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  1. Got a feeling wolves might do us a favour tonight. Would really set things up nicely for Saturday!
  2. No but you never know
  3. Shhhhh..........T, now you've gone and done it
  4. No. but it does have Reason!
  5. Somebody on pigs-mad will know!
  6. That seems to confirm the 10% rule null and void then, unless you have to offer 10% to away supporters in the first instance, or sell resdual to home supporters if no take up. .SAG permitting of course!
  7. Block T in North may still be opened up yet - since the triangle is empty and the adjacent fans in the West Lower are swfc fans anyway
  8. Someone has, me 10 weeks ago...
  9. No that is incorrect... Sam779 only knows hotel availability (similar to booking. com)!
  10. Looking good.. Apart from the SAG seats that should be coloured blue NOT black (false impression)! #Angrymad..
  11. What like "fervek forrzakoid sakeoff"?.. Or something like that..
  12. If we keep that form up for the next 5 games id be well happy!
  13. 4th

    If it's OK with you, I'm sure we can have a whip round 4yer,. I'll contact the powers that be on OT, . If we get there.. Well make it so... WAWAW?
  14. Mouthwateringly good set of forwards.. But we can't play them all (but for a brief moment we did and scored!).. And then Fozzy came on... . Chansiri the God! Ps. Don't forget winnall - I have visions of him scoring in the final!
  15. I have a problem with mind reading.. Can you please elaborate so that this becomes a mega thread?