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  1. Thought he spoke a lot of sense tbf.
  2. Harsh but fair. Put aside my overall feelings of disappointment for the team as a whole losing, on an individual level, I was devestated for Hutch when his pen was saved. I don't feel that same level of sympathy for Forestieri because of what he did back in August and how inconsistent hes been this season. Could tell he was gunna miss from the moment he chose to put a terrible cross into the box from that free kick we had ont edge of the box. If he wasn't confident to strike at goal from that, what chance did he have with a crucial sudden death penalty. I also feel we have too many forwards and an unbalanced squad. Rhodes, Winnall, Hooper, Joao and Fletcher is a more than adequate 5 for me. We just need more players who can provide them with the ammunition they need.
  3. Jason Koumas was dynamite on that game.
  4. We need to sing the banana song more. Absolute banger that.
  5. He also talked about car parking and how he once got "beat up" by Wednesday fans. Radio Berkshire's terrible
  6. How Carlos hasn't identified our midfield being a problem since Lee's injury is beyond me. We should have tried a lot harder to get a CM in January.
  7. Agree 100%. We have some very talented footballers like Bannan but not enough steel in midfield to win that midfield battle and really control games. Partly why our strikers aren't getting enough service.
  8. Surely Forestieri not Hunt?
  9. Other than being a tad lightweight and trying to play Hollywood balls hes incapable of playing every now and then hes a useful player. His most complete performance of the season for me was against Newcastle on Boxing Day,l. In that game he moved the ball quickly, his movement was good and he made the right decisions with his passing for the full 90 minutes, be it a 20 yard through ball or a simple 7 yard pass sideways. If he replicated that level of performance every game he'd easily be one of our best players.
  10. Should have buried it.
  11. Rhodes wouldn't have created the chance for himself like Joao did in the first place.
  12. Winnall at the very least was always moving and looking to make runs whilst Forestieri and Fletcher were stationary. The problem wasn't Winnall its our midfield, especially without the energy of Kieran Lee in there, we are too slow with the ball and are too predictable with the ball.
  13. Even under Stu Gray it felt like anything above a draw was a bonus so if we got beat it was like atleast we had fun singing Wednesday songs and having a laugh. And if we lost so what? The rising expectation now has left results like tonight infuriating me instead. In a bizarre way I do miss the pre-Chansiri days for that... slightly.
  14. So tonight we were gifted 3 points by Murray and we took them and chucked them out the window. Are we too nice? Are we not ruthless enough in these type of games?