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  1. All pig fans... Er sorry thought you meant that popular beat combo.
  2. Perhaps a well-intentioned, though ultimately a misguided, poorly executed and ill-thought out, attempt to extinguish the fire started by the arsonist!
  3. I believe the correct terminology here would be the collective noun 'A south stand of flasks.' However, taking a thermos full of steaming hot p!ss is the behaviour of the unwashed at the stain!
  4. Were Ada Schitt and Uda Schitt any relation? I only ask as i was once Chattin Schitt but i changed my name by deed poll to Mustafa Schitt and lost contact. Or have i got the Schitts confused with the Schugggaz?
  5. Don't go to see your blade uncle the day after, that way Wednesday will win the day before and you can get bladdered the same evening and wake up the next afternoon with a hangover and a valid excuse! Piece of p1ss this time/space/consciousness continuum lark! WAWAW UTO
  6. One of them is wearing a feckin ManUre top on a cover photo: what a wee pipe! Yanks know nowt about football clearly.
  7. No, i was thinking of Hamlet's mate; Yorrick Hunt. Ah lass Knew him well.
  8. Which Hunt?
  9. I wanted us to sign Robert Prosineki from Red Star Belgrade back in the day. Would have loved to see him feeding the likes of Hirst, Waddle, and Bright with the amunition to destroy all before us. Whilst I'll admit I'm not sure how Abdi plays as i dont see as much English football as i used to, but i get a feeling he could be a similar style of player to Prosineki. Please correct me if I'm wrong though.
  10. According to Nixon Juventus have just accepted a rival bid from an unnamed club for Man Utd target Paul Pogba. Make of that what you will
  11. Forgot that it was Shreeves and not as i typed Shreeve, and couldn't think of an alternative - doh! A truly awful list to compile with a few notable exceptions!
  12. I'm in Istanbul and i haven't seen him, but if he needs picking up from Sabiha Gökçen airport I'll make an effort. However, i ain't going all the way over to Atatürk airport on the off-chance, he can make his own bloody arrangements!
  13. ...and this is the reason they changed this season to Istanbul Basaksehir SK. I'm not sure if this helps!
  14. I think it's before 2013 because that stadium looks like the old Ali Sami Yen stadium, and they haven't played there at least since before i've lived in istanbul. I moved here in 2011, and they moved to the Turk Telekom Arena in 2010.
  15. By the way, regarding Penguin's so called 'ITK' about the Trabzonspor's midfielder Ekici; I mentioned this to my father-in-law who is a big Trabzonspor fan - His exact words were "He can go, in fact the whole team should go with him!" Turkish fans are more pessimistic than Wednesday fans, who would have thought it possible!!!