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  1. Carlos said in an interview that Pudil got injured early in the season, this wasted any pre season he had done. When he tried to play again he wasn't fit enough so had to take him out of the team and do another pre season. It has worked. The diamond made its debut at Rotherham. I reckon Carlos saw this an ideal opportunity to try it. Get enough strikers on the pitch and we would get the goals , irrespective of quality of play. It worked. Again it shows the flexibility of people like Wallace and Reach which is why Carlos loves them Also we have cut out the individual errors, or we are getting away with them
  2. Carlos will not be overly concerned about Fulham. He loves setting the team up to play against footballing teams, especially one with a dodgy defence
  3. You do realise opinion polls have had a pretty poor track record recently
  4. It is not about being technically outstanding is it. It is about being effective in the team winning and getting promoted And Reda is the totally wrong comparison to make. He scored more goals from full back in the promotion season than Bannan has in his time here. He was limited but effective and most importantly a winner
  5. I think the thing with Bannan is summed up by the 11 that started yesterday. It was only 2 players different from the team that played at Wembley. Players like Bannan , Wallace and also Lee are seen as absolute fundamental to the way we play. Infact Carlos builds the way we play around them and this is why we have struggled to integrate new signings into the team. So the question is are these "must picks" good enough to get us to the Premier League. This is where I have concerns. Back to Bannan. I have seen him overpowered too much this season. Brighton at home, Leeds, Williams from Reading did it, Preston did it both home and away. Often in away games we switch him wide in the second half to put more strength in there. Given his size I guess we have to accept this will happen . So do his plus points outweigh this. Unlike others I am not unhappy if he goes back or sideways, it is impossible to go forward all the time. He is in the team purely and simply for his passing and to control the pace of our game. I think he makes too many bad decisions on which pass to make, is often is too casual in making them. Too often he flicks the ball casually rather than taking responsibility. I do fear that in one of the possible 5 games we have left , against strong physical teams, he will get found out, because we know he will always get picked
  6. Yep it was after they scored
  7. Expect Ipswich to try and make us pay for this next week. They will be a big threat at set pieces
  8. We changed the system twice I reckon After they scored Lee was tired and in order to get Rhodes on he went to the diamond we started with at Rotherham Bannan deeper, Wallace and Reach tucked in with Hooper behind the front two, Full backs providing the width At 2-1 we brought Semedo on for Hooper and went back to 442
  9. Thing is in a way pressure is now off Leeds. They have nothing to lose as they are now big outsiders
  10. I think his recent performances show how players have to be 100% fit to be at their best. Was not great earlier in the season and I suspect he was carrying his knee injury prior to finally being taken out of the team after a particularly poor performance at Bristol City He then came back probably a little early but had to because of the Sasso suspension and looked rusty Now he looks fit and totally back to his best. Has been brilliant recently
  11. But the issue is not about whether Bannan is creative or not. We are not playing 5 a side The issue is that he is playing centre midfield in a 442 system. Anybody in that position has to be capable of holding their own defensively and being good at the job when either the ball is loose or the opposition are attacking. He is not good enough at this part of the job which is why he ends up playing wide for the latter part of games when we are trying to defend a lead
  12. It was strange He had a shocker first half so Holloway brought Lua Lua on to at half time to take advantage He played much better second half and kept him quiet
  13. That is a meaningless stat as are most quoted on here Takes no account of opposition, how other players played etc For all it shows Lee might have been our best player in every game he played but if other players were poor and we lost then points gained would be less. eg Lee had a fantastic game at Derby. We lost to 2 set piece goals when our centre halfs failed to mark at corners.
  14. Easily Jones has never been a merely defensive midfielder , we are playing him deeper than he has at other clubs. Rather than having Hutch dropping so deep I would play him and Jones at the side of each other making us a lot more solid in midfield A spine of Westwood Lees Loovens Hutch Jones Rhodes Hooper would make us us very strong
  15. Bannan had a great chance yesterday to kill the game and save my nerves Edge of box, plenty of time , on his left foot. Missed the target