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  1. This is a plan of the South Stand from 2009 (and the WC2018 improvements), seems like the Directors facilities is why the tunnel is off-set. Hillsborough development 2009 - south stand ground floor plan.pdf
  2. Sorry if I've confused you. It was a feeble attempt to show that things change over time. We no longer send children into factories at the age of 10, we no longer consider bear baiting to be a sport etc etc. The club has to deal with things as they are now, not how they were decades ago.
  3. Under current regulations, yes. Same reason why, for example, The Valley at Charlton no longer holds 75,000.
  4. No its not, the west stand has an official capacity as stated on the safety certificate, which i believe, for this season is approx 4500 including the lower tier. If the police wish to limit the numbers of tickets sold to away fans then they have to justify it on public order issues. Nothing to do with SAG, licensing authorities or the current safety certificate. Dont forget the police did the same in boxing day 2009, when they wouldn't allow the club to sell tickets for the NW corner to them, stating they wouldn't be able to deal with 7000 fans arriving by road as there were no trains that day.
  5. Thats a totally different scenario. The police have powers to request changes on public safety issues and if the club don't agree they can refuse to police the event. its nothing to do with the vclubs safety certificate.
  6. As the safety certificate has to be assessed each year, what was OK back in 2012 may not apply any longer. Also if these reductions were not justifiable, why have the club not appealed against them? They have a legal right to appeal. To be honest applying the factors in the Green Guide to Hillsborough, it is not difficult to see why the capacity reductions have happened in the last few years.
  7. There seems to be a lot of misunderstanding on this forum as to how the Safety Certificate works in practice. SAG is a multi-agency group not just the SY Police they include Head of Council Licensing, SY Fire, Yorkshire Ambulance, Council Building Standards & Council Health Protection Services. None have got any more authority within the group than the others. The Safety Advisory Group (SAG) have no legally enforceable powers, they are strictly an advisory panel to the Council Licensing Authority as the certificate issuers & the club as certificate holder. They meet once a quarter and issue guidance to the council & club based on their observations & instructions given in the relevant legislation (primarily the Green Guide). In practice the council licensing authority & the club could decide to ignore the recommendations of SAG but as ultimate legal responsibility lies with each, then this is more than unlikely. To the people who think it isn't the ground that's the problem, remember we have not had a completely new stand built for over 50 years, the access into & out of the ground is extremely limited and of course what occurred in 1989.
  8. Is that verifiable or just your opinion? If it's the first then the public officials involved are likely to be committing a criminal offence!
  10. Be honest, if we get into the premier league the revenue from "bums on seats" will pale into insignificance to the TV monies.
  11. Not my problem you can't or won't understand what restrictions the club have to operate under. but thanks for the Donald Trump-esque reply.
  12. Whilst the regulations apply to each ground equally, every ground is different in how it copes with capacity, physical condition & safety management. All important variables in overall capacity calculation for a stadium. Have a look at section 2 of the regulations and see what your calculation of Hillsborough's capacity would be? You wont have all the information needed but I think it gives you a good idea why Hillsborough's capacity is well below its actual seat total.
  13. If anybody feels they can do it better than the existing SAG/SWFC management , here is the latest regulations you need to comply with, and by the way anything that goes subsequently wrong, as safety certificate holder, it is you who is personally responsible.
  14. It is Dave Mossman, I went to college with both him & Chris Morris when they were at Hillsborough. By the way Martin Hodge still lives in Ecclesfield, two doors down from my parents.