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  1. Think I'd be tempted to cash in on this undercover superstar you have been watching
  2. What were the trophies ? Even if they won a clean sweep there could only be 4 or 5 on show !
  3. Can someone tell me why it is dangerous to stand in the top 2 divisions but fine in the lower leagues?
  4. Do you get a % cut ?
  5. Basically he did a couple of dribbles against Chelsea in a live game and now he's an international
  6. Probably the biggest gathering of clueless ignorant cretins ever to post on one thread . Brilliant , well done , so sharp and witty. I take it your parents never uttered the words " Don't mock the afflicted"
  7. So our most successful manager in a lifetime has in 2 seasons let 6 other managers finish above us ! We must have had some really great managers if he's the best !!!
  8. This seems to be a typical post, really pleased he's staying , but can we change the way we play and recruitment !!
  9. The 2nd bit is clear to see on here!
  10. Well he ain't coaching Rhodes , Winnall, Abdi , McManaman too great is he ? How many shots on target was it in the two play off games ? As for Mr C's judgment, I'd back my 50yrs against his 2 minutes of watching football . I hope I'm wrong and you and Mr C are right ,
  11. So wilkinsons auto promotion in his 1st season resurecting players who's careers had nose dived and Euro qualification ( banned) the following season T.F cup finals and Euro finish These are trumped by CC failure with millions in wages and fees ?
  12. The chairman
  13. We finished 4th because of the chairman not the manager . Are you telling us he is doing something that most managers couldn't do with that outlay and squad size ?
  14. This stat that seems to get aired a lot does it mean over the course of their reign or in this division ? If not do these stats prove that he is a better manager than Wilko , big Ron , Francis who all either won something or got high enough in the top league to qualify for Europe ? i also find it hard to believe that in all the promotions no one has bettered more wins than a 4th place finish