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  1. Ref v Bolton

    Expecting to get Tim Robinson soon. What a pleasure that will be. Seems to ref mainly Championship now. He was at the sty on Saturday, sent off 2
  2. Jones - the enigma

    I didn't go to Fulham . Last season at their place they pushed on at pace and played football on the deck. I assumed they still play that way. We always do well against footballing sides. Carlos is brilliant at setting us up against those type of teams. Burton will be different. They can play a bit but also make it a battle. They get the ball forward and then compete hard for second balls and to win tackles. This is when we struggle in centre midfield . We don't win tackles and second balls I think we do need to defend high up the pitch or we might struggle to get out like we did at Preston . They have two quick wingers in Dyer and Atkins and our full backs will be key. Just signed Sean Scannell as well
  3. Jones - the enigma

    Jones is a proper, experienced central midfielder. He moves the ball simply but also quickly. After the way Bannan and Jones played against Rangers, where they couldn't cope with Rangers athletic approach, I wasn't surprised that Carlos picked Hutch at Preston. It was probably nonsense to do so as Hutch was obviously not fit and the midfield failed to function at all. Jones deserves to keep his place after his games against Sunderland and Fulham. Burton will be a different type of test though. They will pressure us and make it a more physical confrontation.
  4. The referees let the defenders kick the s**t out of FF to stop him turning. The Preston captain was pointing to FF while talking to the referee before kick off at their place. Wonder what he was saying!
  5. Daniel Pudil

    Burton with their aerial game will be a test for Pudil at centre back. Presumably we will se our new signing start at Bolton Then if Loovens is back could have plenty of options for Burton
  6. Carlos press conference live now

    You believe the press? You need to get out more
  7. Stick with the diamond!

    Having watched us try and play 442 with two wide players against the 433 of Preston I dread to think what will happen if we try and play it against the 433 of Fulham
  8. OFFICIAL 2017/18 Championship Rival Watch

    Referees in this league! That was a cast iron penalty
  9. Carlos press conference live now

    I have never heard a Wilder press conference but can imagine Giddins and James Shield give him a completely different ride. Of course this might not be true because RS aren't biased at all so I have been told. I don't whether we are contractually obliged by Football League to do such conferences, if not I wouldn't bother, tell them to go forth
  10. FF to Brighton

    I am not really talking just about Preston because if we had dropped everyone who played crap at Preston we wouldn't have had 11 to pick from. FF was in the best 3 on the day. I just feel because of his style , quick, chases defenders about, capable of scoring from nothing then CC sees him as ideal for tough away games and he seems to get a lot of tough gigs. e.g. if it wasn't for the recent issue he would definitely be starting tomorrow in a tough away game at Fulham, still might I suppose
  11. FF to Brighton

    Tell you what. Lets give FF a go up front when the formation means we have a chance of playing football in the opposition's half. He might then get somebody playing within 30 yes of him , some balls into his feet in the central area and some support when he is getting kicked all over the place. He is still our quickest striker, our liveliest striker and usually gets to play in games where we never get out of our own half like Preston. I am sure he would have loved to play up front against Chesterfield but wasn't given the chance.
  12. Carlos press conference live now

    I wouldn't tell the media anything either the way they have been talking us down recently. Tell them nothing, get on with job and it's pretty pathetic fans are even slagging off his press conferences now. Anything to have a go it seems.
  13. FF to Brighton

    He is a great asset to the team if we want to play the high tempo, using the forwards to press high up the pitch. He has played up front in some poor team performances but that is not down to him. Anybody who went to Preston saw two strikers devoid of decent service trying to make something out of balls hoofed 50 yards to them. I have no doubt FF would do well in a team playing more football via either a diamond or 433 But only relevant if he wants to be here.
  14. You don't half post some rubbish. We played 442 with two wide players at Preston, it didn't work. Ended up playing long ball We started against QPR with a 442 with Wallace tucked in until the injuries when we went 433 We started last night with a diamond in midfield and second half went 433. We completely changed the system, tempo and dynamic of our game and battered them The only system we haven't tried is 3 at back. We have used about 5 different plans never mind plan B.
  15. If we have signed this guy why is there no "official " in the thread title Standards slipping