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  1. Gives everyone a good chance to achieve the sixteen pint challenge.... Anyone failing is a big girl's blouse.
  2. Why is it the player not playing is the missing bit of the jigsaw?
  3. Sasso's strength for me is his distribution, takes the ball on and usually finds a colleague with a range of passes.
  4. I'm sure everyone will agree with the outcome and not one voice will be raised in disagreement. Yeah right
  5. Wouldn't say Palmer was brilliant, he did put some decent crosses over but made a few silly mistakes.
  6. 100% so, there is no right or wrong just different views But mine is right
  7. Think Mick Lyons typify's that spirit and was a better player than Bullen in my opinion. Not a straight forward choice is it?
  8. Good luck to the lad.
  9. OK OK keep ya knickers on good grief kids nowadays can't take a little bit of banter. Moan moan moan,
  10. Like the cut of your jib. I'd like to see Di Canio included, controversial I'm sure but one player who you could make a case for the most skilful entertaining player we have ever had. Gerry Young springs to mind as well, Howard Wilkinson, Andy Mac, Mick Lyons in fact if I had my way every player who has pulled on the shirt should be included
  11. A cynical attitude is not really appropriate not even decided whose gonna be on yet and moaning already. So shut the thi gob and think positive will be the greatest piece of artwork since some Dutch bloke spotted some sunflowers growing in a ditch.