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  1. Probably from you then get back to lane knuckledragger
  2. Stop being rational and making intelligent points..... just no need
  3. I'm sure some one will keep track of him
  4. Yeah, is it that easy? This management lark is a breeze.
  5. Carlos saying he might well be back
  6. Bring out the riot gear, Wednesday's hereeeeee
  7. 1ST Bid was 1.5 million Barnsley can't be that stupid ...... can they?
  8. PL Teams should have their own club slush fund to accommodate relegation and have in the players contracts a clause that their wages are halved if relegated if earning over a £X a year.
  9. He's one of the more intelligent and refined ones as well. Managed to hold a concept in his mind for over a minute. Maybe Radio Sheffield should have him stuffed and have him displayed in the foyer as an example of intelligence in the lower species.
  10. Watch this space
  11. Thats what started the clapping, the crowds who lined her funeral. I dont really blame her, she truly was the peoples princess, she's an angel now. Bless her.
  12. I blame Lady Di
  13. The HITC should stick to making phones, their football stories are rubbish.
  14. Where has he said that, coz I can't see it on Twitter?