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  1. Think i will go to watch this with my 2 boys and give the young lads our support.
  2. Proper laughed out loud at this! its the simple things!!!!!
  3. Let's hope we recover the players to be with full henergy
  4. Think you're bang on with this. All the twitter "agents" are saying CH's choice is to come to Hillsborough but I suppose it can also depend on what deal will make his agent the most money too.
  5. Hobnobs obviously. They are the SAS of the biscuit world!
  6. How is he these days? Still feeling squiffy?
  7. Good to see the fake outrage crew out n about lol. Cheers owling
  8. It's on! Straight from DC's mouth.
  9. Puts a whole different perspective on things when you look at the season so far like this!
  10. What are we averaging mate?
  11. Course Wagner!!!!! Stick to X factor you long haired freak!
  13. And Andy Carroll scored with an overhead Bicycle kick teed up by Mr Antonio.
  14. Hutch is ace at getting people sent off!!!