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  1. Great post! My thoughts exactly
  2. A few of our fans were trying but the stewards were in the way and shoved him back on the pitch. I will never be intimidated by someone that's scared of the barbers!
  3. At least he had the balls to step up for the 1st penalty
  4. Was the only player geeing the crowd up for a bit of atmosphere!
  5. Just about to set off for hillsborough. COME ON WEDNESDAY
  6. Would have been there pal but stuck with the kids today
  7. Yes he did! Also the same with Danny Care (England scrum half) was told he was too small to be a footballer
  8. Jamie Vardy is a very skinny bloke. Messi is not exactly massive either.
  9. We want you back at hillsborough and when you return I'll be there.
  10. We need a new one seeing as Brighton have kicked the arse out of the on our way one!
  11. Of course! Why else would everyone be in a queue?
  12. MUDDAFEKINWAY!!!! doesn't he play for Wycombe?
  13. The queue for the 2016 play off t shirts is insane!
  14. I got straight in online at 9. Went to select the stand in which to sit l....... kicked me out to number 2600!!!! Raging. Luckily got through on the phone