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  1. Yeah I get it but those three out of the twenty four should also by your yard stick be up there 90 percent
  2. You can't guarantee that at all. Why weren't Norwich, Derby and Villa all top 6 then?
  3. Am I the only one who thinks we would be absolutely bonkers to get rid of CC? Sack a manager who can consistently have us fighting for promotion. I don't know about others but failing to win the play offs is absolutely a million times better than mid table nothing seasons or relegation fights. Christ if we had been in the latter of the two situations two seasons running I'd be clamouring for his head but we're not. We are still improving year on year when we fail to do that then we need change, not now. What we we need now is stability a full pre-season one or two strong additions and a bit of luck avoiding key injuries. We dust ourselves down down and go again. Promotion in our anniversary season in a top two spot would be ideal. Lets be supporters and back back the chairman the manager and the team again.
  4. Get well soon
  5. Sussed it now needed to click quick seats
  6. When I go on to buy it's giving me a random seat in row 1 not my season ticket seat is this normal?
  7. RIP Nigel. Sorry for your loss. At least he went somewhere he loved to be. WAWAW
  8. I don't think this will get off the ground. Most people I speak to love it the only time I've heard anyone with owt bad to say about it is on here.
  9. Cheers buddy we will good job we've got wifi though at business end of things. He's the reason I'm an owl so well worth it
  10. League one play off final 2005 was last true day out. Took him a few times since just random games. Unfortunately he was given less than 6 months to live due to two primary and one secondary cancer less than two weeks ago. Taking him to Portugal on Tuesday for a fortnight then hoping he sees us restored back to where we belong before he leaves us.
  11. RIP fellow Owl
  12. We all said last year that this season would be harder to achieve anything as the teams coming down plus the other strong teams from last year would be too much. Yet here we are in a slightly better position than last year yet it's all doom and gloom. A lot of fans need to drop the we should thump teams attitude and start celebrating chasing the premier league instead of watching over our shoulders at relegation
  13. Typical of the mass populous I'm afraid everything is instant in life and it's what they expect.
  14. Time to start enjoying this season. Remember our recent past and where we find ourselves. If it doesn't work out it will be gutting. But if it does........