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  1. Tickets were £20 adult reducing to £5 Don't think the cost was a major influence on DC.
  2. Nothing to do with SAG or anybody else, SWFC restricted Brighton to 2000 tickets as that was the allocation they gave to us for the 2nd leg at the AMEX.
  3. If I may offer an alternative view..
  4. Can people stop referring to SAG and segregation of home & away fans! SAG have no influence over segregation, that is a ground management (ie SWFC) responsibility. All SAG's influence is that if the club instigate a segregation policy, then they have to ensure that the following three issues are satisfactorily considered: The arrangements for admitting spectators should be drawn up in consultation with the local authority and police, and be carefully controlled to ensure as far as possible that segregation is effective. Each segregated area must have its own independent means of egress or evacuation Should ensure that each segregated area offers full access to sufficient toilet and catering facilities. It should not be necessary for spectators in segregated areas to have to cross barriers or seek special permission to use such facilities
  5. Do they still have barriers on these side roads to stop fans using them?
  6. Not sure what you mean? We've have had plenty of restrictions placed on us in the last 10 years, mainly around capacity.
  7. That one is the current version (5th edition). The next edition is due to be published late this year.
  8. That section in the South (AA) was also closed for persistent standing. Primarily because the knuckledraggers, displaced from the North stand took up residence there. It seems that they were incapable of watching a game at Hillsborough without being as close as possible to the away fans.
  9. There's an area near the city centre that desperately needs redevelopment and with a bit of imagination would be large enough for a new stadium. Have a look at area surrounded by Shalesmoor and Hoyle Street where the soon to be closed HSBC officers are.
  10. Keep up, 33,800 rising to 36,00 in two weeks
  11. This is a plan of the South Stand from 2009 (and the WC2018 improvements), seems like the Directors facilities is why the tunnel is off-set. Hillsborough development 2009 - south stand ground floor plan.pdf
  12. Sorry if I've confused you. It was a feeble attempt to show that things change over time. We no longer send children into factories at the age of 10, we no longer consider bear baiting to be a sport etc etc. The club has to deal with things as they are now, not how they were decades ago.
  13. Under current regulations, yes. Same reason why, for example, The Valley at Charlton no longer holds 75,000.
  14. No its not, the west stand has an official capacity as stated on the safety certificate, which i believe, for this season is approx 4500 including the lower tier. If the police wish to limit the numbers of tickets sold to away fans then they have to justify it on public order issues. Nothing to do with SAG, licensing authorities or the current safety certificate. Dont forget the police did the same in boxing day 2009, when they wouldn't allow the club to sell tickets for the NW corner to them, stating they wouldn't be able to deal with 7000 fans arriving by road as there were no trains that day.
  15. Thats a totally different scenario. The police have powers to request changes on public safety issues and if the club don't agree they can refuse to police the event. its nothing to do with the vclubs safety certificate.