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  1. Fletcher was our most prolific striker towards the end of the season.
  2. Is that a fistful of Euro's in his top pocket?
  3. Grandstand in the comfy seats
  4. You said Lee was the best box to box player in the Championship. I named three others that would do a better job in central midfield.
  5. Why have you suddenly placed a limit on a players value? You said Lee was the best box to box in the league. I would rather have Hourihane, Cairney or even Hutchinson in there well before Lee.
  6. It doesnt say much for the quality of box to box midfielders then does it? I hear many go on about the merits of Lee but i just don't see it. No physical presence, no real pace and no aerial threat. In fact many on hear who think he's the bees knees cant even say what they think his best role in the side would be. We've had the play him at right back, right side of midfield, in behind the strikers etc. If you are a good midfielder then everyone knows your role.
  7. The best box to box in this league? You are having a laugh. He drifts in and out of games almost becoming anonymous. The play off semi-finals highlighted this. Palmer was a proper box to box midfielder.
  8. Palmer
  9. A new centre half and a big rethink over the midfield with more presence and pace. I do not want to see another midfield of Wallace Lee Hutchinson and Bannan again.
  10. Well said Greenhgate
  11. if these were Scottish they would be better off choosing one of these.
  12. Caption contest DC asking "why the flip did you start Hutch, lee and Bannan?"
  13. A solid win at home to Preston? If it wasn't for Preston's players having a punch up on the edge of our box we would have lost that game. They were absolutely battering us towards the end of the game.
  14. Jones when he came into the side around October was arguably our best performing midfielder. He was then dropped for Carlos's favourites who were once again shoehorned into the team even though they weren't performing. He again came back in for a run which saw the team cement their place in the play offs but then dropped to allow the favourites back in.