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  1. This seems to be a typical post, really pleased he's staying , but can we change the way we play and recruitment !!
  2. The 2nd bit is clear to see on here!
  3. Well he ain't coaching Rhodes , Winnall, Abdi , McManaman too great is he ? How many shots on target was it in the two play off games ? As for Mr C's judgment, I'd back my 50yrs against his 2 minutes of watching football . I hope I'm wrong and you and Mr C are right ,
  4. So wilkinsons auto promotion in his 1st season resurecting players who's careers had nose dived and Euro qualification ( banned) the following season T.F cup finals and Euro finish These are trumped by CC failure with millions in wages and fees ?
  5. The chairman
  6. We finished 4th because of the chairman not the manager . Are you telling us he is doing something that most managers couldn't do with that outlay and squad size ?
  7. This stat that seems to get aired a lot does it mean over the course of their reign or in this division ? If not do these stats prove that he is a better manager than Wilko , big Ron , Francis who all either won something or got high enough in the top league to qualify for Europe ? i also find it hard to believe that in all the promotions no one has bettered more wins than a 4th place finish
  8. Where as Carlos sent our star strikers in to oblivion . Someone on here has said it would a shame if he went the same way as Danny Wilson, well hes already getting abuse and he's only sat at home minding his own business.
  9. Thanks for the wise words , at 57 i now know how to go on ! not sure what my sob story is but hey ho
  10. Put decent balls in to the box!! I remember that tactic from yesteryear , it sometimes resulted sitting back and enjoying the last 20 mins of a match instead locking yourself in a bog and praying !
  11. He wants it now ??? Think he's probably been waiting 17 ...kin years! Perhaps he's a winner and doesn't like losing every year Perhaps looking at graphs and stats on how we have improved isn't his bag Perhaps he had expectations after seeing the money paid in transfers and more importantly wages Perhaps he stupidly thought we may have had more than a couple of shots on target in two of the most important games you could have
  12. Ditto
  13. Is that good or bad !
  14. Carlosisaaloser, book closed
  15. He won't