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  1. Why do you ruin everything? Bet you tell children the tooth fairy isn't real as well.
  2. Too many mind games now. Don't know which one is a smokescreen.
  3. Good one
  4. No idea. Guess because it is pretty central place to meet? Near St. P to meet before getting train up to Sheffield? Shrug.
  5. Always Mabels Tavern. That is the London Owls (and mine) pub of choice.
  6. Hope we are winning 5-0 after Sunday so we are constantly in command.
  7. They hand a giant cheque to Chansiri on the pitch after lifting the trophy.
  8. Seems unfair that we have been it 66 times and Reading have only been there for 3. Surely it is their time?
  9. Under your account bit there is Friends and Family. Type in their ID and postcode.
  10. Buying a membership at the start of the season for only £50 guarantees you a ticket at the semi final and Wembley (if we get there). They also have an ID and you link the accounts with Friends and Family.
  11. Easiest way to get a ticket is be a member and go to games.
  12. Palace and Hull play at the same time... SMASH THE PLACE UP
  13. #prayforsonny