing the point. There is a market for players of all qualities. I'm not saying we should be spending money like them - just that they have been very active and signing players, settling them into their training etc. Why should their planning (irrespective of budget) be any better than ours?
  7. I would have thought we would be looking for quality Bosman style signings as part of our strategy. No point in paying inflated transfer fees if it can be avoided. Those targets could have been persued months ago and signed by now and in pre-season training. On a separate note teams like Brighton and Huddersfield don't seem to have any problem in finding and signing targets.
  8. No thanks. We need a top quality centre half. We seem to have an obsession with ex-players. We have moved on since he played for us.
  9. Bristol City signed a forward for £5.3m in last week. If a player with that price tag clicks they will be ahead of Burton & co
  10. Warnock is just the sort of aggressive motivator that might get a decent season out of him.
  11. Need to buy hungry, quality up and coming players not players looking for last big pay day that have no re-sale value.
  12. I know people will disagree with me but I honestly think we've seen the best of Forestieri and not sure his heart is in it. I could be wrong and he could smash it for us next season. Whilst Bannan is effective, he is a bit one dimensional for me. Our performances, especially in the play offs were a bit stale and we were easy to play against. Think we need a change. Defo need more pace and creativity from midfield. Picking up £10m for Forestieri and £4-5m for Bannan and buying 3 or 4 quality players to add physical presence and pace would help us improve next season.
  13. Apart from Pudil and Wallace who clearly aren't amongst the best in the Championship.
  14. Controversial but I would sell Forestieri and Bannan. Squad needs freshening up. Use the funds plus extra to buy the best 3 players we could get in these positions : Quick right wing back with good delivery Midfield beast Quality centre half Play something like : ************************Westwood************************ *******Lees***********Hutch***********NEW************* NEW**********Lee*************NEW*************Reach **********************Hooper/Adbi*********************** ***************Rhodes**********Fletcher*****************
  15. Every club is a selling club especially if the player wants to go. Even Man Utd faced that when Ronaldo forced a move. Sometimes selling an asset when it has peak value is a smart move.