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  1. He's been given squad number 21. I didn't see it mentioned anywhere else so apologies if the Portuguese Pope is dead. WTID!
  2. Doc Pace led the (coroner's) inquest in the dressing room after yet another derby day defeat to the mighty owls! He was said to be devasted by the loss (of someone so close), as he was marked out of the game by our new(ly deceased) Portuguese centre half!
  3. Luis Boa Morte added to the coaching staff? Young George Hearse-t is sure to benefit from his experience; and even Lucas Joao feels it could be the perfect time to resurrect his Wednesday career!
  4. What about pace? Will he leave people trailing in his wake, or will he be left for dead?
  5. Hmmm it's either that old paddling pool near the holly bush pub, or we're signing a new brazilian winger(older brother of Rivelinlidinho)
  6. Wish i could be there mate, but living and working in Istanbul, it may prove difficult to get time off work and then having to convince the missis that I'm going to watch the footie down south I'll be with you in spirit though bey kuş kardeşim!
  7. No-one on there will know.
  8. Sorry missed the point of the thread reliving the match. Needless to say i may have a new bus based superstition!
  9. Was watching on my phone on the 15bk beykoz to kadikoy commuter bus in Istanbul after i finished work. My fellow commuters must have thought i was mental, especially when Shelvey missed that 60 yard tap in! Someone asked if i was watching Trabzonspor v Besiktas (3-4 final score if anyones interested). To which i replied 'course not, Wednesday Newcastle match in't it'. Then Lees scored, and i started punching the air, first time in my life here I had space on the bus to stand in, as the locals backed away from the 'çılgın yabancı' (crazy foreigner). A Beşiktaş fan who was following his match on his phone gave me a knowing look and a congratulatory 'eyvallah' when fletch scored as i tried to hide my delight this time. The tension was starting to tell toward the end, when my fellow traveller similarly punched the air as Beşiktaş grabbed a last minute equaliser. But i could barely muster the enthusiasm as 4 minutes were shown at the end of our game. I think he understood though!
  10. All pig fans... Er sorry thought you meant that popular beat combo.
  11. Perhaps a well-intentioned, though ultimately a misguided, poorly executed and ill-thought out, attempt to extinguish the fire started by the arsonist!
  12. I believe the correct terminology here would be the collective noun 'A south stand of flasks.' However, taking a thermos full of steaming hot p!ss is the behaviour of the unwashed at the stain!
  13. Were Ada Schitt and Uda Schitt any relation? I only ask as i was once Chattin Schitt but i changed my name by deed poll to Mustafa Schitt and lost contact. Or have i got the Schitts confused with the Schugggaz?
  14. Don't go to see your blade uncle the day after, that way Wednesday will win the day before and you can get bladdered the same evening and wake up the next afternoon with a hangover and a valid excuse! Piece of p1ss this time/space/consciousness continuum lark! WAWAW UTO
  15. One of them is wearing a feckin ManUre top on a cover photo: what a wee pipe! Yanks know nowt about football clearly.