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  1. I remember the days we used to laugh at the blavdes for forever banging on about Currie
  2. Is that why Trevor Francis asked for a band of fans to get together to create an atmosphere as in Italy. Mists of time and all that !
  3. Tell is which one and we could perhaps agree or disagree !! I need to know if I'm deluded
  4. Fickle ?? 1 trophy between them in 80 odd years and crowds just as big after 17 years of relegation scraps !!!
  5. Nowt to do with them having sold off the massive terracing then
  6. So the concourse and exits that used to accommodate 16000 can now only manage 4500!
  7. Wasn't the north being built that year leaving three sides ? What we're their averages in 91/92?
  8. Do you have leather elbow pads on your suit jacket by any chance ?
  9. Do you actually know one fan that wanted Fulham to win ?
  10. Don't think he ever touched the ball! Most invisible player I've ever/ never seen !
  11. Does that include the o.p who drives from York every match?
  12. Or " they parked the bus" "No easy games" " no God given right" "Fighting for their lives" " look at the stats" "Villa have spent 77 million yes 77 million" "People forget where we were 2 years ago" "Carlos has the best win ratio since jesus was a lad " " it's insane , we could be 10 points clear after tonight and folk are grumbling" " it's insane we are 7 points clear and folk are grumbling" "It's insane we are 4 points clear and folk are grumbling" "We are a point clear it's in our hands" " come on Wolves"
  13. Care to expand ?
  14. Even so , he's getting the best out of what he's got Carlos on the other hand .........