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  1. Never worry about friendlies win or lose, they are there just to get rid of the cobwebs. Was a pain tho
  2. @marcx666 A master class in Twitter copying and pasting. Take a bow lad.
  3. Where do they keep their books?
  4. Bloody hell and I thought I didn't have a life.
  5. Just tell everyone to get Twitter. You're doing a Sterling job
  6. He's not even an average League 1 player yet.
  7. On his fourth pint tho, served by a Portuguese babe. I've got my cat meowing at me.
  8. Doms thinking _uck OT, who's getting paid to watch football in sunny Portugal?
  9. No fairness what so ever this is to suit the police. No consideration for the fans what so ever. It's not if there is a history of violence with this fixture. The police should see us as customer's not as a problem. None televised matches should be either Saturday 3pm or a Tuesday/Wednesday evening 7:45pm