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  1. A captain has to thrive on the responsibility, I am not sure Lees does. He certainly plays better with Loovens at the side of him as if having him there as captain takes the pressure off him and let's him just get on with his own game
  2. We haven't played what you call a proper 442 all season . Carlos always plays one wide player who stays wide and one who keeps coming into central midfield. When Abdi or Bannan played as pseudo wide players on the left Wallace played as a winger on the right. When we play Reach and Wallace in the starting line up Reach plays as a winger while Wallace takes over the role of coming into the middle all time to give us 3 in the middle. Wallace even did an interview explaining that Carlos had changed his role to this.
  3. I can only think of 3 sides who have done well playing 442 in this league recently. Burnley, Bournemouth and Brighton. They were all based on -physical strength at the back with centre halfs that dominate in both boxes, -strong hard tackling midfielders , -generally wide midfielders who play narrow not fast wingers (knockheart being the exception) - and pace up front , Callum Wilson, Andre Gray We really need to change the system
  4. The other issue I see for us is fitness at the start of the season. Last season we just didn't look ready for the intensity of the early league games. I am not sure our pre season is tough enough or long enough. Also we just don't have enough athletes in the squad Early season players were rotated to rest them while others were dropping like flies.
  5. I lke Reach because I think he is a good, intelligent footballer. Trouble was, Carlos thought the same and decided he could play anywhere and run all day. I think overall he played 5 or 6 different positions for us. Left wing, Full back, Right wing, Centre mid , up front and , especially in Lee's absence he was the one asked to make the forward runs. We ruined his confidence and before the end of the season he was knackered. His best performances have been as a wing back when he was at Preston. He is an hardworking left midfield player who will run all day and a great team player . He ain't a fast winger who will create loads of chances can do a very good job for the team. You need balance tho, so a fast threatening winger on the other side
  6. While I have some sympathy with the OP we play Preston and Burton away early doors. Both sides absolutely bullied us last season. We had a makeshift defence at Burton but midfield got bullied both games. We know exactly how both teams will play. We need to sign some strong , physical players and get them in. We should get our house in order and new players on the pitch . Other teams do it.
  7. I must admit being rough, tough proper defenders who win headers in both boxes would be higher up my list for any new centre halves rather than whether they can pass it
  8. You don't have a clue do you
  9. It is a bit of a worry whether we will be totally ready for the first game. New medical and fitness team need to be in and working on individual fitness regimes Presumably injured players like Abdi and Hooper have been getting some training and attention from somebody over the close season and not on a beach We need any new players in and integrated from the start. We were a shambles at the start of last season and if we are waiting for DC to be in the country to sign some of these changes off then he needs to get over here
  10. I have to smile at threads like this. People moan about the squad, lack of pace, lack of physical players, full backs are crap, why do we sign players who are always injured, Loovens plays at walking pace , FF 's attitude is wrong , recruitment is rubbish etc etc and then same people moan when the manager only gets this bag of tripe to 4th in the league and misses out in a penalty shoot out
  11. One issue when he played at the back was that we played him left side. He is very right footed and struggled to play good forward balls from that position. This was one of the reasons we were playing it across the back so much. More worrying we really missed Loovens and his calmness and leadership.Especially Lees who is twice the player with Loovens at his side
  12. Can't believe any of these players have signed without it making the media
  13. Interestingly the report on this on the Star website has no mention of a release clause.
  14. Exactly right. Trouble is understanding what is happening on the pitch appears to have given way to simply quoting stats. Carlos tried to move us on from his first season when we sat back then relied on all out attack late in games. Moving Hutch to defence and playing a more attacking midfield was to try and make us better with ball. It did but weakened our defending , both in midfield and at set pieces. We were slipping down the table so he changed it and turned us into a resilient, efficient but boring team. Hutch was tremendous in midfield. The balance we need to find is the balance between attack and defence and we need to be spot on in both boxes . Hence trying to find an aggressive centre half, physical midfielder and pace out wide is vital. We surely have enough strikers to score goals if we create enough
  15. The team for the away leg had one change from the Ipswich game. It would have been the same team but as usual Hooper was injured. That team then got totally outplayed, especially in midfield where it was totally out battled rarely winning a tackle . He brought Hutch in to help that. As for going back to a team that had failed us earlier in the season, you are wrong. I saw all twenty games you keep referring to and we played some good football but conceded goals because we were too soft. The best football we played in any game last season was Derby away. We lost because we were too soft especially at set pieces. He brought Loovens back in , moved Hutch back to midfield and we started grinding out results. Hutch beat Rotherham and Barnsley on his own at home but guess your stats don't show that You need to look past the stats to what is actually happening on the pitch