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  1. Big fan of that. Big fan. Top work Karl.
  2. You know the beach towels are extremely rare don't you? People will be fuming at you for using one for painting.
  3. Well couldn't you do it na na na na na na na na na na na na na?
  4. It's why we are real life friends m8. I agree though, big Dave should have started.
  5. NEVA Well this is going to plan.
  6. Just thinking about your splendid Will Griggs related posts. No need to spit your mums cock out m8.
  7. Doesn't rhyme m8.
  8. I was just going to type the exact same thing.
  9. Still can't believe Westwood isn't pulling his weight in the goals scored column. Utter disgrace.
  10. Alright, calm down Ponte.
  11. Anyone of you guys know if anywhere will be showing the Rotherham match anywhere? Will be based not far off Taylor Street, but happy to travel anywhere in VC to watch it.
  12. Can't believe Westwood hasn't scored. Such a letdown.