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  1. He didn't have one in the first place tbh.
  2. Good news. I bet that meeting went from coffees, to red wine, to Jaeger Bombs followed by a trip to the wh0re house to sniff some coke off a prostitutes arsecheek.
  3. Looks like my mum. And YES, she does do a turn.
  4. UTO Jamblerino 

  5. There is. It's near the Ship Inn. Say if you were walking from the Ship towards town. On the same side of the road near that shed shop. Can't remember the name sadly. I could Google it but I can't be arsed
  6. Unfortunately they did!
  7. It is what it is I guess on weekends. A lot of the old Ball lot either go in there, or The Masons. Fair bit of trouble in the latter though and same with the La Plata from what I hear. I never go in the Nags for some reason even though I'm up there a lot walking.
  8. It's my favourite pub around here mate. It's been my 'local' for many years. It's also my dads and a lot of mine and his friends. The staff are all fantastic when you get to know them. Fair enough it is a bit different on a weekend evening, clientele wise. . But I rarely go in then. The worst pub is the old Masons on the bridge IMO. Big fan of the Malin. Not really a fan of Champs. Preferred it as the Yew Tree.
  9. Shakey will also be letting kids in and serving alcohol. Leave the Strongbow to me though. Ta.
  10. You crawled out of the Metredome?
  11. I bet someone on here will Ryan Lowe
  12. Is it that @Chris E is the best male ever?
  13. Top row third from left is David Attenborough.
  14. Was that written by a 9 year old as part of their homework?