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  1. No! Form is temporary, class is permanent.
  2. To be fair to JR, Wednesday has an uncanny knack of making good players look average at best. It's what we do.
  3. So did we last year!
  4. Swift played Kermorgant in. It was all far too easy for the experienced striker. Reading's first away goal since February 4. #SWFC why always us to end teams bad runs? We should be nicknamed the Imodiums!!!!
  5. We can play rush keeper (not Ian)!
  6. Get those floodgates opened!
  7. Three stripes there! Could it be next seasons kit manufacturer?
  8. My dad went to a stars in their eyes party dressed as chef and sung this! He's a slim Caucasian gentleman
  9. I fully expect West Burtonwich Albion to arrive at Hillsborough and park their team bus on the edge of their area! I predict a 1-0 thriller!!
  10. Heard Carlos and Bullen arm wrestle to decide who picks the team, bottom pic proves it