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  1. There's nothing Nuhiu to see here... Move along...
  2. I am whelmed, but will be overwhelmed if we get shut of the deadwood, get 2 pacey wingers a CB and LB
  3. It's hard to replace a man who's winning record is second only to Harry Catterick in 150 years history of the swfc and the managerial merry go-round during that period. You would have to strike gold with any alternative replacement to better that.. and history / stats would suggest otherwise...
  4. Are u Carlos In or Out?....so some people want him out! .. Consider that he has the 2nd best return win ratio that is only surpassed by Harry Catterick in the 60"s.. So the logic of doing this? Get a "random" manager to come in and surpass the record of both CC and HC and all other managers in 150 year history of all other managers in the clubs existence! Madness, madness, they call it madness! One step beyond FFS!
  5. Think the prices at hillsborough would be too pricey for them... Your forgetting that their prices at their ground are a lot lower + free pizza on entry! The average attendance next year needs to also factor this into the equation and sum output!
  6. On yer bike!
  7. Good God, Abdisolutely ridiculous thread to start... Almen
  8. Got to stay - 2nd best manager on record... You don't just flip the card on the basis that you'll get one better... Because the odds or not just 50/50 win or lose, they are a good deal worse. Any new manager will have to go-some to better that 2nd best record.... Notwithstanding the players already being 100% behind CC, if any subsequent new manager was to come (starting from scratch) then possibly may not get the same level of respect from the players.. And we then go backwards! CARLOS MUST STAY FOR ME!
  9. Could this topic have been fitted in the DC statement thread?
  10. On our way, we're on our way... to the premier league but with a slight delay..
  11. On our way, we're on our way... to the premier league but with a slight delay..
  12. 3 nights booked in January (non-cancellable) with train also. Going to have to be a cultural visit now.... Might even have to go to the theatre " Les Miserables" seems apt!