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  1. Use a contactless card and just tap in as you enter the station and tap out as you leave. If you have excessive travel during the day it will charge you no more than a daily travelcard.
  2. I didnt know Nigel but know people that did and they have nothing but warm and kind comments to say about his time playing local football, coaching grassroots football and watching Wednesday. RIP Nigel. PS A nice touch by the club in sending the family a message of support.
  3. Our defending of set pieces as a team hasn't been great all season.
  4. He had a good first half but in the second half his lack of game time showed with a couple of errors. Good to see him back and strength in numbers.
  5. At least Derby tried to make a game of it and didnt resort to time wasting or gamesmanship like Cardiff. The referee had an easy afternoon and tried to make the game flow as the number of fouls was minimal.
  6. I listened to the game at Derby via Radio Derby earlier in the season and they were very complimentary towards us especially Craig Ramage.
  7. My prediction for today is "This is a message for fans in the South Stand & Grandstand. There will be no exit via Leppings Lane after the match".
  8. This season Would you rather we just take into account the games where Lee played and we won. Is that fairer for you? We could also look at his contribution in the Bristol City game where his goals won the game but also his suicidal back pass that gave Bristol City a penalty and got Hutchinson sent off. We got lucky in more ways than one with the late goals, the missed penalty and the Bristol City player getting sent off.
  9. The ones that are in form. Posters state that we are a better team with him in the side but the points haul says otherwise.
  10. How though as the points per game is less with him in the team than with him
  11. Its a sign that someone is losing an argument when they resort to the you must be a pig tagline.
  12. We haven't really missed Lee while he has been out in fact our points return is better without him than with him. To move onto the next level we needed to improve our midfield with a more physical presence which we didnt do. Another problem for Carlos is whether to bring back Hutchinson when fit who has arguably been our player of the season but without him we have won four on the bounce.
  13. In recent times Danny Batth & Rob Jones formed a solid base that saw the tide start to turn. Wickham, Antonio and Marshall were great loans too.
  14. I would like to hear a resounding "We Love You Wednesday". Not heard it sung loudly at Hillsborough for ages.