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  1. Normally ghosts in from the wing
  2. Article in Ojogo from May last year: http://www.ojogo.pt/internacional/noticias/interior/carvalhal-por-mim-so-renovava-por-um-ano-5196104.html
  3. Time for the Canaries to step up on Saturday
  4. Still around 2000 available as it stands
  5. Fixed it for yer
  6. That's reserved for the pitch invasion
  7. Online sales plummet
  8. AA now available
  9. SAG would love it
  10. Agree about the Redknap factor. Last thing Udders would have wanted. Bookies still have them between 1/500 and 1/50 for a top 6 finish. Our best odds are 1/6
  11. Who brought Derby into this anyway?
  12. Once, against Brum on 8 April
  13. I was looking for comfort dammit, not this
  14. Fulham On a good run Toughest fixtures Their home and away form is the same Had more draws (hopefully due another now) Their good away form v our good home form on final day = even more bum squeeking on't Kop than usual Leeds On a poor run 2 away fixtures are against poorer teams, but Burton and Wigan fighting for their lives Not great away form They don't do draws Us In fine form Home advantage