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  1. Enjoyed this word play an awful lot. +1 from me.
  2. I know. That's what I was getting at
  3. Does anybody?
  4. A good friend of mine who's a blade stopped buying John West because of it. Seriously. He also won't shop at ASDA due to them sponsoring us in 91. Seriously. I need new friends. Seriously.
  5. Went and bought last season's Sheffield FC shirt from their extremely small shop this morning. 15 quid. Bargain. Puma, lovely shirt. Next season's is only 19.99. Yeah, many leagues difference I know, but I went in the Owls supershitstore to see if there was anything worthwhile, what with the season starting soon. And surprise surprise there wasn't. What I'm getting at is how rubbish it is in comparison to the money both clubs have. I probably should have got bigger than large boys though. Getting some funny looks in Wetherspoons.
  6. We really need these 3 points today or we can forget about automatic promotion.
  7. Everyone is still trying to find out where @SiJ lives So they can meet up there at 4am.
  8. This is fantastic
  9. Missing a penalty against the Ivory Coast? How is he going to cope on a cold Tuesday night in Stoke? Rubbish Wednesday.
  10. I did not see that coming.
  11. He didn't have one in the first place tbh.
  12. Good news. I bet that meeting went from coffees, to red wine, to Jaeger Bombs followed by a trip to the wh0re house to sniff some coke off a prostitutes arsecheek.
  13. Looks like my mum. And YES, she does do a turn.
  14. UTO Jamblerino 

  15. There is. It's near the Ship Inn. Say if you were walking from the Ship towards town. On the same side of the road near that shed shop. Can't remember the name sadly. I could Google it but I can't be arsed