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  1. You're a victim of an ever increasing cynical world lol.
  2. Maybe's pah
  3. That will do nicely
  4. Antoine-Curie... a little harsh only played one game for Wednesday. Don't even remember him.
  5. I'm willing to listen to any issues you have. Ask me anything, whatever you tell me will be kept confidential.
  6. Whats the least you would accept for doing it?
  7. Surely that's not the average wage not even five years ago. How many hours a week did they put in did it tell you that as well? Would that include expenses as well? oh roger it who gives a bobbar
  8. Erm they split them up into smaller groups maybe? Just a guess, I'm not a football trainer/coach.
  9. We're their last accounts in 1980??? £3.50???
  10. Also there are lots of other clubs all trying to do exactly the same. If it wasn't for the other clubs I reckon we would get promotion no danger.
  11. It's easy this management lark ain't it? Think you've cracked it. I wish DC and CC had thought of that. Staring at them right in the face.
  12. They make millions a year, according to my extensive research, reading the comments on The Star website.
  13. Never knew the average wage was £20,000. You would think they would do it for the love of it, they should willing sacrifice their jobs, time and families. The greedy rumblezoids.