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  1. My Leeds supporting mates day he's a disaster waiting to happen every week. Plus wasn't it him who did that horrendous stamp on someone? I wouldn't be happy with this.
  2. He's our best player that's why.
  3. Am I the only one who thinks if Richards got his head right he'd be a fantastic CB for us? Raw strength and pace is what we're missing.
  4. I've heard less bullshit from a positive pig about their chances this year!!
  5. Praying them shirts come on sale.
  6. I'm calling bullshit
  7. Surprised he didn't line you up in a corner and shoot you after reports of 'significant' amounts missing each home game. Hence the cashless systems put in place. Grotbags
  8. Definitely a case for players who break in too early burn out sooner
  9. Forestieri and Abdi could be the Championship version of those two.
  10. Position? Age? Rep?
  11. Fully agree. I'm in no doubt he's by far the best technically talented player in our squad. Rhodes will benefit from him providing
  12. Behave.
  13. P.p.p.p.p. pi55 off Penguin
  14. Disagree. The better ball player goes central bad carries the ball out into midfield. The sweeper basically. Loovens is a left footer so it makes sense he goes left.