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  1. Hooper and Rhodes needs to be the first choice pairing - they are our two most prolific strikers. Fletcher and Winnall as options on the bench. FF either on the left, or if we are going to go for it at home could easily have a free role between midfield and strikers.
  2. Aside from 2 CB's the big thing we are missing is pace!!! We've had no pace in the team for 2/3 years now and in my opinion is what is costing us - slow counters and makes us so one dimensional when attacking.
  3. Lee and if fit Abdi
  4. I think we see the best of Bannan when he's given the chance to pull the strings in the middle of the park. I think he got most of the criticism last season when Carlos kept on playing him out wide which meant he couldn't play his natural game
  5. Heard he can play wherever buts it's on the wing where he RIPs the opposites a new one
  6. Lots of quality in that squad but one thing that is missing is pace. Pace in any team is a dangerous things to move you forwards fast and the counter and is the thing that defenders hate defending against. Really hope we address this too.
  7. We're unable to know whether he's good enough so have to make a decision based on his reliability to be fit.... and for that reason alone he needs to go.
  8. Great idea by the club to put an event on this big but surely this date has been on the cards for months with all the planning needed and permission sought etc. Surely if this date was always the date the club had in mind then we should've been selling our new kit(s) already..... Seems we will never learn
  9. If Hutch played on the wing he'd get sent off every game he played. His best role is defensive midfielder who drops back into a back 3 to allow others to push on. The main reason we failed this season is trying to fit square pegs into round holes, we can't make the same mistake again. Carlos is going to have to work out his best player for each position and stick with it until injuries/suspension and then replace only like for like.
  10. More pace is needed in team 100% - this will answer both 1 and 2 - pace in a team allows you to turn defence into attack in no time. As I've said in another thread, the striker options we have don't need to change, what we need is some pace on the wings to get in behind and run at teams to supply them. 3 - as others have said the youngsters need to be ready. Hopefully we will trim the squad down a lot which means there'll be more opportunities for these guys on the bench.
  11. Decent cover but think he adds more to midfield, when he covered in defence though he did seem to pick up a lot less bookings though...
  12. Decent haul of fish in fairness to the tail
  13. Hopefully Wildsmith will sign a new deal - he could benefit from the odd loan though to continue his development. As as much of a trier Sasso is I don't think he's good enough, we need to really go down the quality not quantity route and that means getting rid of players who are average.
  14. We desperately need pace in the team - we haven't had the option of running in behind or at the opposition all season and is one of reasons behind our slow build up - we just don't have the pace! Also need a CB to cover for Loovens, a right winger and if possible upgrades on both full backs. No no need to change current strike force - we just need to provide them with service!
  15. If you're a good defender you shouldn't pick up cards!