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  1. I would sign three players of the best quality we could afford. Getting a least one on a Bosman would be good business. centre half right winger 2hat in midfield Given 10 of the players against Huddersfield played in play off final against Hull it definitely feels like the first team needs freshening up. I would be trying to integrate Abdi in the side too. Playing to his strengths would transform our threat from midfield.
  2. Agree with your sentiments. loved the game in 70's and 80's even when Wednesday were awful. quickly falling out of love with the game in general though. It's turned from a sport into big, big business. very depressing and I rarely watch any other than Wednesday now even on TV. watching occasional live games on TV used to be something to look forward too. Now there is a game on TV all the time. Can't watch it any more. Bores me senseless.
  3. I have seen very little (if any) criticism of the players that stepped up to take penalties and missed. Just one of those things. This goes a lot deeper though. Its about character/commitment and our club getting value for money from its employees. I want players who will go on the pitch and give everything to the cause. I honestly don't want players who have taken penalties all their career, who are natural goal scorers that cannot turn up on big, critical occasions. We paid big money because we expect him to perform when needed, to add value. It is not a witch hunt - its about what are we getting for our money right now at this stage of his career at his age. He seems like a genuinely nice lad but that means nothing - the club have to be ruthless. For too long in the past we had players stealing a living from our club - Rhodes aside, we need to recruit players hungry to succeed and willing to step up when needed.
  4. He's off to West Ham I think.
  5. It's straight forward. Price has everything to do with it. We paid a premium for a premium player. That is exactly why the best most reliable players cost more. We want top quality players who can perform in pressure situations - that is exactly why he comes at a cost. When you pay big money you expect a player/product to deliver. He is here to help take us to the next level. If he cant handle a big occasion he's in the wrong profession. We didn't offer £10m for a player who will bottle big occasions. Quite the opposite. Your Michael Owen point is irrelevant - Rhodes took penalties - successfully for other clubs.
  6. We have to keep within FFP rules and have been spending some significant money on fees and salaries. So if you had to choose which of these would it be ? Option one Fletcher Hooper Forestieri Winnall Rhodes Option two Fletcher Hooper Forestieri Winnall Pulled out of signing Rhodes (assuming that's possible) and buy : £5m centre half £5m right winger (both with sell on potential) What would you do?
  7. If you listen to the Carvalhal interview he said 7 players volunteered to take them and they practiced in training (mentioned specifically Lees practising them) and said Rhodes did not want to take one because he wasn't confident. Carvalhal thought it would have been a mistake to make any player take one that didn't want to. It's pretty simple - he didn't volunteer prior to game as others did. I would expect any striker - especially the most expensive in our history to be begging to take one. We bought him to make a difference - not to bottle big moments where big players show their worth. He's paid big money as a striker for a reason and it aint to bottle critical moments in our clubs history. Even after sleeping on it, its still shocking.
  8. They defo targeted him. Every attack went down their right wing.
  9. Come on Trev, star striker and usually a penalty taker, signed for big money. We signed him for his composure and finishing - to take us to another level. Its just not on that he bottled it. We need players who will give their total committment on that pitch for the club. You cant trust a player who with his pedigree should be begging to take a penalty. Its just not good enough.
  10. To be fair the interviewer brought it up and Carvalhal said he wasn't confident enough to take one. He also said we win and lose as a team, didn't want to blame any player, said it's a lottery.
  11. There is no spin - he 100% bottled it. The interview was live on Radio Sheffield. Dont we sign big money players exactly for these situations?
  12. The best side won but you buy the expensive players to win you games. Rhodes looked awful today. Not fit and not sharp. Worse though he bottled an opportunity to take us to the final. Total disgrace.
  13. Carvalhal said 7 players volunteered - the 5 plus Nuihu and Tom Lees. We cant have players at this club with no bottle. its a joke.
  14. Carvalhal 100 per cent confirmed it on Radio Sheffield. He said he wasn't confident enough to take one. Straight from rom the managers interview.