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  1. I noticed the fit bird on the cycle behind.... Then I noticed the flats outside maybe wi dodgy cladding (#get it sorted)!
  2. We're On our way, but with a slight delay!
  3. Obviously had a look around the outside of swfc ground and matched the kop facia colour to a tee!
  4. Gi central blue HORIZONTAL stripe back!
  5. They were only thinking "gi stripes back"....
  6. Tom Harks,... only tune I could think of with the name.. "You'd have to live before you die but with Bongari Zungu were gonna fly....."
  7. Yes it's a wrong answer as far as I'm concerned.. they contain egg (owt wi egg in, giz me allergic reaction and runny bowells) so for that reason...... I'm out!!!
  8. Apparently hitc reporting that he's responded a to a tweet as "liked" from owls fan asking if he's coming to us...
  9. I remember the square peg round ho...... Oh hold on a sec....!
  10. If patience is a virtue (as you say) I don't see why you are that impatient that you can make another thread topic!
  11. Have you got an long neck or a periscope to see over the wall?
  12. Alas poor Ćorić, we don't know him that well..
  13. McManaman, du du du der der da, McManaman, du der da da, McManaman, du der der deda, du deda, du deda da dada dat!
  14. No songs immediately spring to mind there tho!
  15. I'm in the mix, on mi non-cancellable.... Looooooong Weekend, till Tuesday FFS!