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  1. A big reason Carlos sets up the way he does , tight first half especially, is to try and avoid conceding the first goal. From memory we haven't won many after conceding . Is there anyway that gives the stat"" games won in championship this season after conceding first goal " ?
  2. Looking at Reach this season should be lesson for Carlos, one I hope he learns as it is something he does with other players as well. When Reach played against us for Preston and Boro he had outstanding games getting up and down the left flank, got crosses in and looked a good player. Sometimes played as a wing back. Signed for us and while bedding in we decide to play him in several positions , We then ask him to start making runs through the centre, at Cardiff we played him up front. Carlos needs to stop thinking about how he can change players to do what he wants them to do in some heavily coached, complicated system. He needs to play a simple system, personally I think it should be some version of 433, that new players can understand and easily make their way into the team so we can improve. He did the same with Abdi and Jones
  3. This appears to be doing the rounds. Guess we will see if accurate
  4. Hutch came on at half time in the away leg after my nerves had been shot in the first half. If he hadn't we might not have made Wembley!
  5. Yep I was at all the 6 games people keep referring to. I was talking about changes between the Ipswich game and the first leg. However I am pretty certain if Hutch had been fit Carlos would have played him in the first leg
  6. Your favourite midfield got absolutely murdered in the away leg and you expect him to stick with it. Hutch simply had to play. If Hooper had been fit he would have played, as usual his fitness let us down . FF played striker in both league games against Huddersfield which we won. You keep quoting the previous 6 games. The sides we played were nowhere the quality or intensity of Huddersfield . I have seen no evidence in games against top sides this season to suggest we would have done better without Hutch
  7. But he didn't change it for the playoffs. I am mystified why people keep saying this. Hooper was injured and replaced by FF. Other than that we had exactly the same team that played the Ipswich game playing the first leg. Trouble was the central midfield were completely outplayed at Huddersfield. We struggled to get over the half way line. He absolutely had to try and rectify that and he made one change bringing Hutch in. The problem that people are failing to recognise is that we came up against a team much better than the ones we played in the previous 6 games and we had too many players FF Pudil Lee Wallace who were not fit enough for a game of that intensity. Huddersfield looked much fitter than us
  8. We need athletes and players that stay fit, so younger players may help Our injury record must be the worst in the league This appears to happen too frequently to be bad luck , something has to change. Age is part of it, you get the feeling Wallace , Westwood, Pudil , Loovens can get injured any minute Fitness records are part of it. Hutch , Hooper even FF historically have poor records We have turned Matias and Abdi into sick notes We seemed to have turned the corner with Hunt who now seems ok We cannot continue to sign or give new contracts to so many crocks. You can risk a couple but we have too many core players who are injury prone
  9. The proviso with Carlos is that he cannot continue with his hybrid 442 system. It just doesn't work against well drilled quality teams in a system with 3 proper central midfielders We end up outnumbered in midfield, no width, a second striker who is neither effective in midfield nor up front Very few teams play 442 successfully. Brighton being the exception because they were a very physical team, we are not He has to go with a system that gives us 3 midfielders, we have loads to pick from
  10. I have to say the areas around recruitment seem strange. In an interview early in the season Carlos said he was spending a lot of time looking at videos of players. This suggests to me somebody else is recommending players and Carlos is simply reviewing them. I think we sign a lot of players our manager has never seen live. The exception to this was Reach and Winnall who he had seen against us. I don't believe for a minute Carlos had anything at all to with Urby signing and this makes me wonder who is signing these players . Carlos also said he never speaks to agents. So who do agents speak to when they are trying to push players our way and who does the negotiating side. If Carlos is simply saying " we need a new left back" who is suggesting solutions. Just don't see any names mentioned as doing any of this And more importantly who is advising DC on the managerial issues both in terms of whether to keep Carlos or who to replace him with
  11. I try and support Carlos but he does himself no favours. I watched Wallace come off injured clutching his hamstring at Ipswich. He was then played at Huddersfield where he was subbed after about 60 mins He then started at home and lasted 3 min before his hamstring went. He should have been nowhere near the starting 11 for such an intense game
  12. I am not sure what people watched in the last two games. Oir midfield was outplayed in both the home and away leg. We cannot go on thinking we can play 442 with the midfielders we currently have.
  13. We tried it this season We couldn't defend set pieces without Loovens. You need a 6'4 beast , afraid there is no getting away from it
  14. I think you are right. The only two I can think of are the set piece delivery to Lees at the far post and he does get his head on quite a few plus the kinda lay back to Bannan who then clips the pass/cross for forward just like he did for Fletcher on Wednesday. I think this mainly stems from a lack of consistency in which 11 are on the pitch. I am not saying this is a Carlos rotation issue. It just seems we have spent the whole season with players either injured or coming back from injury and not fielding a consistent 11 which was of course a feature of your examples above. We could name the eleven week in week out. However you can't hide the fact that in games against other top teams we set up to counter attack without having the pace required to do it
  15. I like FF and Hooper as players individually but we cannot put up with another season like this one from them. Mentally and physically the pair of them have been a disaster. They have been 100% fit in both for probably less than 20% of the games. You cannot build a consistent team with that kind of record. This is why the whole team selection issue has been wrong this season. Players with a good history of fitness, like Rhodes and Winnall, should have been given more chance to fight for a place. Instead we went with favourites who were not 100% and it finally bit us on the bum on Wednesday. FF wasn't 100% that was obvious. Neither of Hooper or FF have earned their money this season, they are worth nothing to us in the treatment room and if we had decent offers for either of them I would sell and replace with players who are going to actually be on the pitch in the right frame of mind.