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  1. This who is making our kits

    Punky, I think your making this up,.. Theres another thread two pages long that's onthego already!
  2. Venacio to Leeds

  3. Boyd

  4. Boyd

    Motor on him! I await the V6 turbocharged version....
  5. Beanpig to Leeds

    It looks like a pig but with SB features.. Got to be photo-shopped!
  6. Beanpig to Leeds

    Photo shopped?
  7. Team for Bolton

    Good shout.
  8. Fulham had fergie time

    That game at Old Trafford still f***in riles me.. Even after all these years.... You've gone and done it now! (that's p**sed on my weekend) the thought and word suggestion, also automatically triggers off that Colin West penalty at the kop end at Hillsborough - This will repeat in my mind over and over in my nightmare tonight. You tw*t!
  9. The Massive today

    Fixed the first word!
  10. Frederico Vênancio Initiation

    Think he's travelled anyway subject to proviso that he 1. Gets international clearance.. And.. 2. Is provides Back up if the Luvre is not fit (see 1)
  11. Swfc fans cars being broke into

    Just imagine what would happen if you owned a Cadillac, Lincoln, Mercury or Subaru..?
  12. FF to Brighton

    What hotel are team / you stopping in btw..?
  13. Man o match etc etc

    From withIn a sealed transport container, on a cargo ship somewhere across the Atlantic ocean, I can only imagine...
  14. Man o match etc etc

    Bannan MOM, close second Reach (hope he can keep it up).. But forwards, Winnall, Hooper, Fletcher, Rhodes at various stages got stuck in when on at their appointed times times
  15. Aiden McGeady

    Picture this?