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  1. Portuguese press, A Bola, claiming Wolves are chasing Lucas Joao
  2. Hopefully he'll find the right balance at the third time of asking We're not far off
  3. No I'm not suggesting it was, however, once Carlos had decided this was the way we were going to play, keeping it tight, and trying to nick a goal, then goals conceded became very important. We didn't actually concede very many, so cutting out the main source of those that we did concede, could have been worth a lot of points
  4. Hmmm, that is unlikely, surely Hanley wasn't the only player who could fill that role. They were definitely my concerns, whether they were Carlos's, I don't know. The fact that we were willing to pay over £4m for a centre back whose main attribute, is his aerial prowess, indicates that they probably were. That we still conceded a disproportionate amount of goals to headers in the six yard box, tells me failing to address the problem was costly Maybe the difference between play offs and automatics
  5. No, Sasso did what he was asked to do. However, he didn't address the areas of concern for which I presume we wanted Hanley. That aerial weakness went unaddressed, if not for the want of trying, maybe
  6. I don't mind the idea of those three additions, but we still need a dominant left sided centre back. Agree with you, that Hutchinson could be the ball paying centre back we need, but not paired with Lees. Both are right footed and tend to want to play in the same areas. We'd also, still be vulnerable in the air
  7. Yes it's so predictable, and easy for the good teams to combat Really can't understand how we've assembled such a vast array of forward players and wingers completely devoid of pace Would love to hear Carlos's explanation for this The reality is, we need to recruit 2 or 3 players capable of getting us up the pitch quicker, even if that means cashing in on some of our current one paced forwards Players, not only with pace, but speed of thought as well
  8. Cough....Sasso
  9. Post of the summer so far
  10. Me too
  11. Yes I am merging it all together because whichever way we played, it was mostly boring Hopefully good old Carlos will have devised another system, because I don't fancy sitting through that again
  12. I'm not sure about any of this Yes to a point, the way we played was effective in terms of getting results However, I don't think we should try it again because, apart from being totally boring to watch, when push came to shove, we'd still fall short If we changed the way we played because teams were able to combat our high press style, it isn't gonna take them long to work out how to deal with this predictable way of playing Even I could coach a team to shut us out
  13. Or better
  14. Fan thoughts of course