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  1. Maybe the new sponsor is that energy drink they were dishing out at the steering group?
  2. Our own personal Jesus!
  3. Is that coz Fulham have already won it?
  4. Great keeper though!
  5. That's coz he's got the heart of a lion that lad! And makes up for it in where not a lot of players don't.
  6. I always do and solely on appearance!
  7. Melo was asked if he wanted to drive a tank instead of a tram!
  8. Still have nightmares from that prized C.u.n.t being at hillsborough
  9. Got the same one from sports direct for £15
  10. Last seasons training jumper reduced to £36!!!! Kin ell!
  11. Great post! My thoughts exactly
  12. A few of our fans were trying but the stewards were in the way and shoved him back on the pitch. I will never be intimidated by someone that's scared of the barbers!