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  1. What's this the annual feel sorry for the 10 bob millionaires thread? Wheres the collection box?
  2. Why good riddance? For whatever reason it didn't work out for them, I never saw any of them not give their all when called upon. Might not have been up to the standard required, but that's football. I hope they all get to progress their careers and good luck to them.
  3. I would think Semedo will easily get another berth, maybe League One, Rotherham should be putting out the feelers.
  4. I've fallen for it again, bloody fake news .
  5. One of life's little joys is spending someone else's money.
  6. Agree, seems to catch the opposition out, I'd encourage him to go another twenty yard if I was CC. If Sasso could cut out the silly errors, and there is no reason why he can't, he would be making a good case for playing more often.
  7. A French style coffee cafe with outside tables, three piece suites are being introduced to the back of the Kop. Bon appetite
  8. Does that mean Radio Sheffield won't be mentioning Rotherham and Donny next season?
  9. Baa baa baa off Forbaa baa baa bastoppingbaa. Baa baa nice chatting :)
  10. Finishing sixth then fourth is pretty consistent.
  11. and with three more players it would be nearly half a team, quite a considerable chunk to my way of thinking.
  12. Oh er, I'm busy later
  13. Four or five quality players if brought in as 'first teamers' to me sounds a pretty big overhaul. Need one or two bruiser's and some speed and that lad at Brentford.
  14. Yes, I shed a few tears