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  1. Is that the same Lloyd Owusu who scored for us away at Brentford..? Bet he was laughing then.
  2. They all think the tickets are going to cost £49 each. Are they all planning to sit in the South?
  3. For me it's mostly visual, but one thing I really can't stand in clothing is a button-up neck (I only ever wear shirts for formal occasions), so for that reason I didn't like the 'Di Canio' home and orange away shirts, the yellow/black away from '93, or the last two seasons' home shirts (even though those shirts all seem to have been popular amongst the fans). If last season's shirt had been round-neck or v-neck, for example, I'd have definitely bought one because of the novelty of it not being like previous home shirts.
  4. He retweeted the club's training video yesterday with a load of relevant hashtags, so I assume he is out there with them.
  5. Those are my two favourite home kits since I first started following Wednesday in the late '80s, regardless of the team's performances in 99-00.
  6. I was expecting this to be about Mel & Sue's new show.
  7. You've never seen a 'growl' before..?
  8. Hoops needs some iron supplements.
  9. Don't worry, it's easy to make it a blue purse with hue/saturation.
  10. Actually, at the time I purchased the ST it would've only been guaranteed to be at least a Championship ST, but we were lucky it became a Premier League one. Still seemed a good deal at the time though.
  11. Fair enough. I like football as a sport, so sometimes I'll watch matches that Wednesday aren't involved in. Getting to see an entire Premier League season first-hand for £65 seemed like a decent deal, and considering I couldn't afford to travel to see Wednesday at the time I decided to do it.
  12. When I was about four years old I became fascinated by owls. Not sure why, but it's stuck until now (I'm in my late thirties). My nearest professional club (which my mum's side of family all supported) was Crystal Palace, and my dad's side of the family are all Arsenal fans from that part of London. When I got more interested in football around 1986-ish I chose to support Wednesday over Palace or Arsenal. A large group of friends and I found a loophole in Palace's ticketing one year and we each got a season ticket for £65 (and then they won the play-offs against Sheff Utd and our already-purchased STs became premier league tickets). During that year I still considered myself to be a Wednesday fan (I don't even like Palace, but it was a good way to see all the top teams/players which I couldn't afford to do otherwise). I've never bought merchandise of any other clubs other than Wednesday, aside from a couple of foreign shirts that I liked. By the way, it's not that I don't care about the change in kit design - as I've mentioned before - it's that it seems to me to be less important than other parts of our identity. Clubs do change their kit designs sometimes - and we have done so before. If DC changed the club's name, or the nickname, or the colour away from blue, or moved us away from Hillsborough (although I know this may one day be a necessity) then I'd be much more upset. Changing away from stripes - which is something that can easily be reversed in the future anyway - just isn't enough to get me slating the owner given the positive effect he's had on the club overall since he took over. Similarly, not having the new kit available well before the season begins doesn't upset me either. Despite what some people have suggested on here, it won't have a significant effect on revenue - very few people (if any) refuse to buy the shirt simply because it's not available by a certain date. The income will be the same regardless, just the timing of the sales might be different.
  13. I'm from Surrey. Maybe it's a Sheffield thing then, this hatred of kits that aren't striped. But I suppose if that's the case, they wouldn't have sold many shirts last season because I'm sure that the vast majority of our fans do come from Sheffield and the surrounding area. Just for the record, I didn't like last season's home shirt either and I didn't buy it, but it's not because of the lack of stripes.
  14. He probably doesn't think of it as being important to the fans, because the non-striped shirts sold well. If it were so important to enough fans, they wouldn't buy it.
  15. They didn't know it was early doors though, did they? We could be still in the early part of our history because we don't know how long the club - and the sport as a whole - will exist for. If we did stick with a non-striped kit for the long term, maybe in a few hundred years fans will look at the club's history and see that we wore stripes in the early part, but it won't be considered part of the club's identity any longer and there'll be uproar when the owner changes back to stripes to commemorate our 350th anniversary. When I look at the history of Sheffield Wednesday, I look at the name, the nickname, the players, the managers, and the team's footballing successes and failures as the important parts. Those are unique to us. Stripes aren't unique to us, loads of teams play in stripes, so that's why I don't get why it seems to so important to some fans. I certainly don't see why it would be so important that people would be so angry at the owner for it after what he's done for the club so far in only a few short years.