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  1. Positives Thread

    Maybe the players will remember that pre season has finished. Only one game in. I thin k the players and CC will recognise the performance was no way near good enough and improve on that next time around.
  2. As long as BeIN Sports crawl off and die somewhere, I'm happy
  3. Danny batth

    You sure? Could be JTO
  4. Danny batth

    Where the hell has this rumour come from?
  5. No, that was the last relegation year. JOC and Jimmy Smith were the year before
  6. Joao to Wolves???

    This. I'm sure a 4m loan fee would seem reasonable to Wolves.
  7. I think if we had that, then that would be good What would be great is if we splurged on a real top winger like Jota/Lawrence. But then I think I am being greedy and seem to remember that we are not Derby and won't spend endless buckets of cash on players without any fear of FFP.
  8. Meeting Nuhiu

    I think JJ is the only Wednesday player I saw in Meadowhall, I remember his girl having the biggest arse I've seen on a woman. Like huge.
  9. I say give George Hirst a chance

    Hirst is kind of problematic, I would love to see him develop further, but our group of strikers is the best in the division. Does he only have one year left on his contract? He will probably look to move on for his own development and future, I would love it if his development could be here, but again, unless we are tying him up on a long deal and then send him on loan, I've no idea how it will work.
  10. Bit of an Acrobat too. I'll get my coat
  11. 12 mill would be awesome, I think we'd only get offers of around half that though.
  12. Och Aye the Noo

    Don't tell me you forgot those heady days!
  13. Softest Wednesday Player Ever

    This was the first name that came to me too... His nervy neshing out of challenges was made even worse by his pantomime "hard man" return to Hillsborough. Such a prize bellend
  14. I believe the story is (read it somewhere) they wanted to go to a game when they were in Sheffield playing the Leadmill (touring around the time of the Blue Album) so they were taken to watch Wednesday play and then they all got a shirt afterwards. Rivers got one with Waddle on the back.
  15. Afraid he is an Owl, mate. Spurious evidence but he retweeted our league cup win over Arsenal back in '15