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  1. There is no way of checking really , other than photo id . My season ticket is not in the name of El Cid .
  2. I share with the Son- in -law , if there is a match we both want to go to we go halves on the ticket cost .
  3. We have a Chairman/ owner that all clubs dream about . Thank you Mr Chansiri .
  4. Have'nt read the whole thread but i heard the deal was 8 mill upfront +3 mill if promoted and 3 mill if we stop up in first season .
  5. The poster is usually spot on to be fair . Going to be interesting if true
  6. I was stood in the queue at the container bar overlooking Penistone road , and you could see the wardens taking photos and putting tickets on the cars. One after the other
  7. You'd know mate
  8. Who ever has leaked it , will feel the full wraith of the club . They watch social media like hawks.
  9. DC wont like that being leaked out
  10. Wolves are interested in Rhodes according to SSN
  11. A word of warning they are not doing the White kit in Infant sizes
  12. It's a trial fit