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  1. Interesting that you've picked out three games that May scored in.
  2. I'll be honest with you, I'm not 100% sure it is a photo. Maybe some clever lifelike photoshopping though.
  3. "Forged into League One for six consecutive seasons"
  4. I think nudity is taking it a bit far. Might stop all the shirt pulling at corners though.
  5. Have you got footage of the Siggi Jonsson goal? I've been trying to find that one for years.
  6. I think this one sums up our fans at the moment.
  7. I didn't say that. You said we couldn't have the fortune to stay in the play-off spots if we matched last year's March/April form. I said we could. If the teams below us continue to drop points as they've just started doing, then why not? Fulham needed just two points from home games against struggling sides to overtake us, yet they couldn't do it. We've had some luck with other teams' results going our way recently, there's no reason why that can't continue.
  8. Since beating Forest we've taken just 4 points from a possible 18, yet we're still in the same position in the table. I'm not sure if you're aware of this, but other teams' results have a bearing on league positions too. You're assuming that if our form is poor then the teams below can't have equally poor form.
  9. If the weather's okay I'll go out birdwatching, if not I'll be restringing and setting the intonation on my guitar. I can barely contain my excitement.
  10. Why not? Is it a new rule or something?
  11. Arsenal's main neighbours have all increased as well though: Chelsea and Spurs are hugely expanding and West Ham are filling a 52,000 stadium. Given that we have been able to get 38,000 of our own fans into the stadium for a big occasion against a team who brought virtually no fans of their own, we can easily get well over 40,000 against teams that'll bring a large following in the Prem. We might not fill it every home game, but we'd manage it several times over the course of a season in the top flight. Limiting or downsizing the capacity would be a very short-sighted business decision.
  12. I can remember being able to pay on the gate at a 38,000 capacity Highbury in the mid '90s - a time when Arsenal were doing well. They can now fill a 60,000 capacity stadium. Things do change.
  13. Isn't that normal though? Shops have to get planning permission for their signage, don't they?
  14. I know I've posted it on here before, but here's the view I had once from the upper tier. This was not a designated 'restricted view' ticket either.
  15. If it's not real it's one hell of an elaborate prank.