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  1. Absolutely horrendous it looks like a high school student has tried to remake a clean wordpress theme with Dreamweaver. Granted its better than the current appalling mess. You could pay someone like £500 to create far far better and have done with it.
  2. Can we back out of the 10 million deal? I don't want that clown in our starting lineup.
  3. Can't disagree with any of that.
  4. Had an absolute stinker not just of a game but of a season. His heart clearly hasn't been in it since the playoff final. Time to re invest whatever value he has left.
  5. Well neither team set the world alight but Reading had to cheat their way past Fulham it's clear the playoffs this year is going to be the best shot we're going to get without automatic in the near future.
  6. When we do get promoted I can see our fans hating it and owlstalk been all doom & gloom.
  7. Absolute waste of money
  8. If we win with current scores we would go third....
  9. I have to admit the prospect of watching Harry Gration Kurt Cobaining himself on daytime tv when the sports news plays is worth dropping 2 points.
  10. Give the incompetents guns I can't see that ending badly at all. Id rather them given to fishcake the band.
  11. Time our chairman grew some balls and tell them to shut it or face the lawyers all SAG do is cost the club money. It's blatantly clear this is all a very delayed knee jerk reaction to the hillsbrough disaster they will never stop using that as a stick to beat us with.
  12. He's one of the most consistent managers in league football its a shame he's a pig always does a good job with little or no backing. Probably the best manager Sheffield united have had in their non existent history not backing him in that January window has cost the pigs hundreds of millions.
  13. Much much better option than Jones.
  14. Rotherham will celebrate like they have won instant promotion from the pub league they are now consigned to. Then Carlos will compare us and all our players to Barcelona as though Messi, Neymar ect are all injured. Its all so predictable its like reading a script before the actors take to the stage.
  15. The Portuguese like defensive football always have. As pointed our Silva is somewhat breaking the mold.