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  1. Thank you. I'm here all week. Fortunately it's nearly Friday.
  2. I'm not, no.
  3. Slow down, surely it would be more important to have it in the basins first.
  4. Paying more money doesn't automatically make a footballer more confident that he's going to score a penalty. It's not about 'going missing'. JR: "Boss, I'm really not confident about this" CC: "I'll speak to Dejphon about upping your wages" JR: "Just gimme the ball. I'll take all five kicks if I have to".
  5. There'll be a section in his contract that says we'll pay you £50k a week, but only if you take a penalty in a play-off shootout. Because that's how footballers' contracts work.
  6. He got a ticket for a Prem game against Man City. I know this because he couldn't make it and I went in his place.
  7. Perhaps if we do go up then the membership system could be overhauled. Arsenal have a tiered membership, with loyalty being eventually rewarded by being able to step up to the next tier. One of my friends has been at the lower level (Red) since the Emirates opened, which has given him the lowest level of priority, but he's just been elevated to Silver for next season. They also have a system where ST holders can give up their seats for matches they can't attend, which puts the tickets back into the pool for members. Because of this system, being at the lowest membership level hasn't prevented him from getting in to see some of the biggest matches (against Barcelona in the CL, for example).
  8. https://www.petemckee.com/about/
  9. Am I misreading it, or didn't we take 24 points from the bottom four?
  10. I'm not sticking up for SYP or SAG, but Wycombe brought such a small number of fans they could be safely put in the NW corner. That's not an option for most games.
  11. That's because they were desperate for something to cheer them up after the senior team's Walk of Shame.
  12. I don't fear Huddersfield either, but that's because I live in London and have a 160-mile buffer zone.
  13. Played in the first game at theirs, but not the home game.
  14. I'll be on holiday in Poland that week, probably with no chance of seeing either semi. Last year I saw the semis but missed the final because I was abroad.
  15. I went for Wallace too, just ahead of Westwood.