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  1. Exactly, it is the bigger picture You are always gonna find redeeming features in players who have played at that level, but it doesn't mean that's the only type you have to sign. Our need is for energy, pace and guile, they are the attributes we needed to make it over the line, and that is where we came up short
  2. Jeez our reserve back line would be Hutton, Loovens, Mulgrew and Pudil That's a 130 year old back line
  3. All changes when he signs on the dotted line, I'll be the first to welcome the crap bugger
  4. It's good that people are falling into line, but let's be honest here. Didn't people expect a little more from our summer recruitment? Just look at some of the names touted on the transfer threads, not many wishing we'd sign Boyd, Hutton and Mulgrew
  5. A few years ago, most of our signings would be good signings Trouble is, it's 2017
  6. None of our strikers score goals, well apart from Forestieri and Fletcher, so as we like to keep things tight, and we don't need to score too many, it perhaps should be down to those two
  7. I wouldn't say too many games were lost that way, perhaps Brighton, but the experienced players were the ones to blame. We lost most because we didn't have the creativity, or guile to break teams down
  8. Can't believe the disrespect shown to Palmer by some of our so called fans
  9. It's either a Scottish obsession, or we just like buying players that ain't very good
  10. Quite right mate, but until then, he's a right heap of crap
  11. No, most of the good ones I supported The not so good ones, I was a bit meh about, and I never wanted Gary Taylor-Fletcher
  12. Not true, I thought Forestieri was a good signing, and so it proved
  13. Why do people always have to mean they want a polar opposite? Just because I suggest we shouldn't really have two thirty something reserve centre backs, doesn't mean the alternative has to be two on loan novices It's hardly the norm that your back up players are in their30s is it? One maybe, then you'd look to have someone a little younger
  14. If we are using full backs to provide the width, a lot of teams do that, then why do we need wingers? What I mean is, why use wingers as auxiliary midfielders, when we could use the real thing
  15. Maybe, but if that is the case, do we really need two thirty something reserve centre backs