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  1. Jones - the enigma

    It'll be interesting when the favourites are all fit. If we continue to pick up wins and perform well with Jones in midfield then it wont be possible to drop him. As we have seen in recent times a midfield containing Wallace Bannan Lee and Hutchinson isnt good enough for top 2. Bannan is performing well at the moment so justifies his selection. Reach has found some confidence and also justifies his selection. However six into two doesnt go and that doesn't take into account Hooper and Forestieri. Who Carlos gives the nod to will have to be performing exceptionally well.
  2. Bannan and Jones

    Jones was playing well until he was dropped last autumn. He came in again during our good run towards the end of last season and was dropped again as Carlos reverted to his favourites. If it isn't broke don't fix it.
  3. Take a look at @Channel5Sport's Tweet: https://twitter.com/Channel5Sport/status/898948740618137601?s=09

    Great win today. Let's hope we can kick on now.
  5. How will Dom Howson cope ?

    He will probably report on a good Wednesday win.
  6. Abdi

    Still think the squad is solid?
  7. Feel more positive?

    Yes I came away feeling quite positive. The second half showing which saw us play quick and getting early balls into the box showed we can play good attacking football.
  8. Official Football Heaven Thread 17-18

    Mick I thought your call tonight was a good assessment of the game last night. For 10 minutes we were weathering a storm and couldn't get into the game. The early goal knocked the stuffing out of the crowd but the team started to grow stronger as the first half went on with Bannan having a solid game. I don't know what he put in their drink at half time but they came out a completely different team. Instead of a group of individuals they looked like a team with Reach having probably his best half in a Wednesday shirt. I have been critical of Carlos in recent weeks but if the second half is how we will try and play this season then it made me come away feeling quite positive. For all Forestieri's skill if he is going to cause disruption to the side then we might as well cash in the chips on him. I would like to see Boyd given a run as Wallace was poor last night as he was against QPR.
  9. Boyd

    It's a flipping disgrace how Wallace gets a shirt. Did nothing on Saturday and nothing tonight. If Wallace starts Saturday then something is amiss at Wednesday.
  10. Adam Reach

    Poor first half the player we hoped we had bought second half. First half he was hesitant in crossing the ball while in the second half he didn't have think what he was doing.
  11. What's happening at our beloved Club

    It wasnt the fans that stated Premier League football was the target for our 150th anniversary lifting expectations.
  12. What's happening at our beloved Club

    We would roger a good fanny up
  13. Money, FFP, Fernando and Dom Howson

    Journalists do tend to write articles that are opinion based. Sometimes the articles may not be as pro-SWFC as some would like. The truth hurts and if FF or any other player is being a disruptive little bobbar then the club should get rid.
  14. Positives from today

    Hot water in the toilets
  15. Dave Jones

    There were plenty of others that were poor today but Jones seems easy pickings. Maybe if he did a few more fancy turns on the ball he might get his own song.