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  1. Lanky players always get abuse because they look ungainly. Sibon got it, Crouch gets it etc etc
  2. 2 years is quite a warm-up...
  3. I was thinking on the way home last night, we desperately miss having a JJ type winger (except one that's actually good enough for a top end team and can cross) as an outlet when we win the ball back from the opposition. The amount of times the ball kept coming back after a clearance was horrible.
  4. "The order was down to me, I picked the 5 that I thought gave us the best chance to win" is what he should really have said.
  5. Had a bad view low down on the south, but should he have buried the header at the end of extra time? The cross from Hutchinson was a peach
  6. Also, Brighton game was the first leg where we were having a go, this was do or die, one mistake will lose it stuff
  7. The crowd TRIED to drag the team along but they have to react, and unfortunately they just didn't
  8. I think it's for crushing behind the stands at half time mostly. I remember getting stuck behind the kop at half time for the Cardiff game last year and it was pretty bad tbh. You'd think it wouldn't cost that much to sort either.
  9. The empty blocks were bits we weren't allowed to sell because the gangways are deemed unsuitable
  10. Oooooooorrrrr, he's making an emotional reactionary statement which he probably won't follow up on when he's calmed down? Cut him a bit of slack?
  11. Because he can't afford it any more? Yeah, he'd probably break the bank for the Prem, but I'm guessing he'd have to sacrifice other things to do so. Same reason I've gone a lot less since Chansiri took over, it's too expensive to justify it.
  12. 2 minutes, 6 months, Po-tay-to, Po-tah-to
  13. And you'd know flouncing... @SallyCinnamon
  14. Westwood went the right way every time, and got fingertips to one kick he didn't save. He saved the only savable penalty. I think it's fair to say he'd done his homework
  15. SCENES