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  1. It's only good news if he realises that last seasons tactics will not work again.
  2. I fail to see how us finishing 15th in League One (under a completely different regime) as anything to do with us as a club now. i'm sure Chansiri doesn't either. Yes we have progressed as a club, no one is denying that. However, forget points totals for a minute, what about the way we have thrown away any chance of promotion by some of the most inept performances in recent memory. But I guess losing to Stevenage a few years back makes that okay. What as the past got to do with us now?
  3. Says the one throwing insults. Pot kettle black.
  4. F*ck me. Guess we'll accept third next season and play to lose again in the playoffs. LEAST WE'RE MAKING PROGRESS THO
  5. He won't change the tactics, formations or drop his favourites. He's far too stubborn.
  6. First thing is first - get a new manager in. It doesn't matter who we get in if we play ultra defensively and allow the opposition to dominate the ball every week.
  7. Has to go. He is the very reason we're not on our way to Wembley. Still f*cking livid.
  8. We need to focus on our fullbacks - easily our weakness at back.
  9. He should walk. Carlos set us up to lose with them tactics. The only way we had any chance of advancing would have been through penalties.
  10. Negative tactics cost us. Well done, Carlos..
  11. Hammering down in S26.
  12. Have we even stept into their half?
  13. Clearly a windup.
  14. I just hope we don't play too deep and allow them to command possession in our half. I personally think we'll look to break at them on the counter, particularly if they come at us.